While Tangerine Dream seemed happy with their work, Goldsmith was less than impressed with the replacement of his score.

The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with most critics praising the make-up, but faulting the movie for its directionless plot. Much of the footage has since been lost. When Lili enters Nell's cabin there is a shot of Nell's sleeping husband in the European version.
This scene is where Jack finds Lily still asleep, giving her the ring, and the spell being broken, but when Lily wakes up she gives the ring right back to Jack and declares he belongs in the forest, and Lily promises to "come back tomorrow". Watching this version, it pleased me to see that the Unicorn's horn is replaced at the end, and Darkness delivers his final speech, before plummeting into the void. For those who have never experienced the magic/trainwreck of Legend, the film revolves around Jack and Lili, a pair of young lovers, played by Tom Cruise and Mia Sara respectively. Follow us on social media to add even more wonder to your day. The "Theatrical Version" on the US Blu-ray contains a couple of slight audio differences near the beginning compared to previous versions of this cut. “If you’ll excuse the term, it’s legendary,” says Kristen Romanelli, Managing Editor for Film Score Monthly, who, when approached about the subject, was instantly familiar with the dueling soundtracks. These shots are missing in the European version. Then there is the music. With the help of human musician Dan Deacon, some rats have made a film soundtrack with it.

After screening for European test audiences, To give the movie a score that might resonate more closely with younger viewers, the production brought in German New Age synth band Tangerine Dream.

A European cut of the film was produced, maintaining an edited version of Goldsmith’s score, as well as an American cut which contained an entirely new soundtrack. Offer subject to change without notice. Her work is now available as part of a project to digitize home movies made by women. He spent six months composing the final score for the movie. But possibly even more heated is the debate over the film’s two soundtracks, which themselves are related to the rocky history of the film. Instead of a ‘Princess,’ Lili is referred to as ‘Lady,’ and the focus is more on her and Jack, and rescuing Lili, instead of the unicorn, which is more the focus of the European cut.”. The plot, admittedly scant, revolves around the Lord of Darkness corrupting the pure Lili after his hench-goblins manage to steal a unicorn’s horn. Unfortunately, for all the positive reactions Goldsmith’s score reportedly received internally, it didn’t seem to play well with audiences. He spent six months composing the final score for the movie. They struggle against the Lord of Darkness, played by a never-better Tim Curry, covered in head-to-toe devil make-up (only fools debate his performance in the film).

Lili asks Jack to teach her rabbit in the European version, whereas she asks him to "tell me our future" in the American version. For every ’80s kid that marks it as one of the seminal films of their childhood, full of whimsy, excitement, and incredible effects, there is a film buff who will criticize the movie for being boring, poorly edited, or incomprehensible. It has the Tangerine Dream soundtrack, and most of the footage detailed above. Connections As a child of the ’80s Romanelli grew up believing the soundtrack to Legend was by German electronic music group Tangerine Dream. Early in the American version we see someone being tortured by demons before an open view of the star filled Void. Tom Cruise films by weekend box office theater averages.

For example, a jaunty run of flutes, horns, chimes, and choral voices could be interrupted with a bolt of twangy synth sound. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. What's more interesting is that in storyboards for the movie, the character of Blunder - the 'goblin' who is really a disguised elf - is referred to as 'Tic,' which suggests either that at some point the writers reversed the roles of Tic and Blunder, or they just decided briefly not to include the Blunder character.
There is a sudden change in ambiance, while in previous versions, the ambiance of Darkness's lair more subtly gives way to the sounds of the forest.

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