Unwilling to let the weirdness ruin her day, Deidre dismissed the strange exchange, distracted by the smells coming from a display of homemade candles. Fair exchange is no robbery. Carmen stopped at the corner, uncomfortable with the heat of the exchange, yet unwilling to interrupt. During the reign of Peisistratus he is said to have visited Athens, on which occasion he related the fable of The Frogs asking for a King, to dissuade the citizens from attempting to exchange Peisistratus for another ruler. high; the Marienkirche, also a medieval church, with a lofty tower; the law courts; the theatre and the exchange. The war between France and Spain for the possession of Naples dragged on, and Alexander was ever intriguing, ready to ally himself with whichever power promised at the moment most advantageous terms. 0 The White God hadn't said a word, until requesting a hostage of his own in exchange for sending his brother to live with the Black God. On this square stands the Artusor Junker-hof (the merchant princes of the middle ages were in Germany styled Junker, squire), containing a hall richly decorated with wood carving and pictures, once used as a banqueting-room and now serving as the exchange. Since the closing years of the 19th century the Austro-Hungarian Bank had pursued a policy which had in the main the object of making the Austrian krone a gold exchange standard. It is served by the Midland and the North Eastern railways (Midland station), and by the Great Northern and the Lancashire & Yorkshire railways (Exchange station). Your innocuous miss who refused to give up in exchange for who The Florida Citrus Exchange has its headquarters here. The principal buildings are the church of St Hilda, with a picturesque old tower; the town hall in the market-place, exchange, customhouse, mercantile marine offices, public library and museum, grammar school, marine school, master-mariners' asylum and seamen's institute. The value of a tactful and efficient intermediary can hardly be over-estimated, and in the East a personal interview of a few minutes of ten results in the conclusion of some important matter which would otherwise require the exchange of a long and laborious correspondence. This opposition was shown in the demand for additional duties on stamps (this was granted by Bismarck), in the opposition to the renewal of the Bank Charter, and especially in the new regulations for the Exchange which were carried in 1896. In 1899 the rate of exchange moved between 710% and 206% premium on gold. Among other public buildings are the exchange (El Muelle), the custom-house (formerly the church of San Francisco; begun about 1575, rebuilt in 1731-1737), and the Maestranza (c. 1723), once the navy yard and the headquarters of the artillery and now the home of the national library. After the exchange in the immortal world, she knew Sofi was on no good terms with Xander. The United Nations World Food Programme was so inspired by this success that pilot programs for an exchange were launched in twenty-one countries. Ronin1134 1 289779 He gave me an orange in exchange for a piece of cake. But after 1873, in consequence of changes in the monetary systems of France and Germany, and the increased production of silver, this stability of exchange no longer continued, and the rupee sank steadily in value, till it was worth little more than half its face value. The chief public buildings are the town and county halls, the corn exchange, the hospital and Chambers Institution. New Netherland was retained by England in exchange for Suriname. (4) Hungary to reform her produce and Stock Exchange laws so as to prevent speculation in agrarian produce. "The necklace in exchange for stopping the slaughter of my vamps," Jonny answered. For subscribers who desire the telephone for occasional use, the party-line system has been devised, whereby several telephones are connected to one line leading to the exchange. After bold and repeated overtures for an exchange of prisoners - an important matter, both because the American frigates had no place in which to - stow away their prisoners, and because of the maltreatment _ of American captives in such prisons as Dartmoor - exchanges began at the end of March 1779, although there were annoying delays, and immediately after November 1781 there was a long break in the agreement; and the Americans discharged from English prisons were constantly in need of money. Like the Spaniards it held that this trade should be confined to an exchange of colonial raw produce for home manufactures. for subscribers within half a mile of the exchange, £1, 5s. Other causes, of which we have explicit record, were an outbreak of sickness at Nuremberg; Darer's desire, which in fact was realized, of finding a good market for the proceeds of his art; and the prospect, also realized, of a commission for an important picture from the German community settled at Venice, who had lately caused an exchange and warehouse - the Fondaco de' Tedeschi - to be built on the Grand Canal, and who were now desirous to dedicate a picture in the church of St Bartholomew. The White God hadn't said a word, until requesting a hostage of his own in exchange for sending his brother to live with the Black God. Among these are the Corn Exchange in Mark Lane, where the privilege of a fair was originally granted by Edward I.; the Wool Exchange, Coleman Street; the Coal Exchange, Lower Thames Street; the Shipping Exchange, Billiter Street; and the auction mart for landed property in Tokenhouse Yard. Example Sentences for "exchange" Can I exchange it for a larger size?Do you know what the current exchange rate is for American dollars?I need to exchange these pants for something in a slightly smaller sizeI bought this shirt As the cost of dealing in " futures " is only one shilling on each transaction for a member of the Cotton Exchange (the outsider is charged in addition a commission by his broker), it is not surprising that the transactions taking place in " futures " number legion.

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