Written By: Bill Stinson, published with permission. The manager was in our group and unlocked the doors. Born with chronic and life-threatening asthma, Jim was of slight build and frail as a child. As the writer of the article Banging The Gears in the Googuys writes “That’s the way I remember it”. A large, functional hood scoop was about the only hint that this wasn’t anyone’s plain Belvedere. This is believed to be the last time Jimmy Addison was reunited with his famous stroked-HEMI GTX before his passing. Then it was given to James "Jimmy" Addison. I sensed he was bitter that Harold, the owner of the other GTX, didn’t have any interest in buying what he believed was the true, original motor. Too many guys from that era have gone and we’re starting to drop like flys.

The The garage was just across Woodward from Jimmy’s house, so it wasn’t long before the like-minded young rodders hooked up and began a lifelong friendship that took them through many ventures and adventures that ultimately led them to unimagined heights in the realms of drag racing and engine building. This very converter went on to become the famous B&M "J" converter, a mainstay of Mopar Stock and Super Stock racers everywhere. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore Grumpy138's board "Silver bullet GTX" on Pinterest. Jimmy trailered it down to Toledo to race a friend of mine who is no longer with us either. Posted by pikesan on Aug 31, 2007 in Muscle & Style | 23 comments. His personal car up to that point was a 1962 Dodge with a transplanted 426 cube Max Wedge. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Of course the body of this car came in for some serious lightening. For the 426 HEMI, the story was 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds at 105mph. Please leave a comment.

i agree with r.zaineb. it is a beautiful car and it makes it all the better to realize the history behind it. She and Gloria were very kind to me when’ in my early teens, I got into cars, but moreover, into the music of the day…and the twins had every new 45 rpm record the minute it hit Marty’s Records up in town, and we used to sit on the living room floor and play the records all afternoon during the summer! Several other (4?) I’m a bit slow on the up-take and didn’t see these comments here till tonight, October 23, 2014!

