It’’s just another art that you develop over time. What a beautiful song from Marlon Williams at the National Remembrance Service in #Christchurch I'm so proud of our Kiwi culture #WeAreOne #KiaKaha. Williams arrives on the following line, taking command of the verse. Back in December 2010, Vicki Anderson observed in NZM that, ‘Marlon Williams has the face of a choirboy and the shoes of an Italian film star.’. Marlon Williams (6) Electric Guitar, Producer, Synth, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar. Spooky deaths, sad love and forced departures are regular themes. His home base these days is Melbourne, Australia. It hasn’’t been around for long, but it’’s run by old Melbourne rockers, so generally I hang out with those guys. I find it really hard to sit down and go, ‘‘Okay, I’’m going to write a song in C, F and G and it’’s going to be about rain.’’ I don’’t do that. Born and raised in Christchurch port suburb of Lyttelton, music started early for young Marlon Williams, though the trail to his chosen alternative-country discipline was hardly flagged. When it gets bigger and bigger… and explodes into the final part of the song… I like the way that sounds and feels.””. 59 countries to be represented at Christchurch mosque attack remembrance service, 'Every creed and race': poignant anthem to be sung at memorial, Christchurch mosque survivor to speak at Hagley Park, Google recognises NZ tragedy with 'kia kaha' on home page, Billie Eilish sparks debate over shoe colour, Strutting bass, sheer terror and Bic Runga; how King Sweeties conquered all, Watch: Schapelle Corby's 'excruciating' Sunrise interview, Actor: Taika Waititi 'too talented for his own good', In a melancholic year, the NZTrio delivers a shining show, Political Roundup: Leftwing euphoria meets reality, Deputy PM role up for grabs, Labour's #2 gets backing, 'Meth rage': Father on trial accused of murdering his 2yo daughter. So from there you’re just trying to work out what the whole song is about from the one line. ... 'He put the smile back in rock guitar': Virtuoso Eddie Van Halen dies. Despite a quite prolific output of solid original work, Marlon is often quoted as saying he thinks of himself more as a singer than a songwriter. The stories he tells can be taken literally, but certain lines and ideas stick out as universally applicable to feelings and situations most of us have encountered. It was just me, so I sort of just felt my way through it without having too much pre-production.””. “In Melbourne I hang out with a lot of old-school rock’’n’’rollers, like the Drones and You Am I. Marlon Williams is a hip-hop guitarist and producer from Los Angeles. The quiet vulnerability between the lines in the often emotional ballads shows a deep sensitivity and empathy with others’ situations. I have to wait until I get a line that comes into my head, and that’’ll be a complete line. I’’m hoping to get some recording done with Justin Townes Earle in Nashville. What a lovely, stirring, tribute to the victims of the Chch attacks. ‘What’’s this song about? 7 Oct, 2020 11:27am. Marlon Williams and Aldous Harding make a brilliant pair on gem “Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore”. Kiwi singer songwriter Marlon Williams captured the hearts of many with a stunning performance at the National Remembrance Service for the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks. He helped launch the careers of Terrace Martin and Kamasi Washington by inviting them to tour and record with Snoop. He is promoting his own debut studio album with an early morning in-store performance and a gig at Auckland’’s Tuning Fork tonight, sandwiching a series of interviews in-between. [1] He helped launch the careers of Terrace Martin[2] and Kamasi Washington[1] by inviting them to tour and record with Snoop. I was very surprised and impressed by my ability to do it. He is best known for his work as musical director for Snoop Dogg. They’re songs that need to be heard by anyone who’s ever loved, and lost, and loved again. Church and school choirs later helped polish his natural vocal skills. I never leave my room when I’’m home.””. “It’’s interesting how in history every scene seems to converge out of its own volition, like in various little pockets. He delivers equally glorious vocals. It becomes fiction surprisingly quickly. Williams delivered a beautiful and moving rendition of popular waiata ' Tahu Potiki ' which left the Hagley Park crowd in awe. Marlon Williams admin June 20, 2019 Biography Leave a comment A versatile singer/songwriter based out of New Zealand, Marlon Williams crafts narrative-driven, atmospheric indie folk tunes that pull from a deep –and frequently dark — well of nation, spirit, bluegrass, and pop. If his often dark lyrics were to be taken for personal truths there would be a lot of cause to worry about Marlon. That’’s nearly how it feels.””