Blues historian Gerard Herzhaft notes that "the riff of 'You Don't Love Me' has inspired quantities of bluesmen". In 1994, she remade it as the dancehall-influenced "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)", which was an international hit. [7] However, Cobbs claims that an unknown bassist performed for the session, after his regular bass player had quit. [2] The owner of the Home of the Blues record company turned him down—"He said, 'It's a damn good song but you can't sing'", Cobbs recalled. "Diddley Daddy" / "She's Fine She's Mine". Cobbs' song uses Bo Diddley's guitar riff and melody, as well as many of the lyrics, including the key "you don't love me, you don't love me I know" line. "She's Fine She's Mine" was included as the B-side to his second single, "Diddley Daddy". [2] According to blues historian Gerard Herzhaft, Riley asserts that he was the only guitarist at Cobbs' Mojo session, contrary to Cobbs' and Lawhorn's recollections. It was first released on the band's Dreams compilation in 1989, and later on Live from A&R Studios in 2016. Jamaican singer Dawn Penn recorded "You Don't Love Me" in 1967. [33]. The Allman Brothers Band popularized it with their extended jam concert performances, as documented on At Fillmore East (1971). [2] However, two other producers, Billy Lee Riley and Stan Kessler, overheard the audition and offered to record him. I DON'T OWN THIS SONG! [2] They subsequently issued the single and in an April 3, 1961, review of new records in Billboard, it was listed under "R&B Limited Potentials". [5], Cobbs began performing "You Don't Love Me" to enthusiastic audiences and approached a record label in Memphis, Tennessee, with the hope of recording it. [29] She was introduced to the song by producer Coxsone Dodd, who imported American rhythm and blues records to play for his sound system entertainment businesses. ENJOY! sfn error: no target: CITEREFLiving_Blues2000 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFO'Neal2002 (, sfn error: no target: CITEREFLeadbitter1987 (. "[21] AllMusic critic Lindsay Planer noted in an album review: "Updating the blues standard 'You Don't Love Me' allows Stills to sport some heavily distorted licks, which come off sounding like Jimi Hendrix."[27][a]. However, Cobbs claims that an unknown bassist performed for the session, after his regular bass playe… [10] Diddley uses a repeated figure on his tremolo-laden guitar and the first verses are sung without lyrics: Ah ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah (2×) at Stonybrook: Stonybrook, NY 9/19/71, Play All Night: Live at the Beacon Theatre 1992, The Essential Allman Brothers Band: The Epic Years, Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox song with unknown parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 August 2020, at 18:01. Gary Walker recorded a version that reached number 26 in March 1966 on the UK Singles Chart[35] (also issued in the US on Date Records and bubbled under the Hot 100 at number 129). [11] Although "Diddley Daddy" became a hit, "She's Fine She's Mine" did not appear in the record charts. [6][3][7] A Vee-Jay discography lists Rico Collins on tenor saxophone, Wilbert Harris on drums, and Cobbs on bass. Willie Cobbs, an Arkansas native, moved to Chicago in 1947, where he began exploring the burgeoning blues scene centered around Maxwell Street. The Allman Brothers Band included the song on their original lineup setlist. [7] According to Cobb and Boyd, Sammy Lawhorn, who later was a member of Muddy Waters' touring band, provided the distinctive guitar figure. :D Sorry if any lyrics are wrong. [34] The song has been interpreted and recorded by artists in a variety of styles, with some following the Diddley/Cobbs versions and others following the Wells/Guy versions. According to Cobb and Boyd, Sammy Lawhorn, who later was a member of Muddy Waters' touring band, provided the distinctive guitar figure. Well you don't love me baby, you don't love me I know, The lyrics "she's fine she's mine" do not appear in the song (Diddley had recorded an unrelated song, "You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)", with different music and lyrics two months prior on March 2, 1955, which was released on his Go Bo Diddley album). "[4] Bo Diddley recorded the song in 1955 for Checker Records, a Chess subsidiary. The song inspired many adaptations, such as "Shimmy Shimmy Walk" by the Megatons and "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" by Jamaican singer Dawn Penn. [1], Cobbs and Boyd eventually returned to Arkansas and began performing in the local clubs. [2] Hoping to reach a wider audience, Kessler and Riley sold the master recording to Home of the Blues Records, the label that had previously turned Cobbs down. [22] Their version altered the guitar figure somewhat and added some new lyrics: You don't love me baby, you don't love me yes I know (2×) [18] The single was later distributed by Checker Records and reached number 88 on the Billboard Hot 100. [2], Cobbs and Boyd entered the Echo Studio in Memphis to record "You Don't Love Me" for Riley's Mojo Records. [3] Instead of the common twelve-bar blues arrangement, the verses are sung on the IV chord, while the instrumentation repeats the riff on the I chords:[8], Ah ah ah, you don't love me yes I know (2×) [16], In 1961, the Megatons, a Louisiana-based instrumental combo, recorded "Shimmy, Shimmy Walk, Part 1" an instrumental version of "You Don't Love Me". Cobbs sang while Boyd accompanied him on piano. All copyright goes to their rightful owner(s). [21] In 1965, the duo recorded the song as "You Don't Love Me Baby" for their influential album Hoodoo Man Blues. [2] Cobbs has revisited "You Don't Love Me" several times, including in 1998 for his Pay or Do 11 Months & 29 Days album. Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself (Official Video) Download The Song! "[31] Duane Allman chose "You Don't Love Me" to create a special tribute to recently slain R&B saxophonist King Curtis, interweaving Curtis' signature "Soul Serenade" into a rendition of the song played at a band show at the Academy of Music in Manhattan on August 15, 1971. [32] A version of the "You Don't Love Me/Soul Serenade" medley was subsequently recorded as part of a in-studio concert held at record label A&R Studios in Manhattan on August 26, 1971, and broadcast live by WPLJ-FM. [1] In 1958, Cobbs recorded an unsuccessful single for Ruler Records and auditioned for James Bracken and Vee-Jay Records, who felt that he sounded too similar to their biggest artist, Jimmy Reed. 'Cause you left me baby, and I got no place to go now. "Al Kooper/Mike Bloomfield/Stephen Stills: "Allman Brothers Band: New York, NY – Sunday, August 15, 1971, Academy of Music, Setlist", Blues for Elvis – King Does the King's Things, Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas, An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band: First Set, An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band: 2nd Set, Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival: July 3 & 5, 1970, S.U.N.Y. )[7], Trouble ensued when Riley took the songwriting credit for "Shimmy Shimmy Walk, Part 1", an instrumental version of the song recorded by the Megatons, a Louisiana-based group. [25][26], In 1968, Al Kooper with Stephen Stills recorded "You Don't Love Me" for the highly successful Super Session album. Side I is the hot side, it swings." "You Don't Love Me" is a rhythm and blues-influenced blues song recorded by American musician Willie Cobbs in 1960. [1] While in Chicago, he learned the blues harp from Little Walter and began an association with pianist Eddie Boyd. [30] Most of the Bo Diddley/Willie Cobbs melody and lyrics were used, however, her version featured a rocksteady backing arrangement instead of the guitar riff. [19] Albert King recorded "Shimmy, Shimmy Walk" for the 1969 Years Gone By album, although some releases list it as "You Don't Love Me (instrumental)".[20]. [14] (An additional release by Ruler Records has overdubbed organ. 'Cause you left me baby, and I have no place to go. [12], Almost immediately after Mojo Records issued the single, it became a number one hit in Memphis. The Chain Lyrics: Listen to the wind blow / Watch the sun rise / Run in the shadows / Damn your love, damn your lies / And if you don't love me now / You will never love me again / I can still hear According to Buddy Guy biographer Alan Harper, "Junior's [Wells's 1965 Hoodoo Man album] version of 'You Don't Love Me' had inspired the Allman Brothers to cover the song on their live At Fillmore East [1971] album. No copyright infringement intended. "You Don't Love Me" was a staple of Junior Wells and Buddy Guy's repertoire. A singles review in Billboard described it as "A rousing medium tempo rocker with a teen dance sound and a rousing r.&b. Although it became a regional hit when it was released in Memphis, Tennessee, copyright issues prevented its further promotion and national chart success. If you leave me baby, don't you know you're gonna hurt me so, Junior Wells later recorded the song for his Coming at You album;[23][24] Buddy Guy also recorded it for his Hold That Plane album. No no no, you don't love me and I know now (2×) [15] Lawsuits were filed, Vee-Jay stopped promoting the single, and it failed to reach the Billboard charts. [27] Later, Kooper explained in his autobiography: "[The Wells/Guy version] was usually done as a shuffle, but I found it lent itself well to a heavy-metal eighth-note feel. [3] Music journalist Rob Chapman calls "You Don't Love Me" "Willie Cobbs's 1961 adaptation and retitling of Bo Diddley's 1955 'She's Fine, She's Mine'. Cobbs and Boyd entered the Echo Studio in Memphis to record "You Don't Love Me" for Riley's Mojo Records. [9] A review in Billboard magazine noted, "While this is a traditional blues in form, the unusual, almost exotic, arrangement with its hypnotic beat combined with Bo Diddley's anguished vocal takes this far out of the range of the ordinary". [6] Cobbs sang while Boyd accompanied him on piano. A Vee-Jay discography lists Rico Collins on tenor saxophone, Wilbert Harris on drums, and Cobbs on bass.

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