". Killinger is an individual of incredible power.

Are they Gods/Demons? * The fact that the investors are possessed of psionic powers makes it is unclear as to whether they actually possess most of the other powers listed above, as any or all except causing other objects to phase through things could be approximated by illusions. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Eventually, he attempted to kill them, presumably reneging on their deal, which would have left them in charge... if they didn't confront and then die to Killinger. While Dr. Killinger's exact nature and reason for existence remain a mystery, his actions indicate some degree of loyalty to or stewardship of The Guild of Calamitous Intent, but his motives and goals remain unclear, as does his degree of connection to The Guild. The Monarch, Henchman 21, Watch, and Ward, Killinger broke from their psychic standoff and finished the remaining Investor (Caecius) by stabbing him to death with his umbrella.

"We were never meant to rule over these mortals." ", The Investors: "You should not have meddled in our affairs. The Investors took the dying King Gorilla's heart and kidnapped Billy Quizboy, who was pretending to be a doctor even though he did not have a degree. They purposely sabotaged the space station's controls, leading to its meltdown, before escaping to Meteor Majeure. They're Guild-aligned in some way, my theory being that they were pulling the strings that created the Guild. Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, https://venturebrothers.fandom.com/wiki/Dr._Henry_Killinger?oldid=45292, Villainous advisor, consultant, mentor, recruiter, His name, appearance, and manner of speaking is based on. Instead of drinking his blood, they gave Billy a legitimate medical license so he could perform the heart transplant for Monstroso as a real doctor, having only operated illegally in the past. There they confronted their brother, Dr. Henry Killinger, intending to kill him for not siding with their agenda. Not exactly gods, but probably on the level of demi-gods. Killinger restoring Rusty's confidence by reenacting David and Goliath. Dr. Henry Killinger is a man (or being) of extraordinary means who offers his services as a consultant, advising those he believes to be truly in need, whether they be good or evil.

Ultimately, I think a lot of it has been left to mystery, and they are no definitive answers that'll say who exactly they are and what exactly they're doing. Dr. Henry Killinger is a man (or being) of extraordinary means who offers his services as a consultant, advising those he believes to be truly in need, whether they be good or evil. The Investors probably saw in JJ how he was the true heir to the Venture genius and wanted to capitalize on it. The Venture Bros. is an American adult animated television series created by Christopher McCulloch (also known as "Jackson Publick") for Cartoon Network's late night programming block Adult Swim.Following a pilot episode on February 16, 2003, the series premiered on August 7, 2004 and concluded on October 7, 2018.

Directed by (6) Writing credits (3) Cast (62) Produced by (31) Music by (1) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing by (4) Art Direction by (6) Production Management (13) Art Department (129) Sound Department (31) Visual Effects by (14) Lips. custody. Killinger, meanwhile, had just been content to go around, trying to help people in his villainous Mary Poppins kind of way. He also possesses a magic umbrella that allows him to fly.

The Venture Bros. (2003–2018) Series Cast & Crew. After defeating the Investors, Killinger had orchestrated the plot on Gargantua-2 to create the new Council of 13.

God I wish we could have had some actual information to back all of this up in season 8, though. He at times uses references from The Bible, ancient proverbs, and moral stories to represent the situations his patients are going through and will often use his powers to create situations similar to these parables as symbolic challenges that his patients must overcome.
Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the Monarch shows up at the house, it's revealed that Phantom Limb was using the house the Monarch grew up in as his lair (ironically as the Monarch was previously living in his Malice lair). From this, we know the names of the Investors- Caecius, Skiron, and Lips. Upon this realization, Dr. Venture calls everything off resulting in Killinger reverting the Venture Compound to its original state and subsequently leaving. They primarily do this by making "contracts" with certain people, promising them their desired dream in exchange for a hefty price--usually their lives. In the episode I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills, he first appears without warning in the the Monarch's Cocoon offering to help reorganize the Monarch's organization into a more efficient one. ", Killinger: "Caecius.

