: 22477777, Fax: 22355138, 22477737 email: info@megatv.com.cy Channels: 24, 34, 37, 42, 46, 54, 57, 64. This channel transmits programmes in various languages on a 24-hour basis: in Turkish for the Turkish Cypriots (06.00-17.00), in Armenian for the Armenians (17.00-18.00) and in English for foreign visitors and permanent non-Greek-speaking residents (18.00-24.00). : 22356920, 771007, Fax: 22356918, email: athiname@cytanet.com.cy ,Frequency: MHz:100.7. In August 1995, the same station introduced the first internet service provider in Cyprus, LOGOSNET. It includes VHF and UHF frequencies from channel no. Programmes for the Cyprus National Guard and the Greek Contingent and young adults, history and tradition, and programmes of classical,modern and traditional music comprise the framework of the First Programme service to Cyprus and the whole of the Greek nation. Terrestrial digital transmission is now available in Cyprus (parallel analogue transmissions ended finally on 1 July 2011). Makarios Av., Fortuna Court, Block B, 2nd floor, 3105 Limassol, P.O.Box: 50132, 3601 Limassol, Tel: 25586475, Fax: 25587191. 2 to channel no. As from 27 of June 1999, CyBC also transmits a special programme for Maronites, titled the “The voice of Maronites”. : 22477777, Fax: 22352349, Frequency: MHz: 101.1, 101.6, 102.4, Nicosia, Larnaka, Pafos, 102.4, Kykkos Area, Radio Astra: 145 Athalassas Avenue, Strovolos, 2045 Nicosia, Tel. I'm using the Hannington Transmitter. Examining breaches of the law and regulations and of the code of conduct by broadcasters, and imposing sanctions, which include recommendations, warnings, fines and the suspension or withdrawal of licenses. Monitoring the content of radio and television programmes to ensure compliance with the Radio and Television Stations Law and Regulations, by broadcasters.

CytaVision and PrimeTel both offer digital TV through IPTV transmission and Cablenet through its privately owned cable network (in certain urban areas). : 24622144, 771076, Fax: 24622145, Frequency: MHz: 107.6. Telephone: + 357 25 820820 : CyBC - Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Nicosia: Frequency: Operates FM 97.2 Proto (channel I), 91.1 Deutero (channel II), 94.8 Trito (channel III), 88.2 Love Radio (channel IV) Description: : Sophocleous 15, Aglantzia, P.O.Box: 20923, 1655 Nicosia, Tel. The independent radio came into being in 1990 and the first independent television channels started broadcasting in 1993 after legislation had been passed de-regulating the sector. The total number of licensed television and radio stations in Cyprus at the end of 2003 was 59. There is also a short wave-transmission “I kypros konta sas” for listeners outside Cyprus during weekends only. Among other programmes, there are three news bulletins every day (at 07.30, 3.15 and 18.50). Following an agreement with Greek Television's ERT Sat Satellite Programme, the 6.00 p.m. news bulletin and weekly programmes “Cyprus, 7 Days” and Cyprus Review”, are transmitted by ERT all over the world. 69. 608-614 MHz (channel 37) - Reserved for radio astronomy.

Monitoring the ownership of radio and television stations so as to avoid media concentrations, monopolies and oligopolies and ensure pluralism. Box: 21836, 1513 Nicosia, Tel. 706 MHz (Ch 50 UHF) - MAD cy, BFBS TV free, This page was last edited on 11 August 2020, at 17:21. It places emphasis on News Bulletins in Greek and on programmes covering current affairs, political, financial, social, cultural and sports news. CyBC ONE: It is the Corporation's main information channel. Kanali Exi: 69 Irinis Str.,3041 Limassol, P.O.Box 54845, 3728 Limassol, Tel. The First Radio Channel transmits at 963, 693, 558 KHz on AM and 97.2, 90.2, 93.3 and 91.4 MHz on FM. CyBC ONE retransmits the days Current Affairs programmes after midnight. The Republic of Cyprus currently uses the PAL colour system and has converted terrestrial transmissions to digital on 1 July 2011, in line with EU policy. Don't see the carrier you're looking for? Three news bulletins are transmitted, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays (at 17.15). It transmits on a 24-hour basis at 603, 1044, and 918 KHz on AM and 94.8, 96.0, 99.8 and 97.9 MHz on FM. : 771001, Radio Athena: 35-37, 28th October, Makedonitissa, 2414 Nicosia, Tel. Frequency: FM 104.3 Mhz: Description: Broadcasting of a mixture of dance music hits . Source: Press And Information Office, Republic Of Cyprus, 2005. CyBC has set up its own site on the Internet at http:/www.cybc.com.cy .