. I’’m sure it will, but I better make sure it does, you know?”. It’’s also his personal favourite for its climactic production. Gram Parsons was his first country record and, as he tells Silke Hartung, Marlon knew then that this was the music he himself wanted to make. The nature versus nurture question –– when I first came to that music The Eastern weren’’t a band yet, there was no scene. Being on tour a lot demands a degree of social skills as well as managing the very little downtime there is to provide some necessary personal time. It doesn’’t seem likely that he will be home, here or there, much in 2015. As indeed he is. “After releasing the album I’’m going to go to Canada in July for some folk festivals. Joe McCallum Drums. It’’s like hearing a song on the radio, a tiny bit of a song, and you’’re taking that as example, using it to push out either way until you’’ve got a whole song. Marlon Williams. As for the production, he says he didn’’t have much of a concept for any of the nine songs before heading into the studio. Despite a strong sense of longing (for love, distance, travel, what could have been, the past, a life without worries), it is somehow uplifting, sentimental rather than depressing. He has also recorded with Nate Dogg, Warren G, Kendrick Lamar and The Pollyseeds, and was an early member of Fishbone. When I recorded it I thought it was better than any I’’d done, so I put it out as a single. … Oddly he doesn’’t much enjoy the process of writing, only the end result. His father sang in a punk band, but with a blend of Ngāi Tahu and Ngāi Tai blood he inevitably did a bit of singing at the local marae, harmonising around the house along with his mum. Around the country thousands more watched the Christchurch-born 28-year-old's performance online and were gushing in their praise of his touching tribute. “Ben Edwards and I produced the album together. marlon williams Guitar Chords Biography A versatile singer/songwriter based out of New Zealand, Marlon Williams crafts narrative-driven, atmospheric indie folk songs that draw from a deep --and often dark -- well of country, soul, bluegrass, and pop. More backing vocals were provided by Harding, Ben Brown and Marlon’’s father David Williams. It’’s been amazing to witness the development of an influential country/folk scene in Christchurch’’s port town, particularly given the heart-breaking circumstances of the city’s earthquakes. Not given to taking himself all too seriously, Marlon had a special treat for NZ fans for Valentines Day this year. That’’s a much bigger example of course… that’’s a big sociological question! “I’’ve found myself in a nice place in terms of Australia’’s musical history, being able to meet all these people.””. “I never think of myself in songs at all,”” he assures. Between the lines swings the inevitability of death, but there’’s also beauty. Aaron Tokona Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar. [1], For other musicians with the same name, see, "Terrace Martin Harvests New Band The Pollyseeds: Listen to Debut Single 'Intentions,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 October 2019, at 13:38. In 2015 Marlon Williams is still somehow fresh-faced –– at least when the rigours of his busy touring life aren’t being reflected, as they are when we talk early on a Friday morning –– and still eye-catchingly dressed, with his own naturally dapper style. They’’re fun!””. Hugely successful collaborations with Tami Neilson and Marlon’’s long-time friend and mentor Delaney Davidson, for the Sad But True national tours and albums, have brought Tui awards and further critical acclaim. There certainly wasn’t an overall theme, but the idea was to branch out into as many different directions as possible for my first album. His first band of note was gloriously named The Unfaithful Ways . Marlon Williams is a hip-hop guitarist and producer from Los Angeles.He is best known for his work as musical director for Snoop Dogg. Rather than false modesty, it reflects more his honesty and a scholarly diligence to the history and craft of his genre. Meeting at Christchurch Boys’ High School they won the prize for Best Song as Canterbury region finalists in the 2008 SmokefreeRockquest, recorded an EP and an album, performed Julia Deans’’ A New Dialogue at the 2010 APRA Silver Scroll Awards and were finalists for the second Critics’ Choice award the following year –– up against Popstrangers and Kimbra. All these things, but most of all his abundant natural charm, lend him a considerable aura of cool. British singer Yusuf Islam, previously known as Cat Stevens, and fellow Kiwi artists Hollie Smith, Teeks and Maisey Rika will also perform. I’’m not very sociable, I mean, I can be, but I’’m not very outgoing.””, He hesitates, then laughs before (sort of) joking, “I don’’t like people.

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