Close. Her power over the opposite sex thrills her—but she can’t quite let herself be too vulnerable. "Imagine how mindblowing NC-17 fan fiction must be for ... someone whose family and social group doesn't approve of their sexuality.". For someone like Kat, who regularly receives fatphobic comments from her peers, writing fan fiction is a way for her to feel love and also explore her sexuality without her body ever coming into the equation. Euphoria ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie des Pay-TV-Senders HBO.Die Erstausstrahlung erfolgte am 16.

The consequences are even more severe if the individual involved is a minor like Kat. (We can see this in the recent case of Bella Thorne being blamed for taking nudes rather than the focus being on the person who leaked them — a double standard that Rue herself calls out in the first episode.).

When we first meet Kat, she’s the quiet, mild-mannered friend in a group ruled by straight-size popular teens. And, in the season finale of “Euphoria,” we finally see a glimpse of that person. HBO's Euphoria follows a number of struggling, dysfunctional teens: protagonist Rue (Zendaya) is a 17-year-old drug addict grappling with depression and anxiety; Nate (Jacob Elordi) is a toxic male jock using anger and violence to mask his issues with sexuality; Jules (Hunter Schafer) is a young transgender woman fighting to fit into a still unaccepting world. Real men whose love would spark, and ignite, and inspire.". Her face is not shown in the video, but she knows it's her. Fanfic writers are often openly mocked on television — shows from Supernatural to Buffy the Vampire Slayer have all taken shots — so it's a pleasant surprise that Euphoria found a way to center a fangirl as one of the protagonists to root for. Our biggest takeaways from Barbie Ferreira’s character on HBO’s hit series. In an updated version of the Madonna-whore complex, the boys give her an ultimatum: she must prove she's either "a prude" or "a slut". HBO’s “Euphoria,” which completed its first season last night, is on the surface a show about teenage addiction and mental health. It isn’t until the season finale that Kat lets the veneer crack a little and invites her classmate, Ethan, in. While she begins the season with insecurity because of her peers’ comments about her size, by the end, she’s found a way to feel sexy and confident in her body. Unfortunately for her, camming moves her from the fantasy world back into the real world, where the requests of men can easily turn into demands and even doxxing (as it has in real life for many cammers). The pressure to have sex, feeling insecure — those are both issues teens have historically confronted. Kat pretending the video isn't of her may make it seem like she's brazenly taking control of the situation, but it's really just a desperate act of self-preservation. Slut-shaming has very real consequences, especially for young, impressionable women, as we've seen with the deaths of Audrie Pott and Rehtaeh Parsons. 661. In a digital age where it's all too easy to share a private image among friends or screen-cap a convo to start a rumor, rarely are men held accountable for the ways in which they can, and do, damage women and their reputations. All rights reserved. Want more reviews of size-inclusive TV and movies? Spoilers ahead for Euphoria Season 1, Episode 3. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Then, she was a young, naïve girl; now, Euphoria implies as Drake's "Nonstop" plays over a video of her twerking, she is becoming a woman. After a family trip, she gained 20 pounds from enjoying her fair share of virgin piña coladas. Juni 2019 bei HBO, in Deutschland am 16. Kat makes the decision to update her wardrobe and project unfailing self-confidence. Kat makes a bold move to try to regain agency and take charge of her story, but amid a world so increasingly interested in commenting on and controlling women's bodies — especially online — that agency may never fully be hers to claim. We can’t wait to see what happens next season. Intelligence wise, she could run circles around them, and we're told Kat does want to have sex. Kat Hernandez (2019-) Nika King: Leslie (2019-) Hunter Schafer: Jules (2019-) Sydney Sweeney: Cassie Howard (2019-) Austin Abrams: Ethan (2019-) Deutsche Synchronsprecher Euphoria. In crafting these stories, Kat finds the love she lacks in her day-to-day life, both from her dedicated followers and in the fictional worlds she creates, where the men would never do something as utterly shallow as dumping someone they love just because that person gained a few pounds. The episode also explores how difficult it is to wipe something from the internet. But from the get-go there's a power imbalance in the room. Kat makes the decision to update her wardrobe and project unfailing self-confidence. Hopefully, the show will dig more deeply and thoughtfully into this storyline in future episodes; Kat's interior world seems far more interesting and sexy than an external one only interested in fetishizing her. With her readers, Kat has found a way to form an intimate connection without having to be physical, which seems to be increasingly common for the always-online Gen Z. The laws may be playing catch-up, but the social stigma of being branded a "slut" is still rampant. The relationship between Kat and Ethan, commonly referred to as "Kethan" among fans, began in "And Salt the Earth Behind You".
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But as Euphoria's June 23 episode shows, the vast, open forum of the internet has, for Gen Z, made them increasingly complicated to face. She is, after all, bigger than her peers, and she'd do anything to feel desirable. Kat began by navigating her sexuality through a different outlet than most of her peers, but one that for many people, is quite real, and much less talked about. Kat is a complicated, messy, unapologetic character who is on a path to find herself. When Kat was 11, she was dating one of the most popular boys in school. "Upload videos. Log in sign up. Thankfully, the law is slowly catching up with the rapidly changing tech landscape, with punishments for revenge porn (which falls under cyberbullying) ranging from steep fines to jail time. All rights reserved. Barbie Ferreira told “Glamour” that, “Having a character that isn’t perfect and is making mistakes and has her own storyline in a show—we need to have more of that, where people aren’t caricatures of themselves. Even as Kat learns to wield her sexuality as a powerful tool, she locks away who she truly is deep inside. However, that Euphoria makes Kat so likable and relatable is also what makes her transition into camming so frustrating. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. We can see the stark difference in how Kat reacts to being told by the McKay twins that "fat girls give the best head" versus a reader sending her "ily slay kween! But as Euphoria's June 23 episode shows, the vast, open forum of the internet has, for Gen Z, made them increasingly complicated to face. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by HBO's Euphoria, which follows a group of misfit teens searching for intimacy and acceptance amid the cruelties and confusion of adolescence. Then, when a video goes viral with Kat in a very compromising position with a boy from another school, she realizes that within her lies a power waiting to be unlocked. The boys treat her like an object, and though she's clearly uncomfortable, the pressure to fit in and be seen as "the accommodating Cool Girl" sways her to play along. 16 comments. (Caution: spoilers ahead!). She's outspoken and feminist, but sexually inexperienced and struggling with negative body image. Posted by.

