Yeah and that comes right when she’s wiping that “W” off of her forehead…. Some time after the outbreak, these survivors started to scavenge around the Washington, D.C. area, killing and luring other survivors into traps, taking all of their supplies and using them as bait after they turn. But for now, let's focus on what that W could stand for. The Wolves mark some of the places they have attacked or claimed with a "WOLVES NOT FAR" graffiti. He's later shot by Carol and devoured by the Walkers and becomes one himself. In tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, Rick, Daryl, and Carol noticed a "W" carved into the head of a walker. When the group ventured to Shirewilt Estates, Noah's old neighborhood, they found that it was destroyed. Type They also write a "W" on their own heads; some of them simply draw the letter with blood, mud or ink, while others appear to go further and carve their own flesh with it. And it also finally confirmed that the Ws we’ve been seeing on the walkers’ heads does, in fact, stand for “Wolves,” a new group threat whose two-man team we got to meet tonight. Are the Wolves a rival gang of survivors, like the Scavengers or Negan and the Saviors? It appears that the Wolves are an altered version of, However there is another altered version of. This list shows the victims the Wolves have killed: Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It also seems, according to one Wolf, that another motive of the Wolves is to "free" survivors living in communities, such as Shirewilt Estates and Alexandria, as they do not believe that people belong in such places during an apocalypse. He rebuffs Morgan, claiming that they "didn't choose", before turning and leaving along with the other surviving Wolves. They served as the primary antagonistic group for the first half of Season 6. As the Alexandrians fight back, a Wolf attempts to drive a large truck through the safe-zone's gates, but the driver is killed by Spencer Monroe before this can occur. Enid's "JSS" was a temporary head-scratcher, as was the "W" marking that the Wolves carved into walkers' heads. Credit: AMC video still The Walking Dead Walking Dead Spoilers: Meaning of “W” on Walker Foreheads Will Be Revealed March 9, 2015 by Gina Carbone 0 Shares Advertisement The … The Wolves are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Trapped by civilization? Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting company, built specifically for designers, freelancers and creative agencies. So it's possible the "W" stands for The Whisperers. Strong but subtle. Following this, Owen was the only remaining member of the group confirmed to be alive. Who she has to be to protect him and those she loves from the ugly bold lies of his father, the ugly lies and bold denial of Alexandria, and the ugly, jagged, red W that is everything opposite of his big, red, beautiful A. I recently wrote an article which tied the W's to the Wolves we've been ominously teased, which I will reiterate along with introducing some other theories. In the comic, The Whisperers wear walker skin to disguise themselves. Trapped in a train car. Visit Visit our site. Scavengers/Hunters/Raiders/ Cult/Bandits Who would go through all the trouble to mark a zombie's head... and then not kill that zombie? And now The Walking Dead fans are officially in a tizzy about the Ws and what that means for our favorite band of zombie apocalypse survivors. Owen later protects Denise even though it results in him being bitten, causing Denise to suggest he's changed. "Conquer" to "Thank You" They are the type of people the Alexandria Safe-Zone does not want to join the community and so they try to force their way in and take from them. Alexandria means something different now. Morgan is confronted by the blonde wolf he previously encountered outside Alexandria. Their introduction had been foreshadowed several times throughout the second half of Season 5: In an interview, Greg Nicotero states that the Wolves' true motives are to build up a zombie army, using the victims they have killed. It seems obvious that W doesn't stand for "Walker," since every group of people has a different name for the zombies. The Wolves are a group of hostile survivors introduced in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. She is always so truthful with him. The Walking Dead is more than an addicting drama—it has multiple storylines and layers, testing the characters with walkers (zombies), rival opponents and even conflict from within. As Alexandria is surrounded by walkers, a zombified Wolf attacks Deanna Monroe. Wounded with a deep cut in his torso, he vowed to Morgan that he will kill him and everyone else there if he doesn't die from his injury. Deanna stabs the zombified Wolf several times in the chest with a broken glass bottle before Rick arrives and kills him again. First, there's the DC Scavengers. The Walking Dead season 11 release date: What we know so far Nico Tortorella is so excited to be a 'queer superhero' on The Walking Dead: World Beyond The Walking Dead … With its rising viewership, The Walking Dead is doing what most TV shows aim to do: entertain millions of people. While this is the first time characters have noticed the symbol on a walker's head, it's not the first time the audience has seen it. And there were quite a few As in the background of shots when dealing with his storyline. It may seem a little redundant to mark a Walker with a W. Perhaps this was part of a ritual. Something fishy is going on here. A few weeks later, as Morgan Jones camped near the Alexandria Safe-Zone on his way to Washington, D.C., one of the Wolves approached him, holding him at gunpoint. We’ve come a long way since Terminus. It