For example, some have a one line notice while others have a three-line notice. Xavier Roberts signature is on the bum of each authentic Cabbage Patch Kid. Collecting antique dolls is a popular hobby that can be both enjoyable and used as an investment for the collector. Cabbage Patch Babies (Bean Butt Babies) were introduced in 1986. BabyLand General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia remains a top tourist attraction and special event locale. 1985 Coleco boxes have a 1985 date banner. I cant figure out how to post pics to you of the 2 cabbage patch kids dolls I have. References Couture Kids appeared in Canada wearing fur coats and hats in 1984. out what decade she is from and what country she is from, I have found out that she is a German doll from the 70s-80s. There are several ways to identify authentic Cabbage Patch dolls, including signature, body tags and copyright notice. Cabbage Patch dolls date back to the 1970s, and the value of original models may exceed $50,000. They are a bit harder to find and very sought after by US collectors. New collectors should be aware that fake kids may look almost identical to the authentic dolls. Expert Cabbage Patch doll collectors can be consulted for further information on the authenticity of a particular doll. 1987 and 1988 the box colors changed and the Banner stays "The Official" like in 1986. Coleco A/A Preemies had brown tufts and. The Tsukuda kids have beautiful complexions and butterfly patterns in the eye paint. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Triang Pedigree was a factory in South Africa. ", careful to point out significant and minor details to look out for. Gareth Cattermole/Moment Open/Getty Images. Try this one:, “The Complete List of Cabbage Patch Kids”. France, distributed by Ideal - Les Patoufs (translates to The Kids)  *Not to be confused with French Canadian Coleco kids which have P'tits Bouts de Choux on the box. Most of the Jesmars had freckles, but some do not and they were generally taller than Colecos. Edition), 1998 - Maroon (Mattel), Black (Mattel 15th Anniversary), A Bleuette Salute To Our Veterens! Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? New collectors should be aware that fake kids may look almost identical to the authentic dolls. Hamilton holds a Bachelor of Arts in literature from Iowa State University and is pursuing a Master of Arts in creative writing from London South Bank University. If you want to make sure that your Cabbage Patch Kid is authentic, you can look for a few telltale signs. I’m searching for an email address for you. Look for it in the next couple of weeks. After Coleco went bankrupt, the dolls' rights were transferred to,,,,, and most recent licensee,. **This page is always a work in progress : ), After collecting for 10 years I can tell what factory a kid is from without looking at the tags. Lift up the hair on the back of the doll’s head to look for the manufacturer’s mark. Since then, the dolls have been in high demand, and so, along with new models of the dolls, copies have infiltrated the market. It has small pores that collect dust and dirt. For example, a doll with very heavy cracks across the face is very old. ← How To Make a Pixie Coat Using Upcycled Clothing,, Two British Women Fighting Fast Fashion Waste, Why UpCycled Clothing Matters and the #ChopDontShop Movement, Upcycled Clothing – What It Is and Why You Should Wear It. If the doll doesn't have a manufacturer's mark anywhere and you still suspect that it could be antique, contact a professional doll appraiser for help. ", "This article helped me notice that my doll has a wig and could be worth something!". Identifying Year of Manufacture Cabbage Patch Dolls by Signature Colors Listed below are the years of manufacture, the color of the signature, and the manufacturer of the Cabbage Patch dolls for that year 1983 - Black (Coleco) 1984 - Black (Coleco … A lot of the Designer Line Kids are marked Coleco, including the boxes. After collecting for awhile, you may prefer certain factory kids, I love Jesmar and Tsukuda kids. Also, I need a good picture of every single Cabbage Patch doll in this list – it is a HUGE task! body tag on the authentic Cabbage Patch Kids. Oh Erin – thank you SO much for asking. Usually the more dirt in the pores, the older the doll is. Splashin' Kids, kids that were meant to be played with in the water and Talking Kids came to market in 1987. Hi Ashley, This is the most accurate way of identifying the doll, as it can be difficult to rely solely on the appearance. For further confirmation, locate your doll's birth certificate, as this will provide the year of your doll's creation and help you define its features based on that year's manufacturer. Remember finding a CPK from a foreign factory does not guarantee rarity or high value. I will recommend anyone looking for Business loan to Le_Meridian they helped me with Four Million USD loan to startup my Quilting business and it's was fast When obtaining a loan from them it was surprising at how easy they were to work with. Jesmar only made CPK with head molds 1-4 and only Caucasian kids. There are some amazing seamstresses that make clothing replicas and collectors that will pay high prices for them. The information on the box is in Spanish. Always get an expert opinion if you are unsure about the identification of your doll. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. It was definitely a positive experience.Avoid scammers on here and contact Le_Meridian Funding Service On. Also, I need a good picture of every single Cabbage Patch doll in this list – it is a HUGE task! Over the years, a number of companies have manufactured Cabbage Patch Kids; Xavier Roberts himself handmade the first ones. Thank you! These Toy versions are recognizable by their smaller size and vinyl heads. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? However, if your doll sports the appropriate brand for its body type, then you can be assured that your Cabbage Patch Kid is authentic.

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