The film was originally intended by Hammer to be a sequel to the previous year's successful The Quatermass Xperiment, but writer Nigel Kneale refused permission for the character of Bernard Quatermass to be used. IMDb By Ross Miller Jul 02, 2010 Share Share Tweet Email It shares a similar tone to the first two Quatermass movies, also released by Hammer. © Letterboxd Limited. But unperturbed, Hammer cast Dean Jagger as another American scientist working in England and X The Unknown became known. A bit like The Quatermass Xperiment with Dean Jagger's avuncular scientist replacing Brian Donlevy's abrasive prick scientist. Similar to the British series of Quatermass pictures, which more, Anthony Newley Dean Jagger Cast. Kind of like The Blob, except two years earlier. In the UK the Daily Telegraph said it was "good, grisly fun" and "a welcomed change from interplanetary yarns" was the verdict of Films and Filming. 1956 In typical Hammer fashion, the shots of the goo are pretty well done but last less than a minute of screentime, the…. This was going to be the third in the series, but the writer said nah, so they slapped some other dude (Dean Jagger? A pesar de su corta duración dan enormes rodeos a la trama. Set in Scotland, and with some strong accents, X the Unknown uses its rural setting to bring the fear of the era to the peaceful civilians. SEE DETAILS. The boy dies next day from radiation burns. What is the Unknown?Well, It's X. X is The Unknown and it comes from beneath the earth.How can we kill it? Part of:Horroctober VIII: The Night Mrs. DuLac Came Out of the Grave. British sci-fi in the 50s has a uniquely nihilistic feel compared to US contemporaries, but both THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT and QUATERMASS 2 do it better. Anthony Newley! Joseph Losey Director. Royston has some success with his anti-radiation device, which neutralizes a small container of radioactive material, but causes it to explode violently in the process. Classic Horror by the british Hammer Studios. Being quite charitable with the rating, mainly because the performances and technical aspects are perfectly fine considering the miniscule budget, but man oh man is this an interminable 79 minutes. Two soldiers have been left to guard the pit. Leo McKen! Jimmy Sangster writes his own fan-fic QUATERMASS script, and proves he’s no Nigel Kneale. More of your typical British 50's Sci-Fi fare. There's no place like home -- for frights! Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of X The Unknown with exclusive news, pictures, videos and more at Both movies have a fair amount of inspectors sleuthing about, and slimey creatures eating people.

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