He succeeds however in illustrating to Dr. Venture's that his self-centered nature and low morals are more apt skills for being an excellent super villain rather than a hero.

They then changed their forms to appear as Mister-level O.S.I. The Investors first appeared in the episode Pomp and Circuitry, silently sitting on the podium behind Professor Impossible during his speech at State University. - speaking to his brothers, The Investors. The Monarch's appointment to the Council of Thirteen.

I'd say they're Lords of Chaos.

Months after saving Monstroso's life, The Investors proceeded to murder him while he was in O.S.I. They did this by phasing him through the wall and out of the airship, sending him plummeting to the ground. Press J to jump to the feed. His bag and usage of an umbrella to travel on the wind is a homage to the character of. Sadly this romantic repair proved unsuccessful and he was later seen calling back his oni before flying off while singing "Sweeeet love...♪". Usually in a villainous manner. Later on, it is revealed that he was also orchestrating the events surrounding Dr. Venture and Myra Brandish's "reunion", having used an oni in hopes of rekindling their lost love. The Investors, however, learned of The Sovereign's plans through contact with Phantom Limb and his Revenge Society. We were never meant to rule over these mortals.". The Investors first appeared in the episode Pomp and Circuitry, silently sitting on the podium behind Professor Impossible during his speech at State University. Based off what Killinger said about not being meant to rule over mortals, I think they were originally meant to guide them, to their true selves. Look at the dialogue between Killinger and the Investors in All This and Gargantua 2, there's a lot they say outright and a lot you can infer from it-, The Investors: "What is wrong, Killinger? In the episode Hostile Makeover, Killinger has refused to be the new sovereign of the guild stating his work was now completed. Killinger was a skilled teacher as in just a few short months, he instructed various members of The Revenge Society into being proficient and more knowledgeable in their respective abilities as well as transforming them from bumbling and incompetent into skilled and efficient. They’re sort of in and out of reality, and they take the form of whatever is suitable to their ‘customer’. I assume they then started making Faustian deals to try to gain power, or as part of some big plan to take over the Guild, one of which was that the Sovereign would become the leader of the Guild. Killinger had required the Revenge Society to carry out a robbery on Gargantua-2, where Phantom Limb was double-crossed by the Sovereign in an attempt to take out the space station to earn the Revenge Society a seat on the Council of 13.

Orpheus' attempt to use his abilities to read Dr. Killinger's mind proved so straining that it resulted in his temporary mental collapse. When his task is completed he moves on to find another villain or potential villain who needs his assistance. In All This and Gargantua-2, The Investors were revealed to be the financial backers of Jonas Venture Jr.'s space station Gargantua-2 and attended its grand opening.

He then disappeared but not before giving Watch and Ward the original Guild charter, which detailed the original organizational structure of the guild. The series chronicles the lives and adventures of the Venture family: … A subreddit dedicated to the best television show of all time! agents investigating the incident, possibly to determine if anyone knew about their involvement. Instead Killinger prevailed in killing two of the Investors (Lips and Skiron) in a psychic duel. In The Doctor is Sin, it is shown that it possesses psychic abilities, able to transport individuals into their own memories via illusionary environments that act as surmountable challenges of fear which those who enter must overcome. Whereas if they died during the Sovereigns purge/on Gargantua 2, nobody but the Investors would be left to take over the Guild. In doing so he subtly indicates that what the Monarch really needs is Dr. His signature tool is his Magic murder bag, an item which he can apparently summon anything from within and is capable of disintegrating foes in a flash. Although he is usually shown solving problems in ways that are generally benevolent (as when he cured Henchman 24s herpes to gain his trust, or trained the Revenge Society to use their powers), he uses whatever means he needs to achieve his goals (as seen when he murdered a group of obstinate union representatives that were thwarting his plan to re-start work at Venture Industries, or evicted Byron Orpheus.

How are you, mein brothers? Following the helpful interruption of The Monarch, Dr. Mrs.
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