An absurdly over-engineered effort to get every Premier League player to turn and walk towards the camera, placing their hands behind their back for the purposes of a graphic used when showing each team’s line-up for televised games, Bullard treated it with all the seriousness it deserved. Banter in its most concentrated form. In an increasingly sombre and serious football world, Bullard is the antidote. Jimmy Bullard may not have had the perfect hair-do, his Granada Ghia may not have been the flashiest of cars, and he definitely didn't have a string of Page 3 girls trying to sell kiss and tell stories about him to the tabloids. His zest for life and sense of the absurd couldn’t be contained. Obertan’s broad shoulders, narrow neck and massive head always looked a bit odd. We’re saying nothing… Oli McBurnie. Jimmy Bullard. Copyright © 2015. Jimmy Bullard recreates Thierry Henry’s famous wonder goal against United in the @SoccerAM carpark! In truth, he looks a bit of a mess. He’s most likely forgotten where the toilet is and wouldn’t know what to do if he did find it. Clare with the Hair has been created by Clare McCarthy, Clare lives and breathes all things Food, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Contributions to Hull’s cause in a football sense were limited, but its prospect of becoming the UK’s Capital of Banter was boosted substantially by Bullard’s presence. Jimmy Bullard was an excellent footballer during his career with Peterborough, Wigan, Fulham and Hull City – but he was an even better banter merchant. Jimmy Bullard Family Details: Father: Jimmy Bullard Sr. Seeing his banter transplanted to targets as varied as Michael Buerk and Edwina Currie was somewhat bizarre. Just because. He was the energetic midfielder who knitted things together. Technically accomplished, with an excellent range of passing and set-piece delivery, he became the team’s engine, driving the Latics on to two promotions in three years. What do they all have in common? They named ’19 Premier League footballers who really don’t look like footballers’ and it’s a brilliant list. Slightly chubby, balding from an early age and looking like somebody you’d beat every Friday night in the kebab shop. Banter has always been Bullard’s true calling in life, and he’s fully embraced that fact. After starting out at Dartford, he was signed by the club he’d supported as a boy, West Ham United, in 1999 but made his breakthrough at Peterborough and then came to wider attention during Wigan’s rise up the divisions. Raul Meireles was ahead of the curve in terms of tattoos but that haircut and beard combo was…unfamiliar. The primitive hierarchy and the occasionally fraught search for a place within it. Jimmy Bullard is banter incarnate. Jimmy Bullard loves banter. The John Major thing. The German Soccer Player was born in … Each week reader numbers on Clare with the Hair increase and we are now getting 25,000+ visitors per week, this is incredible and I thank you all so much.

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