Enter a new level of diplomacy and intrigue as your Alliance must negotiate with rivals, and players at large, in order to win the votes needed to pass the Policies you want. You can also check:  11 Free games like Battlefield for Android & iOS 2019. This feature is useful for the times when you have run out of energy and aren’t able to participate in battles. Initiative determines the order of action in combat. These are games similar to Lords Mobile Vikings: War of Clans King's Empire Age of Warring Empire Ikariam New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the lordsmobile community. Is there such game? All names, brands and imagery used are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners. Explore LORDS MOBILE, a magical world thrown into war and chaos by terrifying monsters and powerful enemies. Your goal here is to build a base along a beach. Check out our 2018 collections of best RTS games like Command and Conquer for Android, PC, PS4, Xbox, and also available on Steam. Each role has a different power and purpose that will bring you to win alone or as a team. Except for fighting you, can sell unwanted weapons, upgrade your arsenal and heroes’ skills. The basic premise is still there, though. Now all you have to do is hit that download button to get the game on PC or Mac. 50 Games Like Lords Mobile for PC Windows 1# Rise - 2016. There has to be a low cost alternative out there with this style of game. I am building one :) Will update here the details of game in a year. There are 4 different campaigns in the game that differ from each other by race. All the choices you made in the game will determine the further story of it. As a massively multiplayer game with millions of players the world over, you get to decide how you will proceed. Vikings: War of Clans is a nice game with very detailed graphics and medieval architecture. Legends of Honor is an Addictive, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, and … This game is quite easy to play and you might become addicted to the process. The game features a variety of heroes and troops that you can pair together for extra buffs. It boasts over 50 million installs. Only the best alliance can win! Dynamic tank battles and nonstop action that never lets you catch your breath. If we missed any of the best games like Clash of Clans, tell us about them in the comments! Accomplish different quests like preparing food for starving people. Be brave and wise to win the battle. Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of World War 2. Werewolves Online is a cross-platform multiplayer role-playing and strategy game where each player is assigned a unique role at the start of the game. Each campaign contains approximately 90 missions and has a leader. Drop us a line. Occupy other areas containing resources. Fortify your castle, fuel a massive army, and enter the ultimate fight for realm domination! 8.9 User Avg (107 votes) VISIT. Grow your empire, protect your area, fight with enemies in this well – designed and popular game. You will find Flame dragons, angels, mysterious animals like a fox with two tails, vampire knights, half-human – half feline creatures. Lords Mobile is available for free on PC, along with other PC games like Clash Royale, Subway Surfers, Gardenscapes, and Clash of Clans. Citadels: War Game Strategy is another nice strategic game to upgrade your tactic skills. Lords Mobile for PC is the best PC games download website for fast and easy downloads on your favorite games. Luckily, this grand strategy game is very easy to get into, so you do not have to worry about getting overwhelmed in the beginning. The world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile! Choose a unique Champion ranging from those as noble as knights or as merciless as Vikings to lead your army and help build your kingdom. You will be suggested to purchase a lot of in-app facilities that would help you to restore a defeated army or upgrade it. It’s a freemium game like the rest of them and it’s a great game if you liked Clash of Clans, but wanted something more well-rounded. Remember that there are enemies and rivals of all kinds out there and forming the right diplomatic strategy will also be invaluable in your road to glory. Lords of Discord is yet another mobile game with a typical scenario and fantastic creatures as heroes. Every hero can have more than one ability besides attacking. The United States is reeling and an evil Regime has assumed control of the whole nation, oppressing its citizens. Defend your empire from attacks and extend its area. Surely, there are endless hours of fun and excitement just waiting for you in Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires – Strategy RPG. It’s available to download on Android and iOS devices. Build up your empire and hold your defense against the waves of enemy attacks! Players build up their bases, attack other bases, and team up to do a bunch of stuff. It functioned well in our testing and it’s still good even if it is a freemium title. It can be either male or female. Boom Beach is another kingdom building game on mobile. Multiple realms available, with new ones starting every two weeks. This one does a better job of standing out from the pack than most of its competitors. Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a classic strategy game with all their mythical creatures like Orcs, Elves, Goblins. Each army has a special advantage that emphasizes a unique playstyle, whether you prefer to quickly build up your kingdom, strike with charging knights or fiercely defend your civilization from invasion. you can still download and play Clash of Clans by clicking here. Captains and starbases can be improved through skills, runes, artefacts and officers, giving you complete control over your combat style and abilities. 《真龙传世》是一款大型多人APRG游戏,游戏中拥有养成、冒险、打斗、社交、互动等各种丰富多样的功能。玩家可以通过点击空白处的方式控制自己的角色,在3D静态地图配合2D动态模型的即时光影成像技术下与怪物战斗,和兄弟结盟,挥洒热血,激战沙场。在服务器架构上支持多服务器动态支撑技术,能容纳数万玩家在游戏内娱乐。游戏美术设计上汲取了东西方的美术元素,使用玄幻而写实的美术风格,人物造型华丽而独特,富有真实立体效果和绚丽的光影。. Of course, you will have the main character in this game. There is nice background music traditionally used in such strategy games with heroes, missions, and combats. Explore a vast new MMORPG world inspired by your favorite pixellated dungeon crawlers. However, your spells come in the form of cards. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You mean where you can't buy leveled up accounts and resources? Moreover, The Lords Mobile hack download sets itself apart from all other strategy games by bringing you the biggest open-world you can ever imagine. That adds another element of game play that most titles in this genre don’t have. Add to that the multiplayer along with co-op missions and this one is deeper than most. In Dungeon Siege , you get to control your humble player character and make them go on a murderous adventure for riches or better apparel and weapons. Grow the city from scratch: logging camps to collect an important wood or villas to call people to live in your city. King’s Bounty Legions is one of the best games compared to other RPG and strategy mix games. You can choose to play for the Human race, Elves, Greenskins, or Dwarves. Create an alliance, gather resources, and unlock advanced technology to level up your stronghold! So you have to revive the empire that used to be prosperous. Possessed by a flame demon, you play as a mercenary in a world ravaged by seven Ice Lords and their army of the dead. 50 different types of characters to recruit including Orcs, Elves, Angels, and Beasts. The goal is conquest and supremacy.

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