He went on to win numerous championships throughout the 70s and early 80s, winning the French Open, Wimbledon, the Masters Tour and the World Championship Tennis competition. If I were a professional tennis player as good as those 3 players, the only evidence I need is Grand Slam singles titles won. Borg was the first player of the modern era to win more than 10 majors. One on one results must be the deciding factor if most other criteria are close. In that proportion ATP rank gives 1/3 of all points and it is twice weaker than GS statistics. Despite peaking in the 1970s, Connors had a long and impressive tennis career, retiring in 1996. Today we have: No of weeks at No 1 rank shows us from the statistical point of view that Rafa is able to win a lot of GS, but mainly on clay and it makes hard for him to have "TOTAL DOMINATION" as a No 1 for long period of time. Ad 1: I hope Nole will be able to stay at No 1 till late 2021, when those points disappear. Not only has Federer had a 5 year head and 20 Grand Slam tournaments head start start over Nadal and Djokovic to win Grand Slam titles, Federer’s first 5 years in Grand Slam tournaments were not against Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. Answer: It’s certainly possible. Tennis was also the winner. I’m not interested in your criteria for GOAT or your opinion of who is leading the race. Question: I would like to know how many people are employed around a single tennis player. Serena Williams is one of, if not the best, female tennis player of all time. Rafael is regarded as the greatest clay-court player of all-time, although fans of Bjorn Borg may dispute this claim. Ever found yourself wondering how the men's tennis ranking works? There are no awards given out for it. If you take the player's physical conditioning out of the equation then what do they play? Granted he has two Olympic Gold Medals, but his results, while good, do not place him in my top ten all-time. Even Ivan Lendl. Consider also that Nadal is five years younger than Federer. Those who’ve battled on the court have also spent years battling against general disregard, social commentary, and double standards. Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time because he won his 19 Grand Slam singles titles in a 5 year shorter timeframe than Federer’s 20 Grand Slam singles titles. His injuries started not long after he beat Roger Federer in the US Open singles final of 2008, aged 20 at the time. If you take clay court matches out of the mix, Federer has the advantage of 13-10 in head-to-head matches. He has decided to skip the 2018 French Open to prepare for Wimbledon. Honestly, there doesn’t even need to be a title of GOAT for whoever ends up with the most GS titles. Question: Roger or Rafa will probably go down as the greatest male tennis players of all time. I have read somewhere that top players have over 60 people on their team? Ivan Lendl is RIGHT. Pete's place in tennis history is difficult to judge as he only won three of the four Grand Slam events over the course of his career. He’s best known for his success in doubles, where he had twenty-two career wins and ranked nineteenth in doubles tennis in April 1979. At 33 years of age and in the late prime years of his career, Djokovic is clearly the best player in the world at the moment and has the potential to win many more Grand Slam titles. He really looked like being the next big thing and an injury free Del Potro definitely had the ability to win at least 21 Grand Slam singles titles in the same era as Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. I agree that No of GS is the most important (from the tennis point of view) factor but staying at No 1 for additional 2 years is a great achivement and should be seriously take under consideration when we talk about GOAT. 1GS title = 13 weeks !!! Guess what, hhfan, I could not care less about ANYTHING you write. If it makes you happy, leave and name whoever you want as your so called current and future GOAT for all the criteria you have mentioned. She has a net worth of $16 million dollars, which she earned by winning 18 Grand slam singles championships over a 20-year career. What any one says will be irrelevant compared to the actual proof, the history. Nadal and Djokovic will keep letting their racquets do the talking by winning more Grand Slam singles titles overall than Federer. Gonzalo, your hatred of Nadal and Djokovic is clear. Both Rafa and Novak will end up with more Grand Slam titles than Federer. Hhfan, your statistical data are purely based on assumption. then you're in the right place. Answer: No, Roger Federer is just being more selective with the tournaments that he enters. What makes moving up for him difficult is that Rod Laver, who many people have never seen play, was really a great player and one of the few from that era that I think would give today's greats a run for their money. He is not the greatest. Any chance in the top 20 or 25 tennis players of all time? For the time being, I will leave Novak in the number five position and wait to see how he fares at