Send your message Once you’ve got everything set up and ready to go, it’s time to write your special promotion, appointment reminder, emergency alert—whatever you want, really—and then send or schedule it for later. Am I right? You can send a single message to all the groups you've created, or select the particular group you would like to text. I have had 0 percent Failures since using this app. Hit Em Up is exactly what I was looking for! You can also view failed and successful messages in the SMS history log. Anyone looking for an auto responder so they can schedule a text reply to be sent at a specific time should give this app a try. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Suddenly I had the idea, “Maybe there’s an app for this.” I typed it in on the App Store and tried and deleted a few terrible duds before I came across this app. There are always different reasons for automating text or picture messages sending. Below are some typical user cases. I like the pay per message feature, as opposed to a recurring monthly fee, but I would recommend a better credit scheme. ), and hit “send” to each person. Unsurprisingly, you must grant the app permission to access your contacts. Let's take a look at some of the best apps that let you send SMS to a bigger audience with your Android device. It takes time for our replies to get approved on the app store so it's a lot easier to just chat via email or on the phone. Idowu Omisola is a passionate tech writer, a programmer, and a chess player that loves to break away from routine. a) You can schedule the birthday or festival greetings all-in-once, and then turn off your device. The reason this message may have cost so many credits is because the message may have contained UTF-8 encoded characters. I would love to discuss with you personally because you're the exact type of person we're building our platform for so if you can email me directly it's a lot easier to help you out :)Best,Zak KlineHit Em Up Founder. If you like, you can also export your contact list to Dropbox for later use. Now you can now send personalized emails with Hit Em Up. A team of people in different locations can use it as the single communication phone line with outsiders - It is a perfect solution for customers service or sales marketing under work-from-home situation.- It can be setup to remotely remind patients to take medicines, take medical check, go to a doctor appointment, and so on;- It can be used for scheduled text messages for your employees, customers, or partners in-work, such as Zoom meetings, putting orders, good delivery notifications, information distribution, and so on.- It's a reliable texting reminder for tenants paying rental fee, for staff to submit weekly/monthly reports, for students to hand over assignments, and so on.- You can schedule the birthday or festival greetings all-in-once;- Sales people can use the app as a personal marketing or CRM tool to automate the mass texting of coupons or group marketing messages. Mass Text Message The Right Way: Personalized with Hit Em Up!See what you've been missing out on with Hit Em Up: the quickest way to send a personalized mass text to your contacts as one to one personal messages in bulk (No Reply All)! You could do a copy-and-paste for each of the contacts, but that's quite time-consuming.

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