The following policies and procedures will be in effect for GW MD Program students needing to purchase a laptop computer for their studies: The GW MD Program provides required specifications for all laptop computers that will run necessary software here. Students are expected to manage resources within the total budget according to his/her discretion. The bottom line is: federal student loans are for student educational expenses only. 7. The room and board total during four years would be $76,557; for two years it would be $37,132. Notes: Tuition cost for the Off Campus and At Home allowances reflect the 10% tuition reduction for the fall semester. + amount for off-campus (with family) room, board and other expenses * # of students living off-campus with family, + amount for off-campus (not with family) room, board and other expenses * # of students living off-campus not with family). For married students the responsibility for child care is split and the student may only apply for an increase of 50% of reasonable costs. The monthly lease amount for each academic year will be considered, up to a career maximum of $1,750. Many people complain about the food and it being expensive. Percent of undergraduate students awarded grant aid. This fee is comprised of $55,140 for tuition, $13,850 room and board, $1,325 for books and supplies and $90 for other fees. As a school located within a prime section in the capital of the United States (minutes away from the White House and the monuments), it is almost a no-brainer that the tuition is that high. (for 1st year students), $310/yr. I joke that GW is so expensive because we're paying for extra class time, not for vacations. The Monthly Budget is the total living expenses divided by the number of months in the academic year; it is provided as a guide. If you use your card for only food (not gift cards, school supplies, etc), you will be fine. These fees are comprised of the Student Association and MD Activity Fees. The median monthly loan payment for student borrowers who completed, if it were repaid over 10 years at a 5.05% interest rate. GW is a very expensive school. This allowance thereby reduces the expected contribution from the student's household. The positives seem to outweigh the negative, and you more likely than not, receive bang for the buck. This allowance will not be included in the student’s financial aid offer. Local transportation budgets are eliminated for any semester in which a student is enrolled solely in a virtual learning environment. Also on campus housing is mandatory for freshman and sophomore year and if you appeal this then your financial aid award is decreased. If existing tendencies in room, board, and other expenses go on, we expect current incoming freshmen to be charged $18,288 for their first year of college. Deadline for requests: April 15, 2021 unless otherwise noted. Tuition for incoming undergraduate students in fall 2020 is $58,550. This is the fact that I can walk a few blocks from campus and be right in front of the White House, National Mall, or the Lincoln Memorial! GW's location is probably the most unique (and the best) thing about it! No other college compares to the perks you get at GWU. The presidential motorcade passes by almost daily and there's never a dull moment! Note: All requests for an increase to the COA must include the documentation mentioned for each category and a signed Loan Increase Form, which may be found here. Total amount of grant or scholarship aid awarded to all undergraduates from the federal government, state/local government, the institution, and other sources known to the institution. Tuition for George Washington University is on the rise, with tuition at $52969. Additionally, 1st year students are charged a $50 orientation fee. If you experience an access barrier, please let us know via the Accessibility Feedback Form. Please note that if the NBE resolves the suspension during this academic year the Office of Financial Aid will allow students to request additional funding for the licensure exam on a case-by-case basis. Students may not increase the cost of attendance for away rotations, except for rotations outside of the United States. This place is super expensive, but it is totally worth the money. Documentation as to the actual cost will be required. Without my scholarship, I would not be able to afford this school. Our office offers a number of programs to assist you in financing your education, including: institutional gift aid, merit and need-based scholarships, as well as participating in Federal Direct, HRSA, and institutional loan programs, and assisting students in obtaining private loans. The Activity Fee is $390/yr. 8. The Activity Fee is $390/yr. In 2019 - 2020, GWU students spent $14,950 for housing and $3,050 for the dining plan. 2. Room, Board & Other Expenses Trend - George Washington University will be assumed to be covered by the books and supplies and miscellaneous allowances already included in the student’s COA. 6. Students may apply for federal or alternative educational loan funds. Therefore. GW is very courteous with their scholarships and financial aid but you have to work hard in high school. They give federal work study as well to help you out. Federal Loan Origination Fees.Please note that you may increase your COA to the net cost of attendance in student loans by requesting that federal loan origination fees be added to the COA. Residency interview costs are included in the budget for 4th year students. (for 4th year students). If you have an expense that does not meet the guidelines stated above please bring your paid receipts and a letter of explanation to the office for consideration. © All Rights Reserved. Please note that tuition rates and total COA figures are subject to change at any time. The Student Association Fee is $3.00/credit to a maximum of $45.00/semester for all medical students. Inclusion of the cost of the computer (or an upgrade) will be allowed only once per program of study (example: once for undergraduate studies, once for graduate studies). Requests made after the last day of exams will be processed in the first week of the following semester. However, if you can afford to go there (through scholarships, grants, parents paying, or even loans), GW does not disappoint with the various opportunities available to you, as well as the various things you see and who you meet. This allowance is based on national averages. In order to have the cost of the purchase of a computer added to the cost of attendance, the student must provide a written request for a loan increase to the GW MD Program Financial Aid Office, with a dated receipt/proof of purchase attached. AmeriCorps Segal Awards). The room and board total during four years would be $76,557; for two years it would be $37,132. Other expenses. The Medical School Office of Financial Aid may consider other educationally related expenses on a case-by-case basis. The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of George Washington University (GW) are $56,935 for their students and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $31,824. On a case by case basis, where the family's available income is less than the income protection allowance, an addition to the standard budget of a 'dependent care allowance' to reflect costs of food and shelter for dependents may be appropriate. The Higher Education Amendments of 1998 included a provision that allows an institution, on a case by case basis, to include in a student's “cost of attendance” the actual, documented cost of a personal computer. Get started by knowing how much you will pay each year for food, housing, books and more. Your laptop must be able to run Examsoft software. Therefore, students are strongly encouraged to live below the budget; live like a student now so you will not have to live like a student after graduation. Here’s the Cost of Attendance breakdown for George Washington University: Tuition and Fees $47343 Room $9700

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