So my thing was like, always trying to like, probably get fly for the bitches. As a young n****, you always wanna be outside. We goin' viral.' “I ain’t been getting no sleep ’cause nigga I’m trappin' a lot, aye/No, I’m not talkin’ ’bout Polo, but niggas be cappin’ a lot, aye/I gotta ride with that Nina ’cause niggas be yappin’ a lot, aye/I got some aim with that glizzy I’ll blow his lil cap off his top, for real” he serves. He’s like one of my uncles or something. "I ain't know who Fabio was, right, so I thought he was sayin' Fivio." But before all that, he settles into a tall chair at the kitchen island, mixes weed with crushed Fronto leaf, and rolls it all into a long joint. Pop showed love to Fivio early on, shouting him out in radio interviews and recruiting him for a guest verse on “Sweetheart” from Meet the Woo 2, Pop Smoke’s final project before his death on February 19. I feel like it’s an appropriate name because, right now, with the whole drill culture and everything that’s going on, a whole new wave is getting ushered in, like, new world order. (JB made this, hahahaha) The album? I’m still going through shit, you know what I mean? “Fivy, Sosa, viral, movie/I’m in this bitch with the Woozy,” Drake raps over a typically moody drill beat, borrowing a few of Fivio’s favorite phrases. The project, which will arrive in late April, boasts big-name features from the likes of Meek Mill, Quavo, and Lil Baby. The videos for songs like “Hottest Winter Ever” and “Blixky in a Box” began to gain traction as the sound of Brooklyn began to move away from the Chicago drill influence and more towards the drum patterns and bass lines of its U.K. offshoot, itself modeled off of G Herbo, Lil Bibby, and DJ L. “We don’t really listen to the U.K. shit,” Fivio explains. Everybody was turnt— it was crazy. She just went out. I mean, my shit is good. Over the course of the seven songs, he pushes into more melodic territory, but the skittering drum patterns remain a constant. [Drake (Fivio Foreign):] Fivi, Sosa, viral, movie I'm in this bitch with the Wooski Ball in the summer like Drew League Champagne got me loopy Glizzy Bop lookin' groovy All the demons lookin' moody (What?) Yeah, that was it. Like, people fuck with you, like -- it ain’t really about the music too much. Match These Taylor Swift Songs to Her Ex-Boyfriends. It’s way deeper than music.”, As the sun begins to set and we cruise down the West Side Highway, it becomes clear that we won’t be accomplishing any of the errands Fivio laid out at the beginning of the day: His chain remains broken, and we haven’t been anywhere near Brownsville. Movie means viral, viral means movie… Going viral. The energy, it was lit, like, all the bitches was coming to 9. The Brooklyn drill rapper dominated the top of the year after “Big Drip” exploded, further propelling the regional sounds into the limelight, following the likes of the late Pop Smoke. A local rapper that influenced me... That’d be like a GS9. Fivi says the hilarious things that come to his mind for each letter. I hear him asking about the weather in L.A. and the best ways to market his own strain of weed, which he’s calling “Aye, Aye, Aye,” a reference to his favorite ad-lib. The 29-year-old artist is referring to popular 1990's Italian actor and model Fabio Lanzoni. Guess Who This Striped Sweetie Turned Into. I was never really in love with music. I don’t really think it got that lit yet. I make everything up when I'm drunk," he begins. “They were trying to book me in Chicago for shows off that baby shower shit.”. I don’t ask no questions, I talk that shit. Yeah, it made me appreciate, like at the time, it wasn’t really about nothing. But I’m just focused more on business and money. We was in this shit together. Nas ain’t in the other room.’ I didn’t even think he was on some studio shit. I got the swag, so tell me the difference You can go viral. “OK, now I feel like a rapper,” he says. Champagne got me loopy The money made it possible for me to move around how I need to move around. Drill rapping in, I’m going viral on the drill rapping. So I’m like, ‘Alright,’ boom boom, the “Milly Rock” shit was out dadadadada. I said, 'Nah, this is a movie. It just saved everything. I like rappers that didn’t make it yet because they still got that pain. It’s gon’ be perfect. I feel like it’s work. Fivi (Fivi), Sosa (Sosa), viral (Viral), movie (Movie) See below for the rest of the stories in our Brooklyn drill series: We also put together a playlist of essential Brooklyn drill songs, which you can follow on Spotify. Peep Fivio Foreign's 2020 XXL Freshman freestyle, powered by Rap Caviar, below.—B.T. I’ma go viral, right? You always want to be tough. “I don’t even feel like a rapper,” he says. It’s all surprises, you gon’ be surprised. We’re keeping his name alive. I hope next to have a No. I’d get it out to get the world to have the music out there, you know what I mean? I watched it happen so I knew it was possible for me. It ain’t no pain. Like, me and the people I was around, I could see that...boom. I’m moving a thousand miles a second. I'm in this bitch with the Wooski (I am) Fivio says he loves to keep moving no matter what, always in forward motion. Like, I’m still connected through another connection, through another connection. “I ain’t gon’ watch another n**** blow past me, ’cause we had been doing this shit for a long time.”, Driving down Broadway in Washington Heights, at the very top of Manhattan, Fivio sees a Foot Locker and decides he needs a new pair of Timbs. What the bible is, right, whether you believe in God or not, whatever you believe in — the bible is this. So, going straight from EP to album, which nobody really do. “I keep my bars on a cold plate so they sound cool,” he raps at one point. The two hallways leading out of the lobby are each lit by a series of large glass chandeliers, giving off a distinct Buckingham Palace-meets-The Sopranos family home vibe. If they Woo walk, I probably taught 'em (I did) 1 album next. The video, which was posted to his baby’s mother’s Facebook page a week before the song’s official video came out, has since been viewed almost 3 million times. I wanna say to anybody that’s trying to come up and go viral, push forward. Then I go back and change shit — anyone who goes to the studio with me, they know that shit’s crazy. Whatever was rap back then, I’m rolling with that, you know what I mean? You gotta check out. It was lit. It’s just whatever I’m around, you know? turned to man, from Brooklyn, New York, who likes to have fun. I mean, the album is called The Bible. Growing up in the 90s section of East Flatbush, Fivio began rapping as a kid, along with an older cousin who would “fake tell us to rap and freestyle.” Later, in his teens, he began rapping under the name Lite Fivio. I was going to places where n***as was telling me, ‘Don’t go,’ like, I was doing that shit. So, we went hard with it at that point. I wear different drip now. I still go viral. “Went 2 go see Yu 2day cuz,” he wrote on Instagram. “Drake – Demons Lyrics” [Intro: Drake & Fivio Foreign] Like what? Fire. Do it yourself. I need Grammys. Other passions was like, I don’t know, probably...I didn’t really care about clothes that much...I don’t know. But, you know, I try my best.”, After Pop Smoke passed, Fivio saw some people’s immediate tendency to see an opening instead of a tragedy.

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