Maria Ricci: Richard Murphy … had an operational cell phone.

… He … pretended to be on the phone. … In a lot of ways, I feel like I [laughs] knew them better than I know some members of my own family.

The FBI had prepared criminal charges against the original four couples -- now they needed to get charges on the newest operatives: Anna Chapman and Mikhail Semenko. FBI agents recorded several exchanges where the Russians passed large amounts of cash to each other in public places – to help finance their operations – and one instance where $60,000 was buried at a highway rest stop, to be retrieved later. Agents suspected that Heathfield's software was nothing more than a ploy to get close to someone inside the U.S. government. This new generation of spies also came with a new set of tools. Weird. The Russian operatives communicated by embedding hidden messages in images, like these photographs. It was completely a shock. $totalRows_recname = mysql_num_rows($recname); Where did they get the documentation? … Decades. Todd Shelton: Sometimes, even the most sophisticated of intelligence operations can be undone by just some stroke of bad luck. Todd Shelton: We were fully aware that this was not a typical case. … Everything really hinged on the final weekend. Maria Ricci: We weren't able to … obtain those messages. Maria Ricci: Donald Heathfield … in Boston … was getting close to people who were nuclear experts. They had a forged U.S. birth certificate from the state of Pennsylvania and the state of New York, respectively. … Once the decision was made to arrest, and we started to move forward in the planning process, one of the key things that came about was identifying …  a window in which to act. Here are the steps to follow. … It really was a surreal experience. Her work at a financial services industry gave them intelligence of value to the economists in Russia. … All the officers involved in headquarters went up 24/7 on all of our subjects. … With every step that they got closer, that risk became greater. Todd Shelton: We see the change in the tactics being employed … with Semenko and Chapman. $gettopstory = mysql_query($query_gettopstory, $theudb) or die(mysql_error()); Leon Panetta: We agreed to set up an exchange in Vienna. $topID = $row_gettopstory['id']; Alan Kohler: The decision was made that we were gonna take down the network in 2010.

I was in New Jersey … covering the Murphys. So, agents pulled an all-nighter, preparing a criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York to arrest the spies. Richard Murphy is taken into custody by the FBI outside his Montclair, New Jersey, home. In June 2006, the Washington-based spies Michael Zottoli and his wife showed up in New York. It was just in hundred dollar bills. Get the latest breaking news delivered straight to your inbox. … From that point … it became a negotiation. $query_recname = "SELECT * FROM recruits_categories ORDER BY pageorder ASC"; And my response is, if they had, that would have been the single greatest failure of my career." Miami put last week’s loss behind them and beat a tough, physical Pitt team. It is the nation's only corporate, for-profit migrant youth shelter. And then he performs the act. South Florida high school recruiting legend Larry Blustein recently caught up with the OBB’s to discuss recruiting. Todd Shelton: That night, just before 11:00, the Boston conspirator Donald Heathfield had plane tickets to depart from Logan with one of his children to a European visit. They wanted them to target people with more value. I think that … he … thought that he was a victim of someone else's mistake. The Arms Race film series is putting two quarterbacks’ performances from the week before and letting them battle to the death. Alex Coon: I got a call … it was around 9:30 at night on my phone and … the person on the other line said … "Are you Alex Coon, the manager?" Now the FBI knew how Russia was paying the spies.

Todd Shelton: An overt act which we can document … an intelligence officer … as working on behalf of the Russian government. She opens a company called Property Finders. It really was a pretty seamless transition for such a large package. It’s not too early to start thinking about the ACC Championship Game spot. And we were able to enter the system. //takes the larger size of the width and height and applies the … They described what the situation was.

In June 2004, the FBI staked out Columbus Circle and watched as Murphy tried to find the other operative, whom he had never met. Alan Kohler: It wasn't transferred in from a Russian bank … it wasn't in rubles. InsideTheU a source for football recruiting, basketball recruiting, and baseball recruiting for miami hurricanes and dade county and sports news on the miami area, miami hurricanes, and dade county … Through a GPS device … we affixed to the rental car that Metsos was driving, we see the car go north out of New York City to a rest stop in Wurtsboro, New York. Leon Panetta: I was very impressed with … the fact that … we knew what the hell was going on here.