seems like different groups have different names for them. They served as the primary antagonistic group for the first half of Season 6. If the Wolves came in and ruined the Shirewilt Estates (the damage done had not been all zombies), the Alexandria Safe-Zone seems like the next logical location for them to target. Just that whole dichotomy, that polarity…it’s the sweetness of Sam. He sees things differently. So does W stand for Wolves? (Sidebar: Tara should donate her yo-yo to little Sam!) Fixing this problem is easy! Gareth of Terminus first appeared in the episode named "A." With As and Ws flying around, the masterminds behind The Walking Dead are definitely trying to befuddle us. Seen in Series The W could stand for Walker, Wolves (the group that is supposedly lead by Walking Dead comic book ultra bad guy Negan. Copyright 2018 Rick notices in the RV's front mirror that the other three Wolves who fled the safe-zone are quietly approaching the RV and, in a fit of fear, he unloads an entire magazine through the RV's wall, killing the three of them. In the comics, the Saviors are Negan's band of crazy men. Sam is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. Carol Peletier is able to disguise herself as a member of the Wolves she killed earlier called Aphid, and proceeds to single-handily kill at least six of them. The idea of the Wolves was also introduced in the midseason premiere ("What Happened and What's Going On") when the group went to the community where Noah's family was supposed to be and found it ravaged. Sometime after escaping, they captured and killed the man in a red poncho that Daryl Dixon and Aaron, two recruiters for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, were tracking earlier, leaving him to turn. Notable Members Image Gallery. Nothing is known about the life of any of the Wolves before the outbreak. But wait, what would that mean for Rick's current situation as … Who would go through all the trouble to mark a zombie's head... and then not kill that zombie? the blonde wolf he previously encountered outside Alexandria,, They come into play much later than the point the show is at, though, and stick around for a few years. The path to Terminus was marked until Rick edited it to be a warning, and Morgan appeared to be following a series of markings in trees. That's the most obvious one, right? He has some chained up outside of his Sanctuary and also covers his weapons in zombie gore so that one strike will claim his opposition's life. Children sometimes see things we don’t realize. Here's why it's important. Avengers: Endgame: Can we stop telling women how to feel about that A-Force moment? While the Wolves are not a group in the comics, there are two groups that the producers could be renaming for the show to keep us guessing. What do you think the W's carved into the walker heads mean? Rick surmises that the dead Wolf had been hiding under a nearby house and came out after he reanimated. The “A, welcome to Alexandria, you’re one of us now,” and just that whole community and safety and shelter. After fleeing from Alexandria, the blonde wolf and another other wolf attack Rick while he is stopped on the roadside in an RV. Rick mentions that the scouting missions for other survivors should stop, to which Daryl objects. We're sorry, you've landed on a page that is hosted by Flywheel, but isn't yet set up correctly. Would we be trapped again? After a brief struggle, Rick manages to kill them both. So does W stand for Wolves? All rights reserved. They always carve the letter "W" into their victims' foreheads, often dismembering them as well, and habitually mark locations they've raided with the ominous graffiti WOLVES NOT FAR. Lovecraft Country Showrunner Misha Green Teases Season 2 After SPOILER Death, Fear the Walking Dead Showrunners Tease New Episode: "Die Hard With Zombies", BioShock Creator's Next Game Reportedly Almost Complete, The Batman Photos Reveal High-Speed Motorcycle Chase, Hocus Pocus Reunion: Bette Middler Reveals First Look at Sanderson Sisters Back Together, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Episode 1x03 Recap with Spoilers, Neil deGrasse Tyson Warns an Asteroid Could Hit Earth Before Election Day. - September 6, 2017 02:00 pm EDT. The Scavengers seem to be the Wolves, as pointed out, because in the comics, not only are they from Washington D.C., but also the leader of the Scavengers, Derek, says to Rick, "Little pig, little pig...let me in" when trying to gain entry to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. They always carve the letter "W" into their victims' foreheads, often dismembering them as well, and habitually mark locations they've raided with the ominous graffiti WOLVES NOT FAR.They also write a "W" on their own heads; some of them simply draw the letter with blood, mud or ink, while others appear to … He’s a child. Instead, the truck crashes into the bell tower of the church outside the walls and into a section of the wall, and the blaring horn begins to attract a massive herd of walkers in the vicinity. They begin the same process of butchering and looting that they had done at Shirewilt Estates, dismembering their victims, and raiding the houses to steal valuable supplies. Sam’s A means you’re one of us. Of all of her. Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting company built specifically for designers and creative agencies. Del Arno Foods This begs the questions, "who are the wolves?" Then, there's the possibility that the Wolves are the Saviors. He’s used to her directness. It brings tears to my eyes writing this the way it brings tears to Carol’s eyes. Location He is the boyfriend of Ana.

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