Wayne was not aware that 27 years had passed. Sally is killed while riding a taxi cab when the resurrected greasers force the vehicle off the road. But the greasers attack again and take Mueller with them reuniting their gang. The TV film was followed by two straight-to-video sequels in 1996 (Sometimes They Come Back... Again) and 1998 (Sometimes They Come Back... for More). Jim does not tell his wife Sally about the greasers, believing it would be better for her not to know. [citation needed]. With Mia Kirshner, Jonathan Watton, Niamh Wilson, Rosemary Dunsmore. All seems to go well until after the Christmas holiday. In the film adaptation, Jimmy's brother Wayne comes back after Mueller (one of the original greasers who had survived the crash) sacrifices himself; he learned from the resurrected greasers that a dead person can come back when a living person dies. Jim then tells Neil that the greasers all claimed to have transferred in from “Milford,” but can’t find any trace of a “Milford High School.” Neil explains that it is not a school. The dying Mueller explains that for every life the greasers take, another can come back. I've been thinking... we never had a chance to get to know each other. The gang tries to escape in their car, only to have it struck by a ghost train that resembles the one that killed them 27 years ago, which sends them to Hell. Soon after, Kate, another of Jim’s students dies. When Jules is doing Michelle's "Birthday Tarot", Michelle's representation card is "Page of Pentacles". Jim visits Wayne’s grave seeking his help. Jim gives the gang back their car keys. Through random times in his life, Jim is haunted by nightmares vividly reenacting the murder.   |  Jim returns to the train tunnel in which the first murder took place. "Sometimes They Come Back" is a short story by Stephen King, first published in the March 1974 issue of Cavalier and later collected in King's 1978 collection Night Shift. Wayne can move on to heaven and see his parents. They reveal to Jim that he is going to need Mueller to put everything together. Sometimes They Come Back is a 1991 American made-for-television horror film based on the 1974 short story of the same name by Stephen King.Originally optioned as a segment of the 1985 feature film Stephen King's Cat's Eye, it was developed into a separate … Sometimes They Come Back is issue#61 of Tales of the TMNT volume 2, published on August 2009 by Mirage Studios. Jim Norman moves back to his hometown with his wife Sally and son after accepting a teaching job at the local high school. When the class troublemaker expresses to Jim his concerns about the suspicious new arrivals, then drops out of school to join a hippie commune - a third greaser, Vincent 'Vinnie' Corey, joins the class. In the meantime, Jim has fallen under the suspicion of Chief Pappas of the local police dept. A man and his daughter return to his hometown only to be terrorized by demons who had sacrificed the man's sister in the past. He is joined by Mueller, who apologizes for Wayne’s murder and offers to help. Jim goes to the Milford Cemetery and finds the graves of the three greasers, who once again confront him. An adaptation of the David Nicholls' book, which has the same name, the series follows the … Jim then tracks down Mueller who panics, thinking Jim wants revenge. SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK should not be compared to the original, which really has nothing to do with this except for the mention of a name. There are also a few tense or frightening scenes, lots of (Very impressive) gore but there is some bad writing but over all it's much better than it could have been. Directed by John Bradshaw. Soon after he returns to his hometown, Jim starts having nightmares and flashbacks about his brother's murder.   |  After the credits, Alexis Arquette re-appears in the psychiatrist's office to announce that he's back. Video The greasers plan to kill Jim the same way they murdered Wayne and take Jim with them. As he leaves Jim’s home, Chip is attacked by the greasers, now joined with North, driving a 1955 Chevrolet One-Fifty. They dismember Chip and throw his remains off of a bridge. In response, the demon takes the shape of Wayne, who overpowers the greasers and takes their souls to Hell. The young men responsible for the murder met with their own horrific deaths and now those restless spirits have come back for revenge. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Lawson promises to return, but Jim explains that there won’t be a next time. My only criticism is a valid one, I believe. On October 27, 2015, Olive Films released the movie on Blu-Ray. Jim's wife is not killed.   |  The greasers then attack Jim’s family at their home. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? [5], "Stephen King Week: Robert Rusler Reflects on SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK", https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/sometimes_they_come_back, "TV Reviews : Teen-Agers Come Back From the Dead to Torment History Teacher", "Stephen King's Sometimes They Come Back", Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King, Something to Live for: The Alison Gertz Story, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sometimes_They_Come_Back_(film)&oldid=981915367, Television shows based on works by Stephen King, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2020, at 04:07. Then the ghosts of the three dead greasers chase Billy Sterns, one of Jim’s students, to his death. The town holds dark memories for Jim who moved away years