*flounces*. *Groan* This once again veers away from the book, as there Church dies during Thanksgiving while Louis is alone due to him being an arsehat and refusing to see Rachel’s parents. Much of his creepy and sociopathic character was cut down for the film, including the interactions with George, Jud and Hannibal and his perverted nature with the townsfolk. Andrew: We’ll never agree on the proposition that Louis wouldn’t have saved Ellie too, but hey! https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Timmy_Baterman?oldid=3468986. She just thinks Louis dislikes them but he should be there for her. Ellie had her own characteristics and I must say she is an annoying little shit in the 1989 film, but guess what?! I think what we have seen in the last 30 seconds is that it’s turned into a generic zombie movie which is a real shame. I get that they may not have wanted to show that in the film but you don’t make her look great as it’s insulting to our intelligence. Bitch, stop stealing what little action Gage has now! That’s why he keeps it secret as he wants to see if Gage turns out evil like Timmy. Being licked by Spot was like getting rubbed up the side of your face with a dead carp.”, “But that day Spot just sat in the tub and let me wash him. First up, let’s discuss the death of Gage. This is Gage’s death in the book: I honestly find that heart-breaking as it could be the Wendigo trying to manipulate Louis one last time but it could also be his son who is in pain which is Louis’ final memory of his beloved son. OK, yes Stephen King did write IT but he also wrote other books that became critically acclaimed films such as The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption and Misery. Ellie was the same, she had no concept that death could come knocking at anytime as she wasn’t taught that concept. The book is bleak with no hope which is truly scary and it would be a shame if they ruined that with pointless jump scares. She is your quintessential sweet old lady, a bit plain but acceptable as it’s much more about what she represents and her relationship with Jud. Wendigo | Percy Wetmore, The Langoliers We just get thrown straight into Pascow being brought into the surgery. Firstly in the book it’s because he is being subtly influenced (HINT FUCKING HINT) by the Wendigo but also because he sees Louis as a son and wants to thank him for saving Norma. I will do this in script style (it’s scarily accurate) as to what the film did with it: Jud: My dog Biffer died from barbed wire. Wow, that is one of the most heartbreaking and gut wrenching sections of the book just gone. I mean it. Jud: Biffer was always mean. If Louis had just sucked up his man pride and go to Chicago, then Church would either have been left in a kennel or if he had been home and been hit then Jud would have just buried him in the safe burial ground as you bury your own in Micmac Burial Ground. Soon after, one night, he got a visit from Timmy. Also this is going to destroy the heartbreaking scene when Jud is crying thinking he caused Gage’s death and explaining to Louis about the burial ground’s power. Now let’s tackle remake Louis! That’s the issue with King’s use of the Wendigo as a plot point, to be honest; its capabilities are so ill-defined, it’s quite reasonable to think of it as some kind of omnipotent being. Well, your birthday party seems the appropriate time! Rachel’s parents are a huge part of the book and are featured prominently in the 1989 film. Next up is book cannon! The thing is, Zombie Gage probably knew that Human Jud had encountered Zombie Tommy and had that experience. And this was also meant to show us the foreshadowing of how Louis’ secrets destroy his family, but why bother with context when we need time for jumpscares. My God! Byron Hadley | In the 2019 Remake, a reanimated Ellie Creed stabbed Jud to death off camera. As we know, Louis goes for Option 2 as he cannot move on from his hatred and grief. He mentions the spirals on the trees and says they’re a warning, which is stupid as in the book the spirals are meant to signify the eternal. That’s when I will bitch and I especially loathe it when directors and screen writers then give bullshit excuses to support their decision in changing from vital aspects of the book. She was portrayed byJeté Laurence. King wrote the screenplay and had a cameo as a minister. Rachel is involved with the discussion of death with Ellie and the argument stems from Rachel telling Ellie that people and animals go up to heaven and watch over their loved ones; whereas Louis decides to say that no, when we die there is nothing. The big mistake the remake made was showing all the animals as vicious and needing to be put down. So the only logical explanation is that Jud just murdered his wife and with that I say proceed in stabbing the shit out of him, Ellie. Who knew? When Gage kills Rachel he is a manipulative little shit by shouting “I’ve got something to show you, mommy!” And in her shock and overwhelming love she hugs him allowing him to get close enough to kill her. PAHAHAHA!!!! There aren’t that many and Gage is the most remembered. Ellie somehow drags Rachel to the Micmac Burial Ground and buries her there for reasons. Stephen King Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Yet, Rachel is all oozy with no eye. Tina Blake | That may be the point at which sanity begins either to save itself or to buckle and break down; that point at which one’s sense of humor beings to reassert itself.”. He accepts when his wife dies, he struggles but he gets on. Here she is just so bland and we never see her show any emotion, especially with Church. Nobody asked for it, but we’re getting it! “This time of year?”, “Oh, ayuh,” Jud said again, and his voice was terribly bland and totally unreadable.”