In the postscript on the first A Death in the Family collection, O’Neil shared that the poll recorded 10,614 votes. But it’ll be quite some time before Jason manages to eclipse the story he’s most famous for. It’s been about a year since DC Universe did their last poll on whether Jason Todd should live or die. The poll is just for fun — not for Jason Todd’s fate. In the published version of Batman #428, the same page depicts Jason’s funeral, where Alfred asks Bruce if he should get in touch with Dick Grayson. Joker captured him, famously beat him with a crowbar, and then trapped him in a warehouse full of explosives. Baldur’s Gate 3 devs built a testing AI. The tragic ending was the one chiseled into comic history. A Death in the Family originally ran through Batman #426-429. Exclusively on DC Universe. Next Up In News. Initially sharing a similar origin to Grayson, subsequent portrayals commonly depict Todd as an orphaned street delinque… “Titans” continues to air on DC Universe. In the comics, he ultimately met his demise at the Joker’s hands. This week’s episode of DC Universe’s Titans ended with a cliffhanger, as the superhero soap opera is wont to do. This isn’t the first time that Jason’s fate was left to the whims of others; will history repeat itself or will he live to mouth off another day?”. Maybe he’d have tried to get Dick Grayson to return, only to don the Robin costume himself to save his mentors’ lives. Even when the superhero death/resurrection cycle exploded in the 1990s and after, there was a time when Jason was counted among the most hallowed of comic book deaths, alongside Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, and Batman’s parents themselves. But Jason’s death was not forgotten nor immediately overturned. The 10 best Batman comics of all time [Lights up Batsignal] Read this. Just like readers, Tim had grown up as a fan of Batman and Robin. Rather, it became a central part of the psyche of Batman stories for over two decades. Nevertheless there’s a lot of people who want him dead with the ‘kill him’ option tracking slightly higher at 51% of the vote after 12,000 votes have been counted. The last decade has been a renaissance for Jason Todd, the second character to fill the role of Robin, the world’s most famous superhero sidekick. Though initially popular, following a revamping of his origin by Max Allan Collins, the Jason Todd version of Robin was not well received by fans. Now the streaming service’s forum is offering a poll asking fans to vote on whether Jason should survive: “Will he live or will Jason Todd die? But in the meanwhile, DC Universe’s forums have something for them to do: Vote on whether Jason should live or die. Created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton, Jason was introduced in 1983 as as a carbon copy of Grayson, another circus kid with a heart of gold. No help from now on... that’s the way I want it.”, In the 36 hours they were open, DC’s hotlines received 10,614 calls (at a total cost of $5,307 to the readership), and the verdict proved editorial’s assumption right: Fans were divided on Jason Todd — he was murdered by a margin of only 72 votes. He only donned the suit when Two-Face trapped both senior vigilantes in a collapsed building, and he declined to don it again without Batman and Nightwing’s permission. In Batman #427, Batman ordered Jason not to confront the Joker until he returned from stopping a convoy full of deadly gas, but, fearing for his mother’s life, Jason went in anyway. Though in the ’80s fans voted to kill Jason—which has been since seen as a highly controversial moment in DC history—the DC Universe poll is swinging largely in the other direction with almost 19,000 votes to keep Jason alive! Out of all the characters who have put on the Robin suit, Jason is the one who died in it. Take the poll below to let your voice be heard!” says the site. Dive into epic animated movies-like Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. On the right is the page as it ran. By. The original poll ran in 1988’s Batman #427.The issue focuses on Jason after he’s relieved of his duties by Batman for being too impulsive. But the poll couldn’t be just any question. The all-new live action Doom Patrol premieres this February, with more originals to follow in 2019. The 10 best Batman comics of all time [Lights up Batsignal] Read this. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Premium annual member benefits and rewards. Curran Walters' Jason Todd has become one of the most popular characters on DC Universe's Titans TV series, in part, that's because he's frankly a better Robin than Dick Grayson. © 1997-2020, Dark Futures Pty. He’d deduced all on his own that Batman and Robin were Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, followed their careers with relish, and noticed when Batman began to lose himself in grief after Jason Todd’s death. “Taking a Robin — any Robin — away from Batman was risky,” O’Neil said in his 1988 postscript to A Death in the Family. But a few years later, when the Crisis on Infinite Earths offered an opportunity to reimagine anything and everything in the DC Universe, Jason was significantly reimagined. The DC logo and all DC characters and related elements © & TM DC Comics.Terms of Use     Privacy Policy     Ad Choices     Help Center, Justice League Animated Series action figures. “Take the poll below to let your voice be heard! Nov. 16, 2018 “In effect,” O’Neil said in 1988, “extend our policy of heeding the opinions fans express in letters and conversations at conventions and comic shops.”. Limited. He wasn’t resurrected until 2005, when he took his revenge on the Joker and swore to carry on Batman’s quest against crime, but now as the murderous Red Hood. Meta. Fanpop has Jason Todd polls. So if you’re a fan of Curren Miller’s sassy new sidekick then you better head to DC Universe and vote right now! But what if Jason Todd had lived? It’s unclear whether or not the poll is going to play any role in the show’s plot. Erstellt wurde er von Gerry Conway und Don Newton, sein erster Auftritt war in Batman #357 im Jahr 1983. Tatiana Maslany Is NOT Marvel’s “She-Hulk”? This was not because O’Neil or any of the other Batman office staff disliked the character, but because their readership seemed so divided on him. O’Neil and his creative teams might have taken the opportunity to have Jason sit out for a while, let the audience cool off, and then let him earn his costume back. In 1988, DC Comics left the decision to off the character in the four-issue storyline A Death in the Family up to an incredibly close-running reader poll. “Will he live or will Jason Todd die?” says the poll description. Jason Peter Todd is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with Batman. Connect with creators and the DC community via discussion forums. Update: After Polygon reached out to DC Universe, a representative was able to confirm that the next episode of Titans has already wrapped. Readers were tasked with calling a 1-900 number and voting on whether or not Jason … Enjoy unlimited access to exclusive original series, legendary films and TV series, epic animated movies, a curated list of comics and more. These pages offer the tiniest of glimpses at the 30 years of Batman history that might have been, if not for 10,614 phone calls, and, perhaps, one guy with a computer. Enjoy unlimited streaming access to original DC series with new episodes available weekly. Jason Peter Todd ist ein fiktiver Superheld aus den Comics von DC Comics. Housed in DC Comics’ archive in Burbank, California, are four of those unfinished pages, which I was lucky enough to view on a visit in the summer of 2019. DC's original Jason Todd poll came during 1988's Batman: A Death in the Family storyline. Dieser Artikel behandelt die Person Jason Todd, für andere Personen, die die Identität Red Hoods hatten, siehe Red Hood. The option to keep him alive is currently winning! He is the second character to assume the role of Robin and the second character to take up the Red Hood alias. Read from a curated list of modern and classic digital comics on our world-class comic reader. But despite that turnout, the tally was in favor of Jason’s death by a mere 72-vote margin. Oddly enough, these two missions led them to cross paths, foil the Joker, and find Jason’s real mom — where they cross paths with the Joker once more. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Favreau On “Mandalorian” Movie & S3 Shoot, Showtime Scraps Clinton’s “President” TV Series, New Trailers: Empty, Sylvie, Ammonite, Woman, Goldwyn Replaces Schreiber In “King Richard”.

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