", Girl, and in an end credits scene discuss what "baleful end" she is going to suffer — Comedy in favor of doing something. The soundtrack is available … Chinatown During a therapy session you have the option to say you don't enjoy killing, but the screen glitches out and forces you to say so. He is willing to protect her from anyone willing to hurt her, and is one of the few characters Zero opens up to. 6 feet It's implied that his ties to the Chronos project are about to be exposed, and he's lashing out in a paranoid frenzy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A mysterious Blonde NULL, out for vengeance against everyone responsible for the NULL Project. Due to the use of chronos (and a near fatal head injury during the war), Zero lost his memory along with other NULL soldiers. PoliceSWATBodyguardsTargets. 1 Information 2 Personality 3 Present/ During Katana Zero 4 Boss Fights 4.1 Studio 51 fight 4.2 Highway Motorcycle fight 5 Gallery 6 Notes V is a slick, blue-haired, Russian gangster with experience fighting NULL soldiers with a side hobby of snuff filming and probably pornography. He has tremendous speed, which allows him to cut through multiple opponents with a single stroke of his blade. Zero attempts to work his way through the mansion, but is knocked out by a booby trapped door. ZeroFifteen. His dossier says he's just 22, but in a withdrawal-induced hallucination/flashback he says he's been fighting for 28 years. One of the industrialists behind the Chronos project. Brown Zero's strength is powerful enough to effortlessly throw objects like stone busts and bottles fast enough to instantly kill most enemies. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The Dragon Tape is the first level the player encounters after choosing "Life" in his final decision with the Masked Men. Zero can find an assassination dossier for himself in his handler/therapist's suitcase, in case he went rogue or learned too much about how Chronos is made or the purpose of his assassination missions. Despite wearing a gold chain with "V" on it, he's surprised you refer to him as "V" while being interogated. Doing so will knock him over. his family has possibly been taken hostage, When either the Dragon's escapade on the highway or. The Russian Electrohead has no connection to the overarching Chronos conspiracy; he was just a drug-loving DJ who found the wrong stash. Regardless of whether the DJ is killed by Zero or V, V can be seen escaping the club after the DJ is killed. A softer and muted version of "song_edm.ogg". he's up on the rooftop with the little girl, admiring the city's beauty, being used as an assassin in a government conspiracy to kill everyone connected to the drug Chronos and the NULL super soldier program. Kissyface the entire staff of Mutual-Nil Prison found out the hard way. "song_nocturne.ogg" with static and peaking, "song_psych_drone_begin.ogg", "song_psych_drone_loop.ogg". This is the only level in the game that is constituted of one "part". Is the first casualty of the contract on Electrohead. Zero is a Gamma NULL who served in the Cromag War as an ally to New Mecca alongside another NULL, Fifteen. [Ignore] "Katana Zero: The Second Chapter" DLC set to be released. One of the only aversions in the game. His own post-mortem account (. Fifteen is seen breaking through a Prison wall, much to the surprise and anguish of the guards that warn him not to make any sudden moves. The player character navigates side-scrolling levels, attempting to kill all enemies in that level using his blade or environmental traps. Sex Male Zero then proceeds to beat him to death with his daughter's own paperweight until he's a bloody pulp. Faction A tall man wielding an axe, and an accomplice of V's. Other examples of Zero's unstable mental state include the murder of a homeless veteran for taunting Zero, the Little Girl theorized to be the subconscious representation of Zero's morality, and the hallucinations caused from Chronos withdrawal. Zero shows a more human side around The Little Girl; initially being straight and to the point with her, Zero begins to care for the little girl. It starts to become apparent that he's tied to things Dragon looks into. To be fair, all she had to work with was fish and protein paste. If the player lands 4 blows on V, the battle will end and Snow will rescue V. The battle will also end if V kills the player a certain number of times. The attack helicopter can attack by firing a machine gun, firing waves of missiles at the player, or V will fire at the player with a high caliber rifle. Zero isn't actually the Dragon, meaning that a lot of the killing sprees he was so enamored with may not have even been Zero's handiwork. Fiftee… Next level The guards that witness the break-in will stand about and discuss the events until combat starts. Faction The DLC will also be free for everyone who already owns a copy of the game. Zero was part of the Gamma NULL Project which is the most dangerous and unsuccessful out of the entire program. objects to V blowing Kasim's brains out because the old man hadn't told them how to make Chronos yet, In their second encounter, provided she wasn't killed for discovering that the protagonist is an assassin, she can challenge him to an impromptu, in their second encounter, she lets on that she's figured out he's an assassin but becomes his, The only indications that they're not a product of Zero's PTSD and Chronos withdrawal is that a cop reacts to Tragedy appearing when Zero is surrounded by the police, and, in the ending, Zero's apartment is broken into with a note reading "A life for a life. Dead or Alive (depends on ending) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Fifteen enters the jail cell and confronts Fa Yuan, he will generally question him about Chronos and people associated with the NULL … Zero suffers from psychopathy, like the other NULLs, and suffers vivid nightmares and hallucinations due to his heavy reliance on Chronos. i hope that it will be less hard than the hard mode,for the hard mode make me sad.1800 death and 4 hour to finish. About This Game Katana ZERO is a stylish neo-noir, action-platformer featuring breakneck action and instant-death combat. Of course. Katana Zero is an action game released April 18, 2019. quite literally disarming V before abducting him. This leads to V killing Omar Al-Qasim after Zero belittles him. The helicopter can be damaged by reflecting fire from the machine gun or from V's rifle back at it, doing so 3 times will cause the helicopter to crash, ending the boss fight. He considers his style of torturing and killing to have an "artistic flair". After the war, Zero began working as a killer for an unknown employer that is implied to be the government. Depending on the dialogue options chosen by the players, Zero can either be a serious, impatient character who consistently interrupts others and is not interested in conversation, but they can also be kinder, more patient, and more willing to cooperate. It's stated, that while his past is unknown before the NULL project, he came from a predominantly normal family, and had a normal upbringing until his involvement with the program. During the Studio 51 boss fight, V will attempt to kill the player by shooting them. V will first confront the player on his motorcycle, coming from the right side of the screen and firing at him with a submachine gun. The police kills me and the credits roll. Zero is the protagonist and a playable character in Katana Zero. The protagonist. While the Dragon is noted for his inhuman killing efficiency, his greatest blind spot is his inability to put up with hurting innocent civilians — particularly children. … Zero destroys the helicopter, leaving V severely wounded. Fifteen is seen breaking through a Prison wall, much to the surprise and anguish of the guards that warn him not to make any sudden moves. Exceptional Combat: Overcome your opposition however the situation requires. Afterwards, V will leave Zero a gift at Zero's apartment, a VHS recording of V torturing and killing Zero's noisy neighbors. Presumed Deceased (Killed by Fifteen) Eyes color Regardless of what dialogue options the player chooses at the end of the discussion, Fifteen will always decide to kill Fa Yuan by slamming his face into his cell toilet with excessive force - leading to the events of Zero's mission to the Prison. Slash, dash, and manipulate time to unravel your past in a beautifully brutal acrobatic display.

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