The bullying Kat endures while trying to shut down the video on her own perfectly encapsulates the struggles young women face today: unlike men, women are judged for exploring their sexuality, and if something goes wrong — a video is uploaded without consent, or an assault occurs — the woman is blamed for being promiscuous to begin with. Many fanfics are popular because of their emphasis on mutual attraction, respect, and mutual pleasure, so it feels strange that Euphoria then suggests that Kat's obsession with those things are part of what makes her, well, a "loser." 11 months ago. What Kat’s arc this first season teaches us is the power of consciously choosing to own your body. As a minor, becoming a cam girl is not a safe forum to be exploring her sexuality in, and unfortunately, the potential that this will end up hurting Kat is high. She initially shuts Ethan out because she sees him talking to a thin blonde girl at a carnival—and then struggles to open herself up out of fear of getting hurt. As Kat says via voiceover in episode 5, “There’s nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn’t give a f***.” But once the season comes to a close, it becomes evident that what’s truly powerful is picking and choosing what you care about and what you won’t.

Bookmark the “Live” category! We find out later Kat slept with Wes, and it was recorded by at least one of the three boys. Kat manages to get the main video on Pornhub taken down, but despairs when she sees it's already been pirated and re-uploaded in another language. She sees it as something that keeps her from fully relating to her already sexually active peers, and the party provides her with the opportunity to simply shed it like it's a winter coat. So it's subversive that, long before the open forum of the internet — where men are free to comment on their bodies and leak their nudes — stripped and contorted their sexual agency, Kat (Barbie Ferreira) harnessed the very same medium to awaken her own. In both cases, the person is only seeing one side of Kat, but the one where she's being celebrated, rather than negged, is clearly the more positive scenario. It's been particularly brutal for the young women, with earlier episodes showing Jules (Hunter Schafer), Cassie (Sydney Sweenie), and Maddy (Alexa Demie) all being demeaned and experiencing uncomfortably rough sex (the fault of sex ed via Pornhub, according to Zendaya's Rue).
Get paid," the site's banner promises. fan fiction represents an important site of resistance, mutual attraction, respect, and mutual pleasure. With Kat, 'Euphoria' Shows The Subversive Freedom Of Writing Smutty Fan Fiction. But at the same time, punishing the perpetrator would require actually bringing the issue to court, something that Kat — and many young women today — are disincentivized to do because the social cost is too steep. Archived. She instead performs as the person she thinks boys want her to be. And with IRL adults failing to properly teach sex ed and consent, or to comprehend the intricacies of social media and cyberbullying, it's no surprise that the kids feel like they have to handle (and often mishandle) these issues alone. Unfortunately for her, things don't go as planned. Heartbroken, she found solace in the romances of Gilmore Girls, True Blood, and Scandal which featured, as Rue said: "Men who'd never leave her, disappoint her, break her heart. I picture you look just like khaleesi" in response to her writing. For anybody who's ever obsessed over a TV show, movie, or band, Kat's shift to fan fiction feels like a natural extension of that passion. Sure, fan fiction can be kinky and weird and shocking, but it's also an act of subversion, allowing young women to explore themselves with complete anonymity, without the judgement of their peers, and in a safe space. Kat's writing has always been a way for her to literally control the narrative.

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