According to SilverBulletGTX.com, “Fuel was delivered to the twin Holley four-barrel carburetors via a Stewart Warner electric fuel pump, while Hooker headers directed exhaust to the four ’68 Cadillac mufflers through 3-inch pipes. Paul had a lot of guts,and could really pound a 4-speed,that Vette used to leave super hard w/wheels in air,never had 60 ft.times back then,don’t know if he could have stayed out in front of that big Hemi though,. I am 50 years old and thus too young to have lived the Supercar Sixties first hand. He passed on a lot of good tricks to us hemi guys and he had some connections with regards to cutting edge parts that meant if you knew Jimmy you had a front row seat in the muscle car wars. What makes the car “real”? He began rippin’ on Jimmy and I knew I was as good as dead. magnificient exhaust system. Two mufflers are mounted in the stock dual exhaust location while the other two are positioned under the driver and passenger seats. This brought back many good memories from 1968.I met Ted and Jimmie when they built the motor for our 1968 Plymouth GTX SS/FA car which we raced out of Dan O’Shaughnessey Chrysler-Plymouth in Lansing MI. Your email address will not be published. There was even supposed to be a race set up between Jimmy and Big Willie Robinson, head of the L.A. Street Racers. Jimmy said Mike beat the bullet a few times. One plausible explanation is that during that era "cheating plugs" were created to throw off the readings during the qualifying races which determined a car's classification. Check out the 2016 Mopar Nationals, a car show that has been one of the biggest events for Chrysler enthusiasts since the early 1980s. Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Manuel didn't even know what super stock K heads were or their significance! Race driving requires a combination of skill, knowledge, instinct, and a healthy dose of courage, and Jimmy Addison excelled in each of those categories. One being the "Silver Bullet," which is the body and the other being the "Original Bullet" which is the engine. " Aluminum heads  spectator’s cars roared to life and scatterred like church mice. Word on the street was that Jimmy had "taken" Craft because of the exorbitant price. But it was the article which appeared in the September, 1971 issue of Car Craft which was to have the most impact. The car was a raging radical handful. I was referring to a mopar magazine article written several years ago. Some of you reading this post may recognize my name (Steve Magnante) as one of the on-stage Barrett-Jackson vehicle commentators on TV or from my 20 years of writing for car magazines like HOT ROD, CAR CRAFT, MOPAR ACTION, etc. I was fully aware of the legend and lore of the car – part of my vintage magazine collection includes well worn copies of the September 1971 issue of Car Craft and the Spring 1972 issue of 1001 Custom & Rod Ideas – both with great feature stories on the Silver Bullet. (Color me Gone, Little Red Wagon). Bigger than the standard 426, Addison's HEMI was punched out to 487 cubes with a 4.25-inch stroker crankshaft, oversized TRW pistons, a Racer Brown cam, a 10-quart oil pan and aluminum heads. That’s where the Silver Bullet GTX comes in, as showcased here in a classic 2004 episode of “Dream Car Garage”. That was Jimmy…, I just read your post Richard, please contact me @ moc.oohaynull@885repivimeh I own Jimmy’s Duster that he never completed…I would like to restore it to the way he would have built it…I am looking for information regarding who the original builder was etc. Thank you very much. Plymouth muscle car history would continue to be written long after the Silver Bullet, but nearly no other street car played so part of that progression. We know what the did- but why was the legendary car so successful? This is not the case. Photos can be found on Google Images and other internet sources. Where are the other blocks? It’s guys like ALL of us, that only dream of what it must have been like.. Rest in Peace. Former CC staffer Ro McGonegal named Jim Addison's Hemi-powered GTX the "Silver Bullet" in a Sept. '71 CC story, and the name stuck. 1947 International Pickup – 390 FE Big Block Powered Hauler, 1929 Ford Coupe – Blown and Bad Model A Hemi Hot Rod, 1930 Ford Coupe- Winter Dream Model A Hot Rod, 1932 Ford Roadster – The Perfect Deuce Hot Rod in 22 Pictures, 2014 Detroit Autorama Video Wrap-ups from Two-Lane Blacktop. As the core group huddled and talked in the office, there was a deep rumble Of course, it all started with replacing all bolt-on body panels with fiberglass replicas. In the summer of 1975 Manuel, Al Craft and other starving drag racers hung out at the local Big Boy restaurant located at 13 ½ Mile Road and Woodward in Royal Oak, MI. BUT…like a lot of current muscle car fanatics, I’m trying my best to make up for lost time! Paul never forgot that knight,nor did I,Jimmy was really down to earth and a great guy,you could tell there was a mutual respect for each other that night. But that never held him back. A set of big tube Hooker headers feed into two pairs of 3-inch head pipes. Neat to read the comments, especially that from Gerri McGee (Jim’s one-time sister-in-law). Just imagine seeing something like this happen on the street. The noise concern wasn’t so much for the benefit of nearby cops as it was to pre-vent scaring away would-be competi-tors. Many Thanks to Bill Stinson for sharing his story about Jimmy Addison and the Silver Bullet GTX. The 440 came out, in went a lightened Hemi K-member, followed by a heavily massaged 1968 426 Hemi, the manual-shift tranny, and a Dana 60 rear end with a set of 4.56’s and a pinion snubber for traction. Gordon's background stems from the print media world. The 440cui motor first appeared in 1966 for full-sized cars with 365 gross horsepower. closed. The drag racing that occurred during that era drew crowds to watch Jimmy Addison. That kind of news travels fast and before long, national recogni-tion was being focused on Jimmy and his screamer by the likes of Car Craft Magazine, Hot Rod Magazine and the aforementioned 1001 Custom & Rod Ideas. Your email address will not be published. As safety and responsible driving attitudes were of paramount concern in Detriot-especially on Woodward Ave.-between 1969 and 1973 (as they are here today at Mopar Action), folks were modifying their cars to give them more peace of mind when "passing on hills." Plymouth’s aren’t my thing. Maybe It was a good thing the never got to race,because Paul never lost a street race with that old Vette,and from what I,ve been told Jimmy never did either. The McKay family lived down the street from me, and of the five kids in that family, there were the twins, Gloria and Gerri (Geraldine). To help manage the additional power, the GTX was built with heavy-duty torsion bars, upgraded 6-leaf rear springs, over-sized anti-sway bars, heavy duty shock absorbers and uprated ball joints. It was them that I credit for my great love of late-’50s through mid-’60s Rock ‘n’ Roll!!! The race was to be somewhere in the Mid-West, half way between here and California, and was being organized by Terry Cook. Jimmy was known to be a good driver and a street racer, but most importantly, an innovator. Welcome to SILVERBULLETGTX.COM. Here’s the car at the Chrysler display: So I continued my walk down Woodward where I found, “The Original Bullet” 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX. He also performed a valve job on the heads. In January of 1970, I came home on leave from the Navy just before I was to be discharged. Frankie felt that Jimmy caught him at the high end a few feet before the finish line.

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