Three news bulletins are transmitted every day (at 13.30, 20.00. and 22.00). It is a relayed broadcast of the Athens based LOVE RADIO stations at 88.2 MHz on FM. CyBC TWO: It is the Corporation's main entertainment channel.

Second Radio Channel - The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)-Radio Programmes transmit on 3 channels on both AM and FM but only “Programme Two” broadcasts programmes in Turkish (06.00-17.00), Armenian (17.00-18.00), English (18.00-24.00). To ensure I don't get the wrong answers I mean, as an example "MUSIC 4" is on Frequency 177500 KHz / 7 Mhz. : 5 Arch. I can't (not tried before) get any BBC channels and want to add them manually, then tweak the (inside) aerial. The only exception is the live transmission of the Sunday Liturgy from MEGA TV Television channel. The provision of reliable, prompt and objective information for viewers via News and Current Affairs programmes is considered very important. TV Schedule for the most popular Cyprus Television Channels. Issuing and renewing broadcasting licenses for radio and television.

In 1957, CyBC was created. Channel Satellite Position Frequency Band SR/FEC Encryption; Satellite TV from Cyprus. In spite of the fact that the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), which is the state-funded public service in Cyprus, is at present excluded from the provisions of the Radio and Television Stations Law and Regulations, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation Law states that the CyBC has the obligation, as the National Broadcaster, to include a minimum percentage of certain programmes (i.e. Enlightening foreigners on the Cyprus issue and encouraging communication with overseas Cypriots are all top priorities for the Corporation. Mobile networks and carriers in Cyprus use 2 GSM bands, 1 UMTS band, and 1 LTE band.

Cyprus SAT: For CyBC, the provision of reliable, prompt and objective information to the public via News Bulletins and Current Affairs programmes is not restricted to the geographical boundaries of Cyprus, but via its Satellite Programme extends to the countries hosting overseas Cypriots such as Greece, Britain and the rest of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) is a non-profit, semi-governmental broadcasting organisation transmitting island-wide on three radio and two television channels. : 22580400, 771093, Fax: 22352266, web site: http://www.radioproto.com.cy, Frequency: MHz: 99.3, 89.3, Logos: Church of Cyprus, P.O.Box 27400, 1644 Nicosia, 20 Agios Avgoustinos Str., Archangelos, 2054 Strovolos, Tel. Mega TV: P.O.Box: 27400, 1644 Nicosia, 20, Agios Avgoustinos Str., Archangelos, 2054 Strovolos, Tel. Since 1993, CyBC TWO has carried a daily rebroadcast of part of the Euronews programme (approximately 80 hours per week). Antenna TV. The Cyprus Radio-Television Authority is a member of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA) and of the Mediterranean Network of Media Regulatory Authorities. Among its programmes are local productions, Turkish programmes, selected Greek and foreign series, high quality feature films, Greek and foreign television movies, music and childrens programmes.

: 22356920, 771007, Fax: 22356918, email: athiname@cytanet.com.cy ,Frequency: MHz:100.7, Radio Proto: P.O.Box: 21836, 1513 Nicosia, 31 Archangelos Str., Strovolos, 2054 Nicosia, Tel. It is composed of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and five members, appointed by the Council of Ministers for a six-year term.The Authority is concerned with private radio and television stations broadcasting in Cyprus. School Radio 2006 Low-power student radio station; located from Nicosia: 95.2: UCy Voice 2006 Low-power student radio from the University of Cyprus: 99.5: NJOY Radio 2017 Adult Top 40 and easy listening (ex. : 284 Arch. 1.

The CyBC is a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) through which it relays programmes and news footage of events in Cyprus that can be taken up by TV stations throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Throughout the year, CyBC Radio Channel 2 transmits a daily two-hour evening programme specially prepared for visitors to Cyprus, under the title “Welcome to Cyprus”. Current Affairs programmes are retransmitted on a daily basis so as to serve the overseas Cypriots in Britain and other countries who, due to the time difference, cannot watch them on first transmission. It's expected that Velister will be covering the whole south region of Cyprus before the analogue switch off on 1 July 2011. All rights reserved. : 22471555, Fax: 22571909, Channels: 52, 56, 34. 470-512 MHz (channels 14-20) - UHF-T Band used for private land mobile radio in certain areas. : 771085, 2nd Programme: FM 91.1 MHz, ?el. : 22580100, Fax: 22358640, Channels: 37, 46, 58, 69, 26, web site:http://www.sigma.com.cy. The Three Television Channels of CyBC - CyBC's television channels transmit daily on a 24-hour basis. TV channel frequencies are assigned in 54 to 806 MHz RF frequency band.

Radio Sfaira: 1 Diogenous, Engomi, P.O.Box: 21094, 1501 Nicosia, Tel: 22744968, Fax: 22744068, Frequency: MHz: 96.8, 106.4, Limassol,Troodos.

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