. It just honestly makes no sense as if they were buried there then why aren’t they popping up before? All the book says is that the Micmac tribes stopped using the burial ground when it became sour (read: NOT “BAD”! Cujo is mentioned in Pet Sematary but in the very beginning when Jud and Louis were talking about pets and how some boys had a racoon before they were banned due to rabies. It is explained later that Rachel was traumatized by the early death of her sister, Zelda, from spinal meningitis—an issue that is brought up several times in flashbacks. Like usual I would have posted the trailer so you can all see and refresh yourselves but YouTube haven’t posted it yet. Norma Crandall. If you need reminding then here are some quotes which are important for comparison: “Standing in the doorway was Spot, my dog. Irwin and Dory are by no means good people, but arguably no-one really is in this story. Well, I’m just going to say it now; we don’t get the multiple flights and car problems. This film is an absolute dumpster fire and in the words of Gollum: Anyway, before we continue I have a warning that this will be extremely spoiler heavy so if you want to stay in the dark then I would say turn back now. Is nothing sacred?! It’s certainly an achievement! For example at the beginning of the book Louis fantasises about dumping his family on the side of the road and running off to live in Florida so hardly the truly happy family man. Next time I’ll be discussing the characterisation in the film compared to the book. 2) To keep undead Ellie’s characteristics a surprise for the audience. I’m not even joking, these weird children that seem to be dressed like WWII evacuees in a present day film are never seen again. It’s just all gone, apart from a small blink-and-you-miss-it newspaper snippet. Readers got to know and love the child through Louis’ feelings. I do agree that the transition was fantastic but I also hope we see the in-laws. Gage comes back as an abomination who kills Jud and Rachel. In this though it makes zero sense as Jud and Louis are not close at all – they’ve only met once! Louis tells him to get off his lawn before he turns on the hose and Jud sees Ellie in the window. As my God did those books need help to not make me scream with rage. This article's content is marked as Mature The page Mature contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some. Following all of these tragic events, Louis has also aged in physical appearance, with white hair and wrinkles. Rachel insults Louis and we then dance the dance of Church being a vicious little bastard but with none of the clumsiness or creepiness. Victoria: But of course! Which is appalling considering this film is meant to be about loss, death, insanity and grief! We do have an issue though, well, actually we have loads but one at a time. He never moved at all. Rachel has been inflicted with the dumbarse disease and goes for option B. Louis Creed, a doctor from Chicago, moves to a house near the small town of Ludlow, Maine with his family: wife Rachel; their two young children, Eileen (\"Ellie\") and Gage; and Ellie's cat, Winston Church. Throughout the novel, Louis has lots of evidence that the burial ground is sour and evil but he ignores as he thinks he knows better. Why on Earth did they cut out the one known instance of a person being buried there (if it’s to make Ellie more special then I’ll scream). The sound carries. Gage has as much use and plot involvement as a turnip (when googling for these images, new Gage didn’t come up. It avoids all deep feelings of tragedy and the destruction of one’s family and self. I do believe that it’s very a strong possibility that Zombie Gage could’ve been lying just to distract him and taunt him, and that’s what I’m hoping is true, but I personally feel that Norma was cheating. This would make sense as he loses everything after those days and it would be doubtful he would recover his sanity enough to be truly happy again or to even look back. And before you say it Chucky doesn’t count as that’s an animated doll. I cannot stress this enough that they have been and gone within five minutes of this film – I promise you this thing watches like it’s on Speed.. Hell, they took the time to tend to it and make it a nice place for remembrance! The source of my irritation was when I decided to watch the film. Stop spoiling things in your trailer and maybe then you may get more of a response. But before you explode, may I just point out a thing? This does not signal a particularly good image on Louis and this may be why he does not comfort them and help them once Gage dies and leaves them to it. The eyes are what makes this scene so scary as it is not right and subtle changes can cause people to feel scared. Annie Wilkes doesn’t need jump scares to be scary, her character is horrifying enough and jump scares would have ruined that film. Rachel has good reason to fear death after her sister died horrifically of spinal meningitis while Rachel was alone with her. He said he felt this compulsion and uses the stonier allegory as to why he was never truthful. Here they give that role to Gage, which undermines her character and doesn’t have the same impact (which will be discussed later). Whitney Horgan, Under the Dome Also, pretty impressive that a massive truck managed to get totalled and flipped by hitting a two-year-old. The Wendigo also makes Louis’ journey to the cemetery with Gage utterly terrifying but it was just ignored which is a real shame. Several months later, two-year-old Gage is killed by a speeding truck. Tropes being deconstructed by playing into it, and then rejecting it could be an interesting discussion point when we know more of Pascow’s specific role! They show some of the most character growth in the entire book but they also provide a foil to Louis, as well as acting to develop the plot.

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