earlier following the murder of his brother. Guy Riedel (story), Director Tom McLoughlin previously directed the sixth Friday The 13th film: Jason Lives (1986). Wayne is stabbed to death by two of the older boys, but Jim escapes. But something block’s Wayne's return to the world of the living. In 1990, Jim Norman, 36, a high school history teacher, struggling with emotional problems, moves back to his old hometown after accepting a teaching job there. They challenge Jim to confrontation and then make an attempt on his son’s life with their car. It is the 27th anniversary of Wayne’s murder. But Mueller switches sides and is killed by Lawson. The story was originally planned to be part of the 1985 film Cat's Eye, which included two other stories adapted from Night Shift ("The Ledge" and "Quitters, Inc"). You know, I'm not such a bad guy once you get to know me. With the diversity of back drops including mountains, plains, rivers and lakes, city skylines and more, it makes perfect sense for a film maker to choose Missouri to film in. He moves back along with his wife Sally, and their young son Scott. The film adaptation was filmed in Kansas City, Kansas, and Liberty, Missouri.[1]. Mueller runs off. The film received an approval rating on 67% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes based on twelve reviews, it's consensus reads, "Tim Matheson's gripping performance and a strong mood make Sometimes They Come Back an effective, if not wholly revelatory, Stephen King adaptation. Another student falls to her death a week later, and another of the greasers, David Garcia, joins Jim's class. [1] However, producers thought the segment would do better on its own. (The fourth member, Carl Mueller, ran off and survived.). ", A TV movie adaptation starring Tim Matheson as Jim aired in 1991. R Jim explains that he has grown up. For the song of the same name by Sadist, see, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sometimes_They_Come_Back&oldid=972915256, Works originally published in Cavalier (magazine), Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 August 2020, at 12:38. There is enough here to really scare you on a dark night. Jim returns to his abandoned childhood home and finds the old car keys that he took during the night of his brother’s murder. The deaths of the two students are blamed as suicides. They are attacked by a gang of local greasers. A doorway to the afterlife opens allowing Wayne to return. The story was originally planned to be part of the 1985 film Cat's Eye, which included two other stories adapted from Night Shift ("The Ledge" and "Quitters, Inc"). The movie is based on a short story by Stephen King that was first published in the March 1974 issue of Cavalier (magazine), and later collected in King's 1978 collection Night Shift. The main evil character looks too much like Jerry Seinfeld to scare me, although he is so evil a character you may forget that for an instant. A psychologist reluctantly takes on a child patient whose parents died when the three of them were in a car accident. Tony Reno: In 1974, Jim is married. Immediately after, Richard Lawson, back from the dead, transfers into Jim’s class. It was produced by Trimark Pictures and … It is the first sequel to the 1991 television movie Sometimes They Come Back, which was based on a short story by Stephen King. Horror. On September 11, 2007, a new DVD edition of the movie was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment through the movie's current owner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It is the fourth story of Tristan Huw Jones' Gang Wars story arc; the previous story is issue#59: Exposé, and the next story is issue#64: The Burning Man. Jim learns that one of his students was killed in a hit and run accident. Sometimes They Come Back was originally released on VHS by Vidmark Entertainment, and later on DVD in 1999 by Trimark Home Video. [3] TV Guide rated it a two out of five stars and wrote, "The solid cast can't lift the material above the routine."[4]. A new student is added to Jim's class. Sometimes They Come Back (1991) Filming Location: Liberty, Rocheport, Fayette, Kansas City . It is then revealed that when Jim was a boy, Jim had taken the murderers' car keys which lead to their deaths. Wayne distracts the gang, while Jim gets his family out of the gang's 1955 Chevrolet. Jim recognizes the boy as Robert Lawson, one of the greasers who killed his brother. "Sometimes they come back again" features a pretty routine plot, though there are some good special F/X and an excellent cast (especially for a low-budget genre picture) to back it up. In 1957, nine-year-old Jim Norman and his twelve-year-old brother, Wayne, walk to the local library to return Jim's books. Try it. Neil explains that Wayne is stuck there and sometimes when things are unsettled spirits come back. As it leaves, the demon promises that it will return, and Jim recalls a warning from the book: although demons can be summoned and banished, "sometimes they come back. Wayne offers to have Jim come with him to the afterlife, which Jim refuses. Jim fends them off and takes his family to a church, where they will be safe from the demonic gang. When Jim was nine, he had moved away from the small-town with his parents after he had witnessed his older brother, Wayne, murdered by a gang of greasers during a robbery in a train tunnel, in 1963. The young men responsible for the murder met with their own horrific deaths and now those restless spirits have come back for revenge.

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