… He checks his watch. For more than a decade, FBI agents bugged the spies' homes, followed their travels, and ultimately cracked their secret communications network. Alan Kohler: Chapman … accepted the offer to hand a fake passport to somebody else. There were cameras everywhere. The Miami Hurricanes inch closer to the top ten in both polls after their win over the Pittsburgh Panthers. Craig Sandler: I met Donald Heathfield … at the Kennedy School. Todd Shelton: In June of 2009, on the North White Plains station of Metro North Railroad, we see the … New Jersey conspirator … Richard Murphy, conduct another brush pass with a Russian diplomat. Todd Shelton: Semenko takes the money, and the following day the FBI documents him through video surveillance. … We found an odd piece of paper that had Alt-Control-E and then a 27-character password … And we found a bunch of floppy disks. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Everybody in the room kind of said, "Wow!" He takes a deep breath.

Battleground Tracker: Biden leads in Michigan and Nevada, race tied in Iowa, A behind-the-scenes look at how mail-in ballots are processed, With more mail-in ballots, officials urge patience on election night, Americans and the right to vote: Why it's not easy for everyone, Why some mail-in ballots are rejected and how to make sure your vote counts. WBZ BOSTON NEWS REPORT: A husband and wife from Cambridge are in federal custody tonight. Maria Ricci: Richard Murphy was going to pass a $150,000 … and the flash drive containing the new covert communication system … to Michael Zottoli. He tugs on his collar. She's handing over the evidence, identifying what it was and how she's used it.

… Inside the bag, we believe to be a significant amount of U.S. currency. $morenews = mysql_query($query_morenews, $theudb) or die(mysql_error()); Alan Kohler: A dead drop is a cache of, typically, money. Todd Shelton: As things unfold during the day … we're in close communication with all of the offices. We didn't know when or if the Russians were going to make a decision to pull the intelligence officers back, but we had to plan accordingly. The solution? Whoa. Alan Kohler: The moment of the arrests was … the moment we've all been waiting for … for years. Agents quickly identified where the money was hidden. King vs. Pickett. But hey, let’s link up and talk about it, shall we? In Montclair, New Jersey, neighbors of Richard and Cynthia Murphy were also stunned. The spies' identities, or backstory – known as a legend – was determined long before they set foot on American soil. The perfect gift for football recruiting fans! Todd Shelton: We look to use every tool in the FBI investigative toolbox. $row_morenews = mysql_fetch_assoc($morenews); /*

Ed Foley: That was my favorite location of all the meets, because … it really challenged us. Time to test your knowledge about your favorite football program. Todd Shelton: We were in the Strategic Information Operation Center at FBI headquarters. The FBI learned Richard Murphy had in his possession $300,000 in cash and a flash drive containing a new covert communication system. … The risks…were astronomical.". … We go in as cleaning crew, as Con Ed. There were political issues. A temporary shelter has been contracted south of Miami to house more than 2,000 migrant children. … We knew that Heathfield was trying to gather information about how one would join the State Department. DATING SITE, Guys let's visit the site, let's love it. InsideTheU a source for football recruiting, basketball recruiting, and baseball recruiting for miami hurricanes and dade county and sports news on the miami area, miami hurricanes, and dade county By 2000, the New York office of the FBI was leading an unprecedented investigation into Russian intelligence agents living in the United States potentially threatening national security. How long do we have before the Russians replace this network with another? ERICA HILL | "CBS Evening News," June 28, 2010: Tonight, we're learning of ten arrests here in the U.S. Maria Ricci: It was a total game changer.

… Keeping the children in the dark about what they're doing is a way to make sure that you keep their identity as secure as possible. It is also the first time ever that workers have spoken publicly The tradecraft box is the spies' tool kit. Ed Foley: What's supposed to be a quick meeting … lasted quite a while. Why Mike Redding Is the Receiver Miami Has Always Needed. $row_recname = mysql_fetch_assoc($recname);

Maria Ricci: They were … toddlers when I first joined the case and I watched them grow up into really great, beautiful young ladies. Todd Shelton: Anna Chapman …  has a piece of tradecraft -- a dedicated laptop computer specifically designed for her to load in intelligence reports, which could be transmitted to a corresponding laptop in the possession of a Russian diplomat, who also was an intelligence officer. … We've come so far in 10 years and we don't need any screw ups at this point.

"Tradecraft" includes the techniques, methods and technologies that a spy uses to gather intelligence.

Todd Shelton: In economic circles, financial circles, social circles, if you're looking for ways to show civil discontent, you might want a pulse of what's going on in the country at the time. Todd Shelton: It caused him to have access to a variety of people who would indeed have the types of information we believe that the Russians would value. The next move was to figure out how the spies were communicating back and forth with headquarters, known as Center, in Moscow.

Todd Shelton: Tracey Foley was a realtor. Todd Shelton: It was a head spinning time for us.

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