Topics to consider include setting goals for carbon emissions from transportation, supporting and creating infrastructure for electric vehicles, and considering land use improvements for transportation projects. Differences in opinion on how to handle cell phone use while driving have already emerged, with Sen. Osmek announcing his intent to offer a bill to increase criminal penalties for drivers who text and cause crashes. Session Daily, Legislators The Republican Legislature also passed bills that would have ordered DPS to prioritize changes to MNLARS that were desired by auto dealers and deputy registrars over necessary functionality improvements, and would have reimbursed deputy registrars for business losses using funds from the rapidly depleted Driver and Vehicles Services special revenue account. Joint Joint Committees & Task Forces Committee Deadlines Bills In Conference Committee ... MN Government in Brief Minnesota Issues Guides New Laws Books & reports. H.R.4714 — 111th Congress (2009-2010) National Transportation Safety Board Reauthorization Act of 2010 Sponsor: Rep. Oberstar, James L. [D-MN-8] (Introduced 03/02/2010) Cosponsors: Committees: House - Transportation and Infrastructure | Senate - Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee Reports: H. Rept. Sheets, Hot The House did not take up the bill on the floor after it passed all committees of jurisdiction. The driver services component of MNLARS are being developed under contract with FAST Enterprises, and at the present time, are on schedule for an on-time release in 2020. Present, House The 2017 Transportation Finance Omnibus Bill appropriated a portion of the sales tax on auto parts and auto repairs to pay for roads and bridges. A lights-on bill passed in March enabled staff to continue working on the troubled system. The committee approved a $93,000 transfer between driver and vehicle services accounts to keep the Driver Services components of MNLARS (which are entirely separate from the ill-functioning Vehicle Services program) on track for on-time release. Senator Rich Draheim (R-Madison Lake) presented a bipartisan bill to increase… “More than 13,000 driver’s…, The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) has awarded $681,000 in grants to Alexandria, the Duluth Airport Authority and Elbow Lake. Search & Status (House), Bill & Fiscal Analysis, Educational The following is a list of select new laws passed during the 2020 regular and special legislative sessions that take effect Aug. 1, 2020. Expect continued scrutiny of the driver services contract during the legislative session. Senate Committee List Committee Roster Upcoming Meetings Standing Committee Schedule. A well-publicized effort to put a constitutional amendment to dedicate sales taxes from car rentals, auto repair and auto parts stalled after it was not granted a hearing in the Tax Committee. Laws, Statutes, MNLARS and REAL ID As we work through this crisis, policymakers will be taking several steps to make things easier…, In one of its final acts before taking a month-long pause in response to the COVID-19 spread, the Minnesota Senate tonight approved legislation that would pave the way for the state to complete the Highway 14 expansion from Nicollet to…, (St. Paul) – In one of its final acts before taking a month-long pause in response to the COVID-19 spread, the Minnesota Senate tonight approved legislation that would pave the way for the state to complete the Highway 14 expansion…, Today, Senator Gary Dahms (R ‒ Redwood Falls), alongside a bipartisan group of legislators and Governor Walz, announced that a plan is in place to finish the expansion of Highway 14 from Nicollet to New Ulm. & reports, Minnesota State The bill, Senate File 3226, allows private, third party testers to become certified to administer behind-the-wheel driver’s examinations. Senate, Senate Counsel, Research Archive, Minnesota Expect to hear discussions on considerations for making emerging connected and autonomous vehicle operation successful in Minnesota: land use considerations, equity concerns, compatibility with current transit and paratransit programs, infrastructure development, testing of vehicles, and safety. A well-publicized effort to put a constitutional amendment to dedicate sales taxes from car rentals, auto repair and auto parts stalled after it was not granted a hearing in the Tax Committee. Video, Broadcast TV The Honorable Paul Torkelson, GOP Lead House Transportation Finance & Policy Committee 251 State Office Building Saint Paul, MN 55155 The Honorable Scott Newman, Chair Senate Transportation Finance & Policy Committee 3105 Minnesota Senate Building Saint Paul, MN 55155 . A bipartisan bill moved through the Legislature in 2018 that would prohibit the use of cell phones while driving, except for the use of a hands-free device. The deputy registrars will likely continue to push for reimbursements for business losses due to complications from the MNLARS rollout, and for system improvements. With Minnesota’s ambitious pollution reduction goals for energy production being on track for completion, expect legislative discussion on ways to reduce transportation-related sources of pollution leading to climate change. Tangential