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The six-parter will be distributed globally by NENT Studios UK, with Channel 4 already picking up UK rights. All rights reserved. Lol i would not recommend this at allps. recently struck a financing and production deal with NENT Studios UK (fka DRG), BBC & Prince William unveil landmark environment show 'Earthshot', Plimsoll Productions appoints veteran exec Mark Itkin to the board, BBC Studios expands comedy unit with four new hires, Disney's APAC president Uday Shankar to step down, TBI In Conversation: Globo director Patricia Pedrosa on female-driven drama, Go big or go small?

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No pressure. Please customer service, do not respond to this because I don't care about what you've been trained to reply - it is simply unacceptable and ViaPlay is shitake.Bye. is a strategic operational and investment holding company in esports and gaming entertainment. Cloud Security Engineer - Viaplay Product, Data & Technology Read More.

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I had a trial version of the Viaplay before and my sibling wanted to test it out by my recommendation.

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Angela Pell (Snow Cake) is attached as writer, with Michael Samuels (The Missing) directing. To watch football I have to pay for seires, child series, fighting and movies as well, even though I don't want it and never watches it. //]]>-->, . I have tried to cancel my account for over half a year, and they are STILL taking money from my bank account. //]]>-->, News round-up: Fox Turkey remakes Nippon's 'Abandoned'; Sooner takes 'Red Zones'; Drive deals, Fox Turkey unveils latest Nippon TV adaptation Fox Turkey has again partnered with Nippon TV in Japan, this time remaking a local version of scripted series Abandoned. document.write ("&tags=channel-4%2Cdopamine%2Cgreat-point-media%2Cnent-studios-uk%2Cthe-development-partnership%2Cviaplay"); I paid 99 kr for nothing and if they at least told me from the beginning that they cannot refund me I would use the month of subscription which I did not. When i contacted Viaplay i was told that the credit card had been used before, and that i couldn't get a refund because i already used the service (this is the morning after i ordered the service, when i realised i had been charged).This doesn't seem reasonable because of course i used the service, since i was never told that i was going to be charged anything through the whole process.The customer service is really bad, and apparently nobody in the company has the authority to help with or change anything, even though the terms are extremely unclear when you sign up for the service.

if (document.referrer) document.write ("&referer=" + escape(document.referrer)); '':''); This was 10 min after i got the email. document.write (document.charset ? to allow for analysis of how people use our website in order to Stream unlimited movies online. I left Netflix due to their lack or content, but viaplay is worse since they make you pay extra for the latest and better movies, Dosent have 80% of the stuff you want to watch, and the stuff they do have, they will make you pay for. [CDATA[ ,