the US Open. Answer: Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles as of the end of 2019. To all the Federer fans, You Cannot Be Serious! The "Big Four" have dominated the rest of the field in tennis, but the dynamic within that group is constantly changing. Mike McCune, CC BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. Copyright © 2014-2020 Wealthy Gorilla Limited, The 10 Most Expensive Houses in the World. List of famous tennis players, with photos, bios, and other information when available. Answer: John McEnroe was a great tennis player. I only showed as an example 1 year at No 1 = 4 GS. Tennis is a fast evolving game with newer talent competing closely with the top seeds at various events. Now, Novak also *used* to distract the whole game by showing extreme tiredness and in this way taking his time to "recover". Ivan Lendl, I agree only with you. I can’t wait to see who will end up with the most Grand Slam singles titles after all 3 have retired. Only the total number of Grand Slam singles titles will decide who is the GOAT, after all 3 have retired. She achieved a lot in her career and was the first Polish player in the Open Era to reach the singles final of a Grand Slam. Nadal is only one Grand Slam title behind Federer, and has played in less than 20 Grand Slam tournaments than Federer and has had to miss many more Grand Slam tournaments than Federer. With Nadal's dominance at the French Open, I can see him winning multiple more titles there. Gonzalo, your logic is ridiculous! I am sure that Rafael has this behavior to upset the opponent so he does it purposely; that is with no doubt a corrupt behavior. i think rafael nadal is the best or djokovic if pick 1 i pick nadel. Taking fifth place is a lady that needs no introduction! Answer: I think the best players will rise to the top no matter the surface. Question: Shouldn't Poncho Gonzalez be included in a list of the ten greatest men's tennis players of all time? With a net worth of $25 million dollars, she earned roughly $18 million from career prize money alone. How Good is Rafael Nadal on August 29, 2020: Rafa 12 French Open titles. Looking at their head to head matches Rafa holds a 23-15 edge, but 13 of those victories came on clay. ATP decision not to delete rank points from 2019 US Open and Cincinnati supports both Nadal and Federer against players involved in those tournaments like Djokovic and many others. As a Nadal fan, I couldn't care less about the 1 number ranking, who has been number 1 for the most number of weeks, even if Nadal was that person, to be perfectly honest. Most of Djokovic's bigger or greater achievements took place against an aging Federer, who had already reached 30 years old, by 2011. Some of them say that GOAT doesn't count at all because No of GS singles titles only counts. Off the court, Agassi has proven to be a champion as well. There will be another. Believe me, the top tennis players only really care who wins the most Grand Slam singles titles. What’s part of the last sentence don’t you understand. I still have and shall only care about who ends up winning the most Grand Slam singles titles AFTER all 3 of Federer, Nadal and Djokovic have retired. What happens is that Novak character is not that of a person with charisma so he is usually not likable. I also think that Nadal’s current 12 French Opens on clay overrides Federer’s current 8 Wimbledon titles on grass. In my opinion all three players failed to capture substantial GS title lead. It would not matter to me if you or anyone else were the lecturer trying to explain your theory to me in different ways for a whole semester or more. The question is who will end up winning the equal or greatest number of Grand Slam singles titles in the shortest timeframe. Based on his body of work to date, he has certainly made the case that he is deserving of a top three all-time. Of course future is unnown, but I can try to draw some conclusion. To compete at his age with the next generation of tennis greats speaks volumes to his conditioning and mental toughness. Complete nonsense HHfan. Serena Williams could not care less how many WTA tournaments she has won or how long she was Number 1. Watch Famous Tennis Players of all Time here. She holds the title of becoming the only Chinese player in history, to ever win a Grand Slam Singles event, after winning the French Open. However, people who did not see Rod Laver play, just see that he’s won 11 Grand Slam singles titles overall, which is not fair and he had much better opposition than Roy Emerson, who won more Grand Slam singles titles. When you compare players from different eras, then you cant say GS titles alone are enough to make someone GOAT. Federer and Nadal deserve to be in the top two positions, in my opinion. She has a net worth of $20 million dollars and is considered to be one of the best tennis players of all time. It’s their Grand Final. His best Grand Slam result was reaching the finals of the 1998 Australian Open, which he lost to Petr Korda in straight sets.

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