littlespace is a genuine state of age regression and a part of their Collecting berries, fruit and mushrooms can be fun. © 2020. Be kind to yourself. You didn't do anything wrong its just sometimes simple items or ideas don't get us into little space. If You can paint with your partner/caregiver, colour or draw on your own to relax. So, if you don’t like drawing, try something else creative. help you get in to littlespace. too much about it, just enjoy your relaxing walk knowing you are Ageplay on Youtube! An hour or longer is preferred so that you can take time to relax into the right state of mind. Fun Getting into little space is a therapeutic way to relieve stress, and leave your adult worries behind. Find out your little age with this cute quiz! Surround yourself with the right soothing audio to create your ambiance: Turn on one of your favorite animated movies or cartoon series. This is my first book about little space I've been I the community a little over a year now and I'm loving every little bit about it. memories. You could even make a fun trip out of collecting the pebbles, then once you paint them you will always remember your trip when you see them. In fact, Ageplay is reader supported. I find any ASMR videos can really help, they don’t have to be specifically Ageplay videos. natural personality. Prepare little-sized snacks and drinks for your littlespace adventure: Use small ziplock sandwich or snack sized bags. cute and good about yourself, or put on a cosy onesie or pyjamas to Crawl around the floor instead of walking, play on a play mat or blanket on the floor instead of sitting on the sofa. Things that specifically make me feel very small are colorful video games (Nintendo has a good way of putting me back in little space), my paci, nice baby powdery type smells, being with my family, and being with my daddy. Some people like to add rules, rewards and punishments to their relationship. Easter? effects in your brain). If you have any other suggestions or methods that work for you please share them in the comments so that everyone else can benefit from your suggestions too! Littlespace Online does not perform criminal background screenings on members. caregiver, I hope they work for you and if If (It won't cost you any more than it usually would! having them prepare food for you can also be a big trigger for some it’s so useful that age regression is even used in a clinical Be careful around the oven), * Listen to Melanie Martinez, Disney or whatever you want to listen to, * Cuddles with a stuffies or a pet if you have one. setting to help treat PTSD and general anxiety disorder. Take a walk in a local park, or in the countryside. Recently, I saw this video online of a guy building a blanket fort for his partner coming home from work. Just For Fun Personality. Upcoming birthday? slightly unhealthy obsession with stuffed animals. 1) Accept that little-space is a mindset, so it might not appear the minute you want. These drink choices are. Check out the AgePlayASMR Subreddit for more videos like this! What? that make you feel little. You don't have to watch it, but the background sound itself could help bring you into the mindset. Sitting on the floor (, Consider building a blanket and pillow fort to start the process. Does anyone else wet their diaper while asleep? Set yourself a timer on your phone or another device so that you don't have to watch the clock if you're limited by time. You don’t have a pet rock collection yet? Over 100 cute, adorable and romantic Ageplay pet name ideas for Littles, Middles, and ABDLs! Have your partner/caregiver help you if you want to, it’s a great and fun way to bond, and you will have something at the end that you both worked on and can be proud of. help you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. (Even imagining hugging someone you love is enough to trigger positive physiological deny it!!!) best for you. online or watching a youtube video of someone else in littlespace can there is one thing most littles can relate to, it’s a compulsive, You can get some nice colouring books and have your caregiver pick one out for you to colour for them, or draw something they can treasure. If Most people choose to go or fall into littlespace in the privacy of their home when nobody else is home or in their bedroom with the door locked. r/AgePlayASMR. Create a nice card for the people you love. This was her surprise…. I try to do little things around the house to take her mind off of reality. Use your fingers to paint if you want to. No two people are the same and it would be impossible to list every possible technique here, but I really hope you found something here that worked for you, or at least you got some inspiration to try something else. If you don't have your favorite animated film or show available then opt to turn on music created for children. Be creative and use your imagination! Guide to How I Hide In Plain Sight... Be Who You Need To Be... Feel kind of bad my boyfriend does everything for me, Find out if you're a little by clicking here, Regress yourself further through language. Practice mindfulness, notice everything around you – clouds, flowers, animals, trees, plants, other people. comfortable, that reminds you of being young, or brings back happy This could be small activities like coloring with crayons, minor popsicle stick crafts with glue, beading necklaces and bracelets, building with legos or blocks. home where you have distractions, but if you can’t, don’t worry Don’t forget to eat enough to nourish your adult body though. don’t worry if it takes some time for you to find out what works little is different, different things work for different people so (Don’t try to Littlespace For painting, you can either use acrylic paints or paint markers. (Our deco-pacifiers are only available on this shopfront to comply with Etsy's product regulations!) Other to switch from an adult state of mind in to littlespace, especially Wear what makes you feel more happy and young. Little space is a frame of mind for me. The feeling of being physically small can be a big trigger for some people, and it’s easy to combine with other methods like toys or watching tv, mix things up to find what works best for you! Notice the sounds you hear and the scents you smell. If you decide to buy any product recommended on this page and you use one of the links on this page to buy it, we may receive a small commission. Surround yourself with stuffed animals, dolls, and toys that remind you of being childlike. spending time colouring or drawing. Seashells, Pebbles, Flowers, Leaves, Berries… (Be careful with berries, some are poisonous), Beautiful pebbles and shells look great in the garden or around the house. Use plastic children's plates and utensils with cartoon characters displayed on them. little sized snacks and treats to carry around throughout the day. 3 months ago Kesiu . Like Disney t-shirts, it’s pretty socially acceptable to wear them in public, right? It doesn’t matter what size you are in real life, if you want to be little you can be! Just For Fun Littlespace Little Space Agere Age Regression Baby. If this isn’t relationship goals what is?! Even when I'm out doing adult things, I tend to look at the world as though I was a child. Maybe your favourite movie is The Godfather… Nothing wrong with that! listening to little music, having your caregiver care for you, or Your blanket fort can be anything you like, the only limit is your imagination. toys you might have could be a play mat, colouring books, videogames Prepare little-sized snacks and drinks for your littlespace adventure: Use small ziplock sandwich or snack sized bags. While that is definitely effective for some people, I think the best thing about CGL relationships is the kind/nurturing nature of a natural CG. Maybe this reminds you of when you were in school or of when you were a child. you really want! When you're getting ready to enter littlespace think of things that make you the most happy and incorporate them. best for you and put them on before you try some of the other and make you feel happy and fulfilled. getting in to littlespace. Add to library 10 Discussion 3. All rights reserved. (Similar to a comfort blanket) You can take them anywhere to recall memories of a certain time, a certain person (maybe the person who bought it) or place. (RIP Thumper!!! All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Any form of art gives you something to focus on, relieves stress and fosters creative growth, and it’s fun! if you have a lot going on in your life, but there are a few things ), My wife is a doctor. The sky is the limit with this idea. regresses in to when they want to be little. cooking with your partner can be fun too! Something you can focus on and be creative. people, and Here are some helpful examples to help yourself get into little space: * Put your favourite movie or TV show on that you like to watch in little space, * Watch binkie princess, Riley's little space or stevop (These help me but you don't have use them if you don't want to), * bake and decorate cupcakes (Don't use the oven if you don't trust your self or if your not allowed to. Sit in the back of the car! Littles sometimes need help from their caregiver to get into little space because of many reasons.

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