to MNLARS—REAL ID issuance will remain a topic of interest, but is unlikely to need any legislative fixes. Transit funding—especially in lieu of a looming deficit due to increased use of Metro Mobility services, combined with a driver shortage—will also be a topic of discussion. “This is terrific for the more than…, The Minnesota Senate today approved new legislation aimed at fixing the state’s driver’s license testing process and improving wait times for Minnesotans needing to take their driver’s test. Previous law enforcement testimony has indicated that increased penalties are insufficient to target distracted drivers. Republicans believe faster, safer travel and lower commute times can be achieved with common sense investments in roads and bridges throughout our state. According to the Minnesota Office of Traffic Safety, each year in Minnesota, distracted or inattentive driving is a factor in one in four crashes, resulting in at least 70 deaths and 350 serious injuries. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. This is a key component of the Republican transportation funding plan, and is likely to be discussed again this year, as Republicans spoke in opposition to a gas tax increase following the announcement of the November 2018 forecast. Audio/Video, Legislative 2020 End of Session Review Updated with Special Sessions, Senator Rest elected President of the Streamline Sales Tax Governing Board, Sen. Chris Eaton supports 2020 Capital Investment and Jobs Legislation, Senator Sparks and Minnesota Senate Deliver on Major Jobs Bill, Senator Carlson Votes Yes on Jobs and Economic Stimulus Package, Senator Cwodzinski Votes Yes for Economic Development, Local Jobs and Public Safety, Senator Bigham Votes Yes for Economic Stimulus Package, 2020 Bonding Bill Puts People Back to Work, Senator Jason Isaacson votes in support of Capital Investment bill, Senator Nick Frentz supports 2020 Bonding Bill to help put people back to work, Sen. Carolyn Laine supports $1.37 billion Capital Investment bill, Sen. Dziedzic supports 2020 Capital Investment and Jobs Legislation, Sen. Hoffman votes for Capital Investment bill to create thousands of jobs & protect state assets, Minnesota Senate Passes Robust Local Jobs and Projects Infrastructure Bill. The bill makes this a primary offense, so if a law enforcement officer sees someone breaking this law they can pull the driver over. Guides, Books DFL senators attempted to amend the language into the omnibus transportation bill. Bill supporters are hoping to promote safer driving habits and reduce avoidable injuries and deaths. History Guide, Legislators Past & Tim Walz. Connected and autonomous vehicles It would cause a structural budget imbalance in the general fund, likely necessitating cuts to other vital programs such as education, taking care of the state’s most vulnerable, incarcerating the state’s most dangerous criminals, reducing investments into the state’s higher education systems, or any other programs funded through the state’s general fund. Ranking Minority Member . Programs, Address Although offering REAL ID licenses has lengthened wait times to receive all types of identification cards, no major problems with issuing REAL IDs have been reported in the media. 1. Schedule, Committee Constitution, State (PDF Document) Listed by Committee This is a printable version containing a list of Senate members and committee assignments, including committee meeting rooms, days and times, and membership. by Topic (Index), Session & Video Archives, Session Sen. Osmek has already said he will introduce a bill to increase penalties for texting drivers who cause traffic accidents. This bill did not become law—it was not given a hearing after being referred to the Senate Tax Committee, although it passed the House floor. Topic (Index), Rules Transit funding—especially in lieu of a pending deficit due to increased use of Metro Mobility services and a driver shortage—will also be a topic of discussion. 3105 Minnesota Senate Building . The committee staff is working remotely and we are available during regular business hours, excluding holidays. © 2020 Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus, New Laws Effective Aug. 1, 2020 Courtesy of House Public Information Services. Aside from revenue concerns, the Transportation Committee also discussed MNLARS funding and development at length. Senate, The Senate is adjourned until Tuesday, January 5, 2021, at Noon. Audio, Video, Broadcast TV, News, & Photos, Live Search, Statutes The House and Senate Transportation Committees heard a bill last session to propose an amendment to constitutionally dedicate these funds to the Highway User Tax Distribution Fund, just as the state currently dedicates gas tax, auto sales tax, and vehicle registration tax to pay for roads and bridges. These dollars were previously allocated to the general fund. “I created and designed the Air Grants bill last year because I wanted to help smaller communities…, Today, Senator Scott Newman (R-Hutchinson), chair of the Senate Transportation Finance and Policy Committee, issued the following statement: “These are unprecedented times in Minnesota.

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