Bart again reappears in Infinite Crisis #7 in Barry Allen's costume to combat Superboy-Prime once more. Bruce is grateful to Barry of informing him of the events of the "Flashpoint" before the timeline was apparently returned to normal.[40]. [37], Barry awakes on an operating table in the Batcave and is covered in bandages and third degree burns. He also gains a sidekick and protégé in Iris' nephew, Wally West, who gains super-speed in an accident similar to that which gave Allen his powers. "I can't be late," he says. What’s Happening!! lasted from 1976 to 1979. While readjusting to life as the Flash, a man appears out of thin air in the costume of Flash rogue the Mirror Master, and promptly dies on the street. If you would like more information on being featured on our blog please email us at She loves to network with new people and is always looking for positive industry opportunities. LOL! [1] Barry Allen is a reinvention of a previous character called the Flash, who appeared in 1940s comic books as the character Jay Garrick. Portia has featured in many commercial adverts. You'd agree that there are just a few women like her in the industry and even they, sometimes suffer heavy criticism! The Allens and Wally West are left to fend in a conquered world. Barry is a college student, working multiple jobs while trying to fund his search for evidence to clear his father's name. But you will."[33]. Actor and dancer, Fred Berry is perhaps best recognized for his portrayal of “Rerun,” and one of the lead characters in the popular television comedy series, “What's Happening!” Although Berry is long gone, devoted fans of the classic still remember him for his hilarious gimmicks on the show. Barry saves everyone in the building, even rebuilding the building in minutes, and goes on to search for the true killer of Mirror Monarch. Portia is a radio host, plus-size model and an actress who resides in Atlanta. He is then arrested by the Renegades, who realize that this was all a setup by Top to frame the Flash for his own personal gains. target_type: 'mix' As presented in Justice League of America #9, when the Earth is infiltrated by alien warriors sent to conquer the planet, some of the world's greatest heroes join forces, Allen among them. For the second time, he helps Wally to undo the damage dealt by Zoom, also allowing Wally to save his twins, and then he returns to his proper time, dragging his Zoom with him and breaking his enemy's neck in his timeline. [20], The seven speedsters (the 5 men plus Jesse Chambers and Iris West-Park) battle against Zoom, and despite being outnumbered, Zoom pulls Barry away. He can use it to generate cyclones by spinning his arms quickly. [48] This was later retconned in The Flash: Rebirth #1, where Barry stated that he "ran into the Speed Force" and that, "When he stopped the Anti-Monitor, when (he) ran into the "Speed Force" and joined it, it was like shedding (his) identity". During the years, he is depicted as feeling slightly attracted to Black Canary and Zatanna, but he never pursues a relationship because he feels his real love is Iris West, whom he ultimately marries. [41][42] As with all of the books associated with the DC relaunch, Barry Allen appears to be about five years younger than the previous incarnation of the character. The most important advice that I can give you is if you lose sleep over it – don’t do it. His speed also allows him, in certain circumstances, to "vibrate" between dimensions. When he is told by a juror Nathan Newbury, who is being possessed by a mind from the future, that Reverse-Flash (whom Allen knows to be dead) brainwashed the jury into this verdict, Flash flees his trial. Here She Is! While he's rekindling his relationship with Iris, the city is being attacked by Gorilla Grodd and his organization the Black Hole. (though he admits he's not and reflecting of his past sins.) Their fight was shortened by Barry racing to Coast City. He visits Wally after defeating the Top, he discusses about him telling Iris that he's alive and existed. At that moment, Wally West, West's children Iris and Jai, Liberty Belle, Jay Garrick, and Kid Flash all experience painful convulsions and are engulfed in lightning. The photos have her looking so much like Berry; they have similar facial features like their noses and their round face structure. Portia Berry Allen AKA Lady Rerun, Daughter of Fred Rerun Berry from the hit 70's tv show, What's Happening! Many would agree that it’s…. He manages to track down the Still Force user Steadfast and the Strength Force user Fuerza to bring them to his team after the Black Flash starts hunting the other force users to prevent them from using their powers as the other forces weaken and deplete the Speed Force. However, we will share with you a poem that resonates with Portia’s spirit: Although you came into my life for a very short period of time

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