He leads Wake on the island like a dog, telling him to bark before burying him alive. There’s no moral judgment in this story. Paranoia and psychosis eventually set in. Here is how we see that ending on the beach. In the long run, a lighthouse cannot save you from the unforgiving sea though. "In some ways, this could be considered the absolute worst movie to be made right now. I mean of course you are. Once Thomas is down, Ephraim commands him to “bark” like a dog. In a lot of ways, he sort of wants a daddy. The Robert Pattinson Movies Batman Fans Need to See. The filmmaker told Vox that “the idea of fable and myth” is at the “forefront” of his process with his partner/brother Max Eggers. Without mythology and psychoanalysis at play, the A24 movie is still an intriguing image of man’s complex desires and how giving into them out of anger or boredom does not end happily. (Side note: There were actual seagull actors used in production and their names were Lady, Tramp, and Johnny.) We don’t gaze upon exactly what Ephraim sees once he reaches the top, but we see imagery of Pattinson's gaze deepen as he looks upon the lighthouse’s light source, reach out and touch something and scream profusely before falling down the staircase. Howard claims the real Ephraim Winslow died by an accident—drowned in a river when he became trapped beneath floating logs that Tommy Howard didn’t warn him about—however, that seems suspect. Mermaids and monsters appear to Ephraim. Kieran is a Daily Curator for the website you're currently reading. Defoe felt the film portrays “toxic masculinity” more than anything. He ultimately kills Thomas, and storms up to the lighthouse's peak to see what's within. "It's a moment of mystical love, love for this thing that cannot be explained," Dafoe says. Also, he’s kind of mad, as well. Now he is sprawled out along a barren seashore as seagulls and other birds of prey peck at his stomach, feasting on the entrails within. Honestly, it reminded me of a high-end version of when Gabe on The Office makes a "cinema of the unsettling," film and it's just random clips of things that make someone feel disturbed. Five weeks, two days? He then places a leash on him and walks him out of the house like a dog before burying him alive. This is an ending rife with allusion to the literary foundations of Western civilization, as well as the more recent nautical mythology that deems killing a seabird as equivalent to biting from Eve’s apple. And by taking a sea man’s life, he’s condemned to a cyclical Hell of reliving that experience. In Pattinson’s most petulant scene, he whines that he did not come here to be anyone’s wife. But unlike the delicious ending to Robert Eggers’ previous horror movie, The Witch, The Lighthouse ending is neither straightforward or altogether clear. Then you see it flip-flop and it’s kind of cool. But as Dafoe laughed in our interview, “There’s a little woman in all of us.”. Pattinson’s character would represent the “ego,” which is known as the part of the id that is modified directly by the influence of the external world. "The black and white, a boxy aspect ratio, the pipe smoke, the cable knit sweaters," he says. My first thought upon leaving The Lighthouse was: This is a horny movie. "All of these archetypal images and two men huddled around this kerosene lamp." Maybe he does this because Howard won’t play along or maybe because Howard really did discover the head of his predecessor in a lobster net? What we see on screen at the end of The Lighthouse is straightforward and from a practical POV, the pair of lighthouse-keeps both went insane from their time together and end up dying as a result of pushing each other past their breaking points. And yet, the way that one specific seagull bedevils Howard, pecking on his window at night and taunting him during his daily duties, suggests there is an intelligence there greater than a simple bird. Though when it came to filmmaker’s debut film The Witch, we could settle for the ambiguity. For instance, Wake knows that a ship is set to relieve them after the first four weeks on the island, and yet he makes sure they get blackout drunk the night before. And all with the futile intimation that this has happened before. Willem’s character could just be a normal boss, but there’s some kind of sub/dom relationship or something where I’m exaggerating in my mind his dominance over me because I kind of want it in a strange kind of way. Tweet Share Post Bookmark. And for better and for worse. He and Max then dove into research, consulting primary sources, like United States Lighthouse Service codes of conduct manuals, and 19th Century fiction, like the writings of Sarah Orne Jewett, whose characters and their dialects were based on interviews she did with farmers and fishermen in Maine. At the same time, he acknowledges the side of the movie that could be read as a treatise on toxic masculinity. In seafaring lore, seagulls are said to be possessed by the souls of dead sailors. The Lighthouse Ending Explained: Lovecraft, That Mysterious Light and More. The Lighthouse is a hypnotic and hallucinatory tale of two lighthouse keepers on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. But you know what? ", Pattinson shot his moment in the light at the very end of production, but doesn't have a clear answer for what Ephraim/Tommy was seeing. I want to make a movie about a fucking crazy person.’” And yet, I find this reading boring and reductive of the film’s mythological imagery. But once the idea was placed in his brain, the iconography of The Lighthouse popped into his brain. He also loves the movie Varsity Blues. Ephraim literally is the only figure in The Lighthouse to come from the outside world and want to go back into it. Indeed, ancient Greek myth tells us that Prometheus defied the will of Zeus when he stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to man—teaching us violence. Robert Eggers’ nautical nightmare follows a pair of 19th-century lighthouse keepers — Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) and Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) — who spend their days getting drunk and feeling isolated. This is apparently Pattinson’s preferred reading. Ephraim, perturbed by the birds, goes ahead and bludgeons one. I probably had gone just a little bit mad by the time I did it. But his follow-up, The Lighthouse, is a film that holds its secrets close. Despite growing up in coastal New England, Eggers himself more "naturally respond[s] to a forest than the sea." It might be a movie that basks in black and white photography, but Eggers savors ambiguity until the final frame here. But the promise of what the light contains also contributes to his growing insanity. Pattinson's character masturbates furiously over a wooden figurine of a mermaid and then ends up having sex with (or imagines having sex with) an actual mermaid, complete with oversized mermaid genitalia. And they’re both guilty. Thomas the Younger, alias Winslow, failed to heed his elder’s warnings and then tasted the forbidden fruit by looking into the light. Eggers explains. The kind of mysticism The Lighthouse ending encompasses what writer/director Robert Eggers seems to do best. All her writing should be read in Sarah Connor’s Terminator 2 voice over. The Lighthouse is all about madness, myth, and superstition.

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