Out of the blue, Walter declares he wants to end things with Ruth. Travis strikes a sponsorship deal with Dank & Dabby, who have more than 100,000 Youtube subscribers. Diamonds in my mouth sparkle look like sprite i'm so high and Look dawg i dont roam with the poodles Jenny dumps her mother's special tea into the recently cleaned water tank. (Don't you hate on me) Looking for a … My wrist is tricked in ice, my neck is dripped in ice i'm so high and Banks will send a bitch to the store just for a piece of cheesecake like puff did That's a hell of a blunt, fire it up, lets' get high, You can call me G five 'cause I be in the clouds Travis' quest to replace Olivia continues while Jenny's mother finds out she is a bud tender and the resulting conflict threatens Jenny's romance with Carter. Ruth hosts Woman's Entrepreneurial Education Day with Rosie Bush, the militant lesbian, feminist and super judgmental pot farmer who runs Eve's Bush, the first all female, all-lesbian cannabis cooperative, and supplies RAC with the eponymous cannabis strain. So if your plottin on poppin off, sceem smoothly 0 0. You're broad done up and broke your heart i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high and i'm so high ... Verse 1: Now what ya name be, lisa, kelly, mary sue What ya game be, playing me and im playing you What ya frame be, 36-24-42 Can u blame me, me for wanna get wit u Lloyd Banks Lyrics provided by SongLyrics.com. Biowave starts talking to Pete and taking over the world. I'm So Fly' Cause they harass us in the airport like i know wen itz blowin shit up His cig will melt a riva like 2 scoups of butta (butta) I'm so high, I'm so high, I believe I can fly, Bitch I'm sittin' so high, I believe I can fly Carter's trip animation by: Sol Burbridge and Greg Arden (of Bent Image Lab)[12]. For pot users — particularly pot users of color — it’s been downhill ever since. As an ad/intermission, Ex-NFL players from the Gridiron Cannabis Foundation argue the league should legalize medicinal cannabis for its players. To Doug's surprise, Pete presents him with a candle as a gift. Carter's trip animation by: Gabriel Mangold[12]. My hybrid and driver are the same. Chorus: You just might be the s*xiest thing off in the club (off in the club), After they connect, Travis and Olivia hallucinate Ruth while making out. My name ring each state

yeah or three six. You jokes cant afford these homes All rights reserved. I'm So High'

Rollin' off of Mac Dre leanin' like a triple beam And yeah, it has some pretty interesting lyrics: You can check out the full version of the song below (although warning, there's nudity in the accompanying video): Interestingly, this video also contains some of the same footage that appears in the Disjointed credits as well; it reportedly comes from a classic 1936 cult movie called Marijuana: The Weed With Roots From Hell!

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