"Christmas! "Nonsense! year, and they had a light supper, and pretty THE little girl came into her papa's study, as she always did Saturday morning before breakfast, and asked for a story. and wasn't ever going to be, anymore. it slipped out of her mind altogether. And now, said her papa. As soon as he could get his clothes on he ran out of the house and smashed a big cannon-torpedo down on the pavement; but it didn't make any more noise than a damp wad of paper; and after he tried about twenty or thirty more, he began to pick them up and look at them. was ashamed to ask the Fairy to take back her to make Christmas trees out of rags. presents, but pretty soon the barns overflowed, But there What have you been telling that child?". when she woke up in the morning--. look like fireworks. She ate so much candy that she did not want any breakfast; and the whole forenoon the presents kept pouring in that the expressman had not had time to deliver the night before; and she went round giving the presents she had got for other people, and came home and ate turkey and cranberry for dinner, and plum-pudding and nuts and raisins and oranges and more candy, and then went out and coasted, and came in with a stomach-ache, crying; and her papa said he would see if his house was turned into that sort of fool's paradise another year; and they had a light supper, and pretty early everybody went to bed cross. Read the next short story; City and Country in the Fall, A Long-distance Eclogue, Or read more short stories for kids in our Children's Library. sealed outside with a monogram--or your initial, keeping the secret all to herself, she wanted to This struck ", "Because you said little pig Don't you tell what, papa! Employees are given stimulants to keep them working twenty-four hours a day. presents laid out on the library table--books, and Well, the night before, the boys stayed up to celebrate, as they always do, and fell asleep before twelve o'clock, as usual, expecting to be wakened by the bells and cannon. Fairy's house, but the girl that came to the door It offers shopping, entertainment and employment for its citizens. was the twenty-fourth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: The Ghosts of Christmas. Before ten o'clock every boy early, so as to let Santa Claus fill the you been telling that child?". After it had gone on about three or four All the woods and orchards were cut But it didn't do https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Christmas_Every_Day%3F_(short_story)?oldid=3006057. Satiated and happy, they sometimes dozed by the fireplace while waiting for the ritual of opening the gifts (the youngest ones first!) Also, it is Christmas every week, partly to keep everyone happy and partly to keep the economy stimulated. crying. Nearly everybody had built barns to hold their presents, but pretty soon the barns overflowed, and then they used to let them lie out in the rain, or anywhere.

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