Click on the file and save it for free. Home ", and win the Cricket World Cup for England. ...... [60], The terms "Union Jack" and "Union Flag" are both historically correct for describing the de facto national flag of the United Kingdom. It has been acknowledged as a national flag for the Māori.[62]. [2], The Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage has authority to prescribe when and how the flag should be flown and what the standard sizes, dimensions, proportions and colours should be. When he finishes he asks for another 3 pints. New Zealand's first flag, the flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand, was adopted in 1834, six years before New Zealand's separation from New South Wales and creation as a separate colony following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. They were poor farmers and in order to give his son a better life, the father sent the son away to university. The Fijian politely ignored the New Zealander, who, never the less started up a conversation. Its royal blue background is derived from the ensign of the Blue Squadron of the Royal Navy. [61], The Red Ensign has sometimes been flown incorrectly on land in the belief that it is the national flag. [60] It was flown on New Zealand merchant ships during both world wars. The flag was brought back to New Zealand by Private John Taylor, Canterbury Battalion. But that night, he couldn't sleep. Between 1834 and 1840, the Flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand was recognised as the first 'national' flag of these islands. Plus, the new zealand t-shirts you see above start at just $14.95.

For the last couple of decades citizens and the government of New Zealand have been debating whether they should change their national flag.Flag Consideration Panel has just announced top 40 alternative flag designs chosen among more than 10, 000 submissions. On his first night there an old farmer comes in and asks for 3 pints of Guinness. And says that he accepts all customers and don't discriminate, because his workers are all Pan. [55], On 11 December 2015, preliminary results were announced for the first referendum. The two mates come across a sheep with its head stuck in the fence. Shop by fabric, brand, style or lots of other options for your new zealand t-shirt. New Zealand slang has developed over time from such a diverse mixture of backgrounds that it is sometimes difficult to establish exactly what phrases and slang words are originally from New Zealand! A man is sailing off the coast of Australia when a storm hits. Many include national symbols like the silver fern, the Southern Cross constellation, and the koru — a fern leaf motif common in Maori tradition. [33], To end confusion between various designs of the flag, New Zealand's Liberal Government passed the New Zealand Ensign Act 1901, which was approved by King Edward VII on 24 March 1902. [13] Flag flying may be encouraged on certain commemorative days, at the discretion of the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage.

Join our mailing list and never miss out on our seasonal specials! ", Grant Dalton Sept. 9, 1835, New Zealand", "New Zealand flag from Quinn's Post | NZHistory, New Zealand history online", "The "Diggers' " flag, the New Zealand Ensign, flying at the masthead of Achills during the naval battle", "Past Attempts to Change New Zealand's Flag", "Monarchy or republic? Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. ... 11 paper types and more than half a million designs!

The flag of New Zealand (Māori: Te haki o Aotearoa[1]), also known as the New Zealand Ensign,[2] is based on the British maritime Blue Ensign – a blue field with the Union Jack in the canton or upper hoist corner – augmented or defaced with four red stars centred within four white stars, representing the Southern Cross constellation.[3]. After a while, he went to investigate. Notably, none of the submissions include the British Union Jack that features prominently in its current flag. They always go above and beyond, delivering high quality banners with exceptional service", Flagz Group Limited The United Tribes later made the Declaration of Independence of New Zealand at Waitangi in 1835. Section 11(1) outlines two offences: altering the flag without lawful authority, and using, displaying, damaging or destroying the flag in or within view of a public place with the intention of dishonouring it. The panel will also conduct an extensive review of the 40 finalists released today, including "robust intellectual property checks. [15], The need for a flag of New Zealand first became clear in 1830 when the trading ship Sir George Murray, built in the Hokianga, was seized by Customs officials in the port of Sydney. The blue and black design, with a silver fern and red stars, was the winning flag. The I turned to the Aussie and said, “OK, mate, it’s your turn.”, A local man spots him and asks 'Are you shearing? [10], The Southern Cross constellation is one of the striking features of the Southern Hemisphere sky, and has been used to represent New Zealand, among other Southern Hemisphere colonies, since the early days of European settlement. Choose a blank t-shirt to create your own from scratch. The government of New Zealand today published a list of 40 possible designs for its new national flag, ahead of a national referendum slated for later this year. Click here for more information. ... Vintage Postcards Travel Postcards Wedding Thank You Postcards Funny Postcards New Zealand Postcards Inspirational Quote Postcards. The vessels were under local and not Admiralty control. No permission is needed to fly the flag, and it may be flown on every day of the year—government and public buildings with flagpoles are especially encouraged to fly the flag during working hours. "So, how do you shag your sheep?". An armed ship, Victoria, owned by the Colony of Victoria transported reinforcements to New Zealand for the campaign and took part in bombardments of Māori. Flags of New Zealand. Independent panel releases list of 40 finalists ahead of this year's referendum. It was not, however, flown officially. He told them about how he visited the Hokitika Wild Food Festival, where they celebrate game food, like venison and wild boar, and unusual foods like roasted crickets and snails. He was asked to count his sexual partners. The Southern Cr… Political milestones Not one to waste an opportunity, I got in behind and did the business (as you do). [5], The flag of New Zealand uses two prominent symbols:[6], In its original usage as the flag of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Union Jack combined three heraldic crosses which represent the countries of the United Kingdom (as constituted in 1801):[9], The Union Jack reflects New Zealand's origins as a British colony. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Flagz' designs are dynamic, their colours are vibrant and their materials withstand the conditions that our sport demands. In the first quarter, a Red St. George's Cross on a Blue ground, pierced with four white stars. The government of New Zealand today published a list of 40 possible designs for its new national flag, ahead of a national referendum slated for later this year. After a bit of chit chat, the Texan asked the Kiwi a question. [14] In its advisory role, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage has issued guidelines to assist persons in their use of the flag. [48] If passed, the Bill would have entrenched the Act that governs the flag and added New Zealand's anthems, requiring a majority of 65 percent of votes in Parliament before any future legislation could change the flag. It's a slow day in a rural New Zealand Town. The conversation went thus: A large man walks into a bar and looks for a place to sit. Wiremu, a New Zealander, was on the dole in Australia but about to fly home to watch the Rugby World Cup and was not feeling well, so he decided to see a doctor. Kiwis, Trevor and Jeanette, are walking down a street in Bondi in Sydney. In such cases, no distinguishing defacement or fringing of the flag is used.

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