Ms Trowbridge said she believed that Gregory Peck would have applauded a new film, even one that presented a more complicated view of Atticus Finch. It is a story about putting aside childish beliefs and certainties. Those who represent Ms Lee say they are not entertaining any offers at the moment, to comply with her request that the film rights be sold only after international publication of the book is complete. Because the action takes place 20 years later than the story of To Kill a Mockingbird, it feels like a sequel. Let's cast this thing. How would moviegoers respond to a new portrayal of Atticus Finch, who is depicted as a racist in "Watchman", but is so identified with Gregory Peck's Oscar-winning portrayal of him as a colourblind champion of justice in "Mockingbird"? It is a story of acceptance — self-acceptance most of all. This can be clearly brought out by looking at his attitude towards the black people, his defense of Tom Robinson and his attitude in go set a watchman. VideoThe story of the blaze that destroyed Moria camp, Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes. George Clooney, though still shy of Atticus’s 70 years by the time of Watchman, springs to mind as a worthy successor to Peck. If Atticus is not willing to accept desegregation, Jean Louise also is resistant to change and anxious about it, even as she knows it must occur. But, as with seemingly everything surrounding the recently rediscovered book by Harper Lee, which was published in 70 different countries and seven translations on Tuesday, the situation is not that simple. Ms Lee "is quite particular about film rights in general and would want to have a say in how it is produced," Andrew Nurnberg, the British agent who represents Ms Lee, said in an email about any prospective movie version of Watchman. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. "But it needs very sensitive handling. Video, The story of the blaze that destroyed Moria camp, Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes. He added that some inquirers have also expressed interest in remaking To Kill a Mockingbird, which Ms Lee opposes. Another point of dissention may deal with the subject matter of Watchman, which exists — without spoiling anything — in the tumultuous Civil Rights movement in the South, and buried family secrets regarding the Finches’ past upend predisposed notions of these beloved characters. Reading frenzy: "Go Set a Watchman" has become the most pre-ordered title on Amazon since the final Harry Potter book.Credit:Getty Images. On March 4, 2009, Glu Mobile released Watchmen: The Mobile Game, a beat 'em up mobile game featuring Nite Owl and The Comedian fighting enemies in … The discovery of the novel was announced in February and hailed as the literary sensation of the decade. It's a free society," Mr Peck said in a phone interview. Far-right online: 'I got them back on social media' VideoFar-right online: 'I got them back on social media', Undercover in the schools that chain boys. For one, Mockingbird so strongly impacted society at the

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