If you are in need of experienced legal representation, contact his office today at (832) 752-5972. Meanwhile, Pace and his crew worked hard to conceal their new wealth, laundering it through property deals and phony businesses. Interestingly, just a day before the heist, Pace was fired from his post, the reasons for it were undisclosed. The Dunbar company specialized in armored car services and the LA facility was a major depot for these vehicles. So, after hanging out for a few hours at a house party in Long Beach to establish their alibis, it was time for zero hour. Shining a light on the forgotten and the unknown of the world. A man named Allen Pace III worked for Dunbar as a regional safety inspector. Dunbar, 27, has been charged with four counts of armed robbery. Unsurprisingly, the heist immediately was suspected of being an inside job. The gang worked hard to conceal their new wealth, waiting six months before attempting to launder the $18.9 million. However, their scheme eventually got exposed after one of the crew members, Eugene Lamar Hill, 29, gave a real estate broker friend a stack of cash bound with the original currency straps; upon noticing this, his friend went to the police. As such, the police closely monitored Pace, though they could not find anything. Once arrested, Hill soon confessed and named his co-conspirators. Although this was not definitive evidence, it was all the authorities had to go on. Detectives noticed Hill had rented a U-Haul on the day of the robbery. Nicole Henley is a freelance writer and storyteller. The thieves made off with $18.9m. They covered their tracks by carefully storing and laundering the money. The Dunbar company specialized in armored car services and the LA facility was a major depot for these vehicles. While on the job, he photographed and examined the company’s Los Angeles armored car depot. [2] The day before the robbery, Pace was fired by Dunbar for tampering with company vehicles. Find out more with our new ebook. Eventually, an informant was able to identify one of the suspects in the case and authorities were soon able to tie Pace to the U-Haul truck rental. The Ghastly Case of the Severed Human Head on Sausalito Shores, The Dark History of the Mojave Desert: April Beth Pitzer Is Missing, Georgia Tann: The Mastermind of a Black Market Baby Ring That Lasted for Three Decades, The Disturbing Reality of Real Estate Murders. In September 2020, Charm City Kings producer Caleeb Pinkett announced a film based on the robbery.[3]. To this day, no one is sure what happened to most of the cash stolen from the Dunbar facility. [5] Less than half (US$5 million) of the money was ever recovered, with some US$13.9 million still unaccounted for. The robbery was orchestrated by Allen Pace III, of Compton, with childhood friends Erik Damon Boyd, of Buena Park, Eugene Lamar Hill Jr., of Bellflower, Freddie Lynn McCrary Jr., of Arleta, Terry Wayne Brown Sr., of Los Angeles, and Thomas Lee Johnson, of Las Vegas, Nevada.[1]. Boyd, through his father's company, laundered $177,000. [2] Pace was sentenced to 24 years in prison in 2001; Boyd was sentenced to 17 years, and the other four robbers received sentences ranging from 8 to 10 years. He recruited five of his childhood friends, providing them with detailed floor plans & camera locations, ski masks, pistols, a shotgun, and radio headsets. As such, a great deal of cash was stored in the facility, most of it intended for ATMs in the Los Angeles area. In the time before the theft, Allen Pace, 30, the mastermind behind it, got a position at Dunbar as a regional safety inspector.

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