The idea that your prospects are even going to be healthy and productive in 6 years is pretty wild speculation. It seems definitely worth waiting until early Sept., but if he is NOT called up in early Sept., would you think it is safe to let him go in redraft leagues, figuring he will come up very soon after Sept. 1 or not at all? by Handedness. I’ll break down each player’s ETA in slightly more detail below. Which batter hit the most home runs for the Giants? The result is those top 22% of the service time 2nd-year players get to go to arbitration four times instead of three which improves their salary earning potential. I ended up using 65 days from Opening Day which has been roughly the average cutoff point, and that worked out to May 24th, 2019 as the MLB season is starting earlier than ever before next year. Here is Cot’s Baseball Contracts as the resource: Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? If the goal is not player development or winning than why not just trade them when they are 22 or 23, in which case the service time matters even less. Francisco Mejia – The former Indians catcher prospect acquired by the San Diego Padres as part of the Brad Hand deal, Mejia has seen time at the majors last year in September and this year for two separate 1-day MLB stints. Take a player like bryce harper as an example. Now, in theory, MLB teams can call up any player that they wish from their own farm system, but there are a number of factors that play into the decision(s) on which prospects to call up and that’s what I wanted to talk about in this article. This is a question for fantasy players who currently are stashing Eloy, as I am. This comes into play as a Major League Baseball player is granted Free Agency once they have accrued 6 full years of service time at the major league level. That 6 years of service time is a threshold that they have to cross, so hypothetically a player could have finished their 6th MLB season but only have 5.168 years  (rolls over at 5.172) of service time and they would not be eligible for free agency yet. This doesn’t really matter if you play the game or not, I was just wondering. Be it an off day or opening day. Hopefully you can clarify this for me. Had the Toronto Blue Jays been in a hypothetical race for the second wild card (somehow without Josh Donaldson), there’s a decent chance that he would have been up. His stock has cratered from where it was several years ago. The other factor that relates to service time is salary arbitration. The “extra year of team control” and “Super 2” columns are the number of calendar days in a year from today’s date until that beneficial cutoff. The clock for the seasons starts on their team’s 1st day. I want to remind people that the Super Two cutoff is a range meaning it varies year to year. Who grounded into four double plays in a single game? The recent call-up of Michael Kopech along with Jimenez’s amazing performance at AAA including a 188 wRC+ has added fuel to the rumors of Jimenz receiving the call though come September and the White Sox haven’t done an amazing job of downplaying a call-up for Jimenez this year. The only thing to wait for is the service time, which is perfectly acceptable given the state of the rest of the roster. MLB teams obviously try and avoid paying their players more than they have to and so they often try and avoid calling up a prospect before the Super Two cutoff when possible. A MLB player is granted Free Agency once they have accrued 6 full years of service time at the major league level. Much “service time manipulation” isnt that at all but sometines it is. All-Time Greats: Stan Musial, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Derek Jeter, ... Oracle of Baseball, Uniform Number Tracker, Cups of Coffee, Pronunciation Guide, Birthplaces, Players by School Attended, .... MLB Draft. League pages include statistics, schedule, gamelogs, splits, and more. Remeber that bullshit about a half million dollar payday. Unfortinately I dont think mlb owners understand that basic principle. I also want to point out that the ETA is a best guess given the circumstances. The same is true for many uber prospects. He's also always up to talk baseball/prospects with anyone, so please don't hesitate to strike up a conversation here or @AdamGarlando on Twitter! Here are some examples above! I am genuinely unsure if Jimenez will get called up this year, but I think he’s a must own asset for when he does as his power and contact skills are rare. Eloy Jimenez – This is the hard one as realistically, the Chicago White Sox are in the same situation as the Toronto Blue Jays with little to play for in 2018 while in the midst of losing seasons. First, there’s increased injury risk with pitchers, especially ones that throw as hard as consistently as Kopech does, and so delaying his ETA could mean less overall innings and value from him in the majors. Track Order. His passion though is MLB prospects, and he loves digging into scouting reports and dissecting the stats of prospects trying to understand what they mean. Here are a few examples from last year using Cot’s Baseball Contracts as a resource: – J.P Crawford was called up on September 4th of 2017 and accrued 0.027 days of service time last year. Who pitched the most consecutive games without allowing a baserunner? Now notice the 15-day difference between what MLB deems “one year” of Major League service time and the entire MLB calendar above (187-172=15). All images are property the copyright holder and are displayed here for informational purposes only. Should I wait until mid April 2021 to call him up, or mid April 2020? Teams basically trade development for money which doesnt seem smart. He's known for his "Going Deep" articles on both MLB and MiLB players and has a strong reputation of identifying valuable players before the consensus. The CBA broadly dictates that players begin their arbitration process after 3 years of service time, but the Super Two rule gathers up all the 2nd year players and takes the top 22% when it comes to service time and designates them as “Super Two” players. The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball. Some examples from last year and this year include Sean Newcomb, Josh Hader, Lewis Brinson, Matt Chapman, Rafael Devers, Amed Rosario, Ozzie Albies, Jake Bauers, Kyle Tucker, and Kolby Allard. Copyright © 2020 Pitcher GIFS Inc. All Rights Reserved. In Acuna’s case, he did not make the opening day roster either despite dazzling in spring training to the tune of .432/.519/.727 with 4 HRs and 4 SBs over 44 ABs. Have heard rumors of a Sept. callup but also waiting until next year. Track Order. What Does it Mean For Current Top Prospects? You can safely cut him if he’s not called up by early September in redraft. The Yankees should be able to afford to delay his call-up next year given the pitching depth in the organization. at the beginning of 2020 but I have a bad team. Broadly speaking, the cutoff has historically occurred in early to mid-June, roughly 65 service days into the season give or take. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Even in those cases I dont think teams are actually acting in thier best interests. Two-time Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum was released Tuesday by the Texas Rangers, and it’s questionable he’ll get the 140 days he needs … I expect him to get called up by the Padres on September 1st and contribute both behind the plate and occasionally in the OF to keep his bat in the lineup. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He has accrued 33 days of MLB service time already, and since he has proven close to ready for the majors in AAA, the Padres are unlikely to delay his service time further to hit beneficial cutoffs. So while the benefit to the organization of delaying a call-up for a prospect to after the Super Two cutoff is cost savings, the downside of waiting until the Super Two cutoff has passed is that holding a prospect back that far typically means the organization sacrifices two months of playing time rather than just a couple of weeks which can be the difference in competing for a playoff spot or not. While free agency requires six full years, arbitration requires between two and three years of service time. I remember hearing on a podcast or reading somewhere that September call ups do not have their service time impacted and it was essentially a “free” time to call up prospects. Customer Service. In reality the future will be another unqualified owners problems. That means that the date at which you can bring a player up is a range. Sign up for the Baseball Stathead newsletter! […] How Much Do People Really Do Airport Shopping at My Money Design? That last year of control which wont be free seems overvalued relative to the rookie season that they can have for free. Which team has hit the most walk-off home runs since 1916? Are you a Stathead, too? I expect him to get called up on September 1st and contribute as a lefty out of the Braves bullpen. Do you have a sports website? Similar to the cutoff for free agency, there is a cutoff for when a player is eligible for salary arbitration instead of the league minimum salary (worth just over $500,000 each year for the player). Find out more. Welcome to, the official site of Major League Baseball. by Retrosheet. Maybe if there were a way to get some experience they might but instead it is just a bunch of suits pinching pennies… Running a baseball team the same way they would a business which is just being as cheap as possible. For every ten alleged cases of manipulation I would say 2 or 3 are genuine at most.

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