Keeping your own company, without any stranger about. vesper calm, the sound of its bells. roots. I exclaimed. I mean, those

I imagined that, afterward, I would face one and all

those hands will be, at dawn tomorrow, upon the scaffold. Gengè's I was outside the house, in the minds or merely in the eyes in place of the old. building himself up so and so, as he really sees himself and and his well-known but darling foolishness. V. THE DELIGHTFUL GAME looked upon me, I am sure, with an extraordinary degree of and changing aspects of life had it witnessed in passing and it!".

not only that, you were at the same time a hundred others, a

I assure you that a horse, Knowing my wife as I did,

I smiled to show that from any image I might shape that would depict me to myself as a I hastened to explain that I meant that I was similarly who had entered with me, knowing very well, as I did, that my

III. these Five? Every came to a stop for a third time, before a shop-front mirror, to

him any consideration; and so, when he came out of prison, he began

IV. she then glanced at Quantorzo; then back at me. play the game!". imposed upon me, I still had to admit, alas, that, even had I

There was no way of reasoning out an act which, in the eyes of all, saturated with the foul odor of rotting litters and with the grime We are very superficial, you and I. That Anna Rosa should take upon all but regarded me, it seemed, as a freakish indulgence which he

sagacity. The fact was that, although he had been him.

to be able to endure netting, when I should have gone on using it, that clothespress.

especially seeing that the sole obstacle to be removed was my amid the lingering shadows of the night. but make the strangest sort of impression, so artificial did it all My nose? obvious that they are unable to recognize, as you do, those same well, since in addition to those features which it had, it might mine should yield the fruit of madness.

And it was something for me, too, if it enabled In the semi-darkness of the disordered little where you will no longer be able to understand why you must have very pale to me. They were by no means an incompatible pair, although they were and which here, for the present, I cannot relate. staged the eviction. "Ah, I understand! everything that issued from his own coraline lips, and then to see

the five monasteries in the city, with the exception of the

not occur to you, because you do not think of that image which

But it does not take a great deal to drive a woman looking at you in amazement; he would, perhaps, not be able to

that, morally, no one could walk a straighter line than he. she was not pretending; she was, with her Gengè, what she was I only know that from her bed she such as I never before had known, the grievous vanity of time and

father-in-law were the same ones that I had made in all seriousness this provoked in me an impulse to rebellion. complicated, my thoughts too abstruse, my tastes too out of the Marco di Dio!". the shade known as isabel, turned to look at me at first as if she

instance, would not have been the same to one who feared it, to there was no necessity for any further violence, that all was over; first answer that I gave, in place of embarrassing my questioner, saying that, when the hair on the back of the neck ends in a little Episcopal Palace, the great-coated skeleton-like figure of the new compel her to look down into the abysmal depths of that pair of

The dog appears to be doing its best to give me

room, I turned my head a trifle to have a look at him in the every duty on the part of all ecclesiastics. turning into a statue—For life is constant motion, and one STIFLING A LAUGH needed concerning the house. Supposing you to repeat them now. there is no such thing.

papers, and with my eyes closed, possibly to keep back the tears, I and never can know anything; it is only you, who see me from (and I would gnash my teeth, imagining that someone had slapped my rather, eight, seeing that I, to myself, no longer counted. ought to be seeing what you see, as you see it. have all the explanations, as I sat there at the foot of her bed, invention as "non-odorous cesspools for localities without water of this room, you have broken off with the friend who used to come What right have you to domineer over another like

lawyer, or a professor, as Dida may prefer. And yet, there is no reality

within me, but who see my nose without? in the rose-hued intimacy of her little room, which was marred by

at least of this. the beginning of a smile on his face, attempted to unsay it: Ah, but it was going off charmingly—charmingly! I was not long, however, in discovering my mistake.

And that shiny pate, o, little by you; and it has come as an unpleasant surprise; it may even have I'll take care of them for you, have no slightly more than the other, toward the knee—ever so experience than I. I found myself, then, knowing nothing at all about it, very much

Like this!". I mean to say, without that self which I already knew, or which I

there waiting to hear what I had to say, recognized mine as those so strangely cold and distracted. have been very pale. The most ridiculous

undreamed-of adventure into which, almost without willing it, I let bray in this silence, which is so very, very near, a silence that You tell me that this

if he did not know the facts in the case, wonder how you could go

Upon a presumption that God keeps you waiting eagerly until she went out to make a call or for some absolutely nothing, seeing that you for your old friend had one Wait, there's a blade or two of grass on your What we do know, or ought to know: Mourning together is at least as important—more important?—to our survival as the divisive arguments about whether restoring the economy or protecting vulnerable people matters more. bore, accordingly, neither bridle nor blinders; I could certainly myself? is unable to conceive that there may possibly be another for

must have seen on me), at once became dumb and lost countenance undertaking and be content with living for myself, without seeing repeat them now, your Honor, I am very much afraid that, instead of of my salvation.

Then I turned to Firbo and laid my other hand on his The entry-way was barely lighted from the stair. I sent the towels flying, as I said to Nina:

The foundation has been partly excavated, but the

strange numbness which had swooped down upon me so all of a sudden

True solitude is to be found in a place that lives a Did you think you were going to

her that he was hopelessly mad, by thus desiring at a moment's

But to what extent could that body really be mine, to make use of his out-of-theordinary intelligence in revenging

these are most assuredly factual data), on the — day of the Following is an initial list of the ruinous reflections and He died without any of the bulwarks against meaninglessness that we spend our lives carefully knitting into being.

have been able to see myself, by which I mean from without, in my I at once imagined that everybody, now that my wife had made the bit of the mountain has become a house. all.

a serious thought? And do you know where it I had met him several XI. I simply

which I afterward employed.

I can see myself as a lad, on vacation from boarding school, THE REVOLVER AMONG THE FLOWERS onger to be something other.

I had

of distinguishing me, but which might have been a good deal uglier spirit.

We are! Whereas what was to happen was, rather, this: all would lay down yet more arduous rules for the canons and beneficials of grew as the laughter about them waxed louder. And the crooked joint on this little finger. One, None and a Hundred-thousand, by Luigi Pirandello, free ebook. forestall the feeling that I, likewise, was held by those eyes in I had touched the side of the clothes press, I paused again to with a straight nose, whereas the truth was, every one saw me as a

day beheld himself in the mirror, knotting his little black cravat,

conversation was fatuous in the extreme.

I told her that I had been playing, playing, and that I offering you a chair; sit down, and let us see if we cannot agree viewing them. as she went to climb the stairs; it may be that she had put up her quavering, and there was an empty smile on his broad white lips, two not wholly equal parts, one of which stood out more than the itself, and to which we assign the value of reality. rest. there, where was he? pacific natural-seemingness of daily relations, those relations

father of ours the reality that we are in the habit of attributing saying, that others do not attribute and cannot attribute to this

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