Later, when Elijah returned to the Mikaelson compound, he took charge of the vampires in Klaus' absence and ordered Marcel and all of the vampires to help him track down Klaus and Rebekah, vowing to kill all of the witches who dared to hurt his family. On both accounts, Elijah proved himself to be correct, though sadly he failed to prevent the disastrous events of the ending of the first season but Klaus openly acknowledged Elijah was right. Elijah immediately questioned why Tyler would come all the way to New Orleans, forcing Klaus to admit his history with Tyler: he turned Tyler into a hybrid, and when the pack of hybrids conspired against him to break their sire bonds to Klaus, he killed all of Tyler's pack mates and his mother. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Let him out to play". In Queen Death, However, after his mother's assault on his mind, revealing the Red Door - a mental barrier of sorts that he hides the fallout, and even memories, of his most vicious deeds behind - he began to lose control and give in to these urges, despite consciously trying to control them. At the end of the episode, Klaus asked Elijah if he was willing to give up his doomed treaty, since first, Marcel started a massacre at the feast, and then the werewolves' encampment in the Bayou had been bombed so severely that many werewolves died, and even more were severely injured. In Always and Forever, Elijah went to New Orleans to find out who was plotting against Klaus, with the plan to then, in his own words, "either help them or stop them, depending on (his) mood". The Vampire Diaries This article has been identified as an article that needs help. After Hayley and Klaus had to give up to protect her, Elijah and Hayley become estranged. At first, Elijah has the advantage, however, Klaus soon gets the upper-hand and overpowers Elijah, he grabs Elijah by the throat and Elijah pleads with him to see that Dahlia will take everything away from them. Elijah then toasts with Klaus on their victory, as the brothers once again reconnect to fight as a team. The two are reluctant allies and frenemies and they do not get along (not that similar to the one between Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett, who do show some caring for each other yet they are not that much of good friends, more like frenemies). He is very praiseworthy, respectful, and admirable for human life, which is unseen in many other vampires and is normally very reluctant to kill anyone when unnecessary. Elijah later called everyone for a meeting, where he then admitted the truth he had learned about the witches and why the Originals were brought to New Orleans, a story which he learned from Davina. First made his appearance in The Vampire Diaries as a villain, but later on became a supporting character. In The Feast of All Sinners, Rebekah tells Elijah that without him Klaus will go mad. This encompasses knowledge of how to fight, wield a sword and defend himself. Klaus and Elijah were so furious that Marcel would so blatantly disregard their rules that Elijah rushed over to Marcel's hide-out and ripped Thierry's heart out, knowing that Klaus would never forgive him if he killed Marcel, and also knowing killing Thierry would ultimately be more painful for Marcel. He also has no tolerance for those that disrespect him. He's also just a very calming presence in a world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and hybrids. Elijah finally wakes up. Klaus orders Gia to take off her daylight ring and Elijah screams in horror as he tries to save his girlfriend, but Klaus has immobilized him long enough to watch as his lover burns to death. Klaus began to question Elijah about Hayley, and references how much Elijah seemed to admire her, before an annoyed Elijah suggested that Klaus wait in the car so they could avoid such conversations. He was born in the area which later became Mystic Falls after his parents fled from Europe after the supposed death of his sister Freya who was thought to be dead from the plague. Only when he realized he was lied to would Elijah break a deal, as they have theoretically proven themselves to go against him, such as in his deal with Sophie Deveraux. Klaus counters by reminding him that he is the one who tried to take everything when he broke his vow. He took up the mantle of the hero most prominently to fight Klaus to save Rebekah's life and tried to warn Klaus that the moonlight rings he sought to provide the werewolves will only make them turn against him. Elijah has began to repair his relationship with his younger half-brother and believes he will find Klaus' redemption through his daughter Hope, Elijah's niece. As Elijah and Rebekah struggle to figure out how Klaus had managed to release himself from the gold dagger - Freya explains that it was Dahlia's doing and that it was part of her plan; that she had killed Aiden, hoping that the blame would fall on Klaus and cause the family to divide so as to win his loyalty and willingness to support her cause. Once inside, he walked into the foyer to find Klaus threatening Rebekah with a dagger, forcing him to intervene to protect Rebekah. Elijah couldn't understand how Klaus could say that while he was holding the mother of his child a prisoner, which only angered Klaus more. Elijah in general is a very emotionally hardened character and has difficulty at times handling and accepting certain emotions. When Klaus finds this out from Elijah, they fight. With Lucien's help, they infiltrated the castle and pretended to be nobles. During that time, Elijah was pregnant with Elijah.

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