[IFC Films]. All rights reserved. She draws us in with the humor then throws us off balance, upending assumptions and turning things around every time we get too comfortable. The sword, however, comes with a convoluted report from Cynthia’s grandfather claiming the relic to be proof the South actually won the war. Trust can be a double-edged sword, according to Shelton and O'Brien. For all its awkwardness and unevenness, this is an endearing little film with well realised, three dimensional characters and some sharp observations to make about the intersections of far right ideology and capitalism. Sales: UTA. Terms of Use | Having located one of these nut-jobs online, Mel partners with the women to sell the sword for thousands of dollars. For a comedy about an old weapon with a dulled blade, Sword of Truth is razor sharp in just about every way. Despite the dwindling ending, Sword of Trust still manages to please us with delightful and memorable performances from a talented cast. TWITTER Sign up here. | Cookie Settings. But Sword of Trust has a different kind of social justice in mind, and finds surprising ways to keep the Dixie-heads from getting what they want. Here in the country, Hog Jaws has buddies with names like "Screen Door"; he fends off penny-ante rednecks who want the sword for themselves; and he works for a mysterious rich man (Dan Bakkedahl) with a grand vision for setting the history books straight. Executive producers: Peter Gilbert, Eddie Linker, Joe Swanberg EMAIL ME. When Cynthia (Jillian Bell) and her wife Mary (Michaela Watkins) try to hawk a Civil War-era sword inherited from Cynthia’s recently deceased grandfather, he tries to get the better of them. It isn’t long before the coveted “prover item” draws the attention of overzealous conspiracy theorists and the two duos have to join forces in order to sell the sword to the highest bidder. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Production designer: John Lavin Both [Maron] and [Shelton] seem happy to play to their fans in this modest outing, worrying little about straying beyond their comfort zones. On this modest scale, it finds reason for hope. And without it, life can be as dull as the point of an antique sabre. The Hollywood Reporter, LLC is a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. Cutting between this crew and some of Nathaniel's eager-to-please blathering, the movie equates their theories with flat-earth nonsense, which may rile viewers who think this is no time to be light-hearted about white supremacy. A woman travels to Alabama to get what's left of her grandparent's estate.

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