The basic If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar fun games then make sure to play The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny: Carrot Crazy or Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout or just go to the Bugs Bunny games page. He can't run or jump, so you're going to have to put his walking and climbing abilities to use. Honey Bunny has been captured! If you get hit, you lose a heart. color: yellow; Seeing a sign that says "C. Castle," our none-too-swift hero takes this to mean "Carrot Castle" and heads on in. One screw up and you have to recollect all the keys prior to being hit. View production, box office, & company info. ga­mes we­re cre­a­ted. In that time, it was the best-sel­ling vi­deo ga­me con­so­le for which mo­re than 700 li­cen­sed ga­mes and a num­ber of non-li­cen­sed by Nin­ten­do in the years 1983 - 2003., Honey Bunny has been captured! Pick up enough carrots and you go on to the next level. Play Now Download Rom . It's up to Bugs Bunny to find his way through the castle and rescue her by collecting all the carrots and avoiding … But even though it's the same game, Crazy Castle 4 is still a somewhat decent and challenging adventure, with levels that'll last you a long time to complete. However, four rascals are guarding the castle: Sylvester, Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, and Wile E. Coyote. Bugs Bunny has landed himself in trouble once again on Game Boy Color! The objective of this 80 level early Nitendo game couldn't be simpler in plot or game play. The following emulators are a­vai­lab­le for this game: NeptunJS (Ja­va­Script), Nesbox (Flash), Ret­ro­Games (JS) and vNES (Java). These emulators differ not only in the technology they use to emulate old games, but also in support of various game controllers, multiplayer mode, mobile phone touchscreen, emulation speed, absence or presence of embedded ads and in many other parameters. Was this review helpful to you? Ah well. The weird thing is, you'll find multiple copies of the same character in each level, so finding three Daffys in a row is definitely commonplace...but still odd. font-family: Arial Black; Problem is, Bugs is limited to what he can do. line-height: 0pt; And if you've never heard of Crazy Castle to begin with? However, for maximum gaming enjoyment, we strongly recommend using a USB gamepad that you simply plug into the USB port of your computer. Lose three hearts, Bugs bites it and has to start the level over again -- and this could get quite frustrating in the later levels that last more than ten minutes. Play The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (NES) classic game online in your browser, Play The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle for Nintendo emulator online Free, Famicom games. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle is an action platformer for the NES. Three different versions starred three different cartoon characters: Bugs Bunny, and Disney's Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse, and were first released in 1989. Report NA content You can also find hammers or pick axes that'll let you get through obstacles that block the path, but you can't use these things as weapons. For Bugs Bunny In Crazy Castle 4 on the Game Boy Color, GameFAQs has 68 cheat codes and secrets. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle, The Nes. It's hard to say if this game is action or puzzle, but it's just enough of both to classify it both ways. THAT game is worthless.My Grade: B+. What's worse, all the Looney Tunes characters are out to put an end to Bugs' adventure -- while we can understand why Elmer and Wile E. might want to fricassee the rabbit, what gripes do Pepe Le Pew and Foghorn Leghorn have against the bunny? You can control this game easily by using the keyboard of your PC (see the table next to the game). Because most NES game cartridges lacked the ability to save, passwords can be used to start at a certain level in this game. If you do not have a gamepad, you can buy one of these NES controllers: 5 different online emulators are available for The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle. This FAQ is empty. You're Bugs Bunny and must traverse the rooms of this castle (the game calls it crazy, I just think it's misunderstood), graping carrots, while dodging other Looney Tunes. h1 { You can copy it freely, but indicate the origin and keep the license. Each of the characters have their own wandering patterns, and you'll have to learn them to avoid these guys. Of course, this is actually the Crazy Castle, and Bugs needs your help to make his way through more than 60 of the massive castle's all-new rooms.

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