They’ve seen that fame can mean being praised, adored, and sabotaged. Our family members are not always who we think. Blood Ties is a weekly true crime podcast. Today Molly and Geoffrey discuss the murder that scandalised Britain in 1935. But, the issue is, there is plenty of TV out there. Against the backdrop of 1950s New Zealand, two schoolgirls become firm friends. And it’s not as if they don’t resemble each other. Each week, they break down the biggest stories in pop culture -- dissecting every outrageous headline, debunking every celebrity rumor, and sorting through what’s truly Click Bait and what’s real. Disclaimer: The podcast and artwork embedded on this page are from Blood Ties Podcast, which is the property of its owner and not affiliated with or endorsed by Listen Notes, Inc. OUDE AFLEVERINGEN ZOEKEN Zoek naar eerdere afleveringen van Blood Ties Podcast. Sometimes all in the same day! Blood Ties is a weekly true crime podcast. Email: This week, we cover little known murderer Allan Grimson. Especially when they’re supposed to be smart people. And with these three, the arguments about hollywood scandals will be as dramatic as the headlines themselves. Sort of. Blood Ties Podcast by Blood Ties Podcast A Wansell family brunch is never deathly dull. There’s just very little subtlety or nuance to it. Especially one like this that is so heavy-handed. Anyway, it’s just something that continually bothered me. And maybe that’s a matter of not having any dead air that is taken up by sad looks or cut-aways or a character staring into the distance, but it just feels like swallowing a brick made from shrugs. Catch up with a refresher on the twists and turns of the first season of “Blood Ties” before you dive into the second season. But that’s obviously a non-issue in this medium. Podcast Review: Blood Ties tells the [fictional] story of a family whose patriarch is loved by the world, but holds many, many deep dark secrets. CREDITS: Producer: Poppy Damon Artwork: George Leigh Music: Dan Wansell CONTACT: Twitter: @BloodTies_Pod Instagram: bloodties_pod Email: And while this could have gone all sorts of direction with this setup, they decided to make a wonky #MeToo story out of it. The podcast is not affiliated with or endorsed by Podbay in any way. Here I go again, delving into scripted fiction audio stuff. The first season is only six twenty-minute episodes, but it seems like the narrative is already stalling out and going places that feel kind of disingenuous. We’ll see where they go in season two, which may hopefully allow us to move out of this core conceit. The oddball thing is, I could not for the life of me remember that the female lead was Gillian Jacobs and not Kristen Bell. A Wansell family brunch is never deathly dull. It's our 100th podcast! Essentially there’s a private plane crash that kills the parents of siblings Eleonore and Michael Richland. On Click Bait, they share what they’ve learned from their wild days at Bachelor Mansion to bring you a new kind of celebrity news podcast. 2: S07E02: The murder of Billie-Jo Jenkins. The father is both a wealthy businessman and a huge humanitarian. Michael is in Boulder trying to see his newborn child. While Michael contacts the FBI with more questions about his parents’ plane crash, Eleonore may have found some answers. Go inside the juiciest stories on Click Bait with Bachelor Nation. They of Richland Industries (or whatever), which seems to do all sorts of pharma-type stuff. ©2020 MR. HIPSTER DOT COM, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Our family members are not always who we think. In the second season, they must grapple with the consequences of their decisions, as well as stumble upon disturbing new revelations about the family business. So one has go strictly on story. Geoffrey and Molly discuss the case of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, whose mother Dee Dee was murdered in 2015. Music: Dan Wansell In the Season Two finale, Eleonore and Michael get a do-over for their dad’s memorial service, but the problems of the family won’t be as simple to lay to rest. RSS. Artwork: George Leigh You might know Carla Hall from her time on Top Chef and as a TV personality on GMA and Netflix’s Crazy Delicious. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the radio play was really cool when they came up with it back in 1920. CREDITS - Producer: Sam Brain Artwork: George Leigh Music: Dan Wansell CONTACT: Twitter: @BloodTies_Pod Instagram: bloodties_pod Email: Michael discovers some concerning details about the company’s new wonder drug. Website. Listen to Blood Ties on Spotify. But with pictures. 39:06 8: SE07E08 Denis Nilsen Part 2 Sep 21, 2020. This dramatic script reading paired with some foleying (digital or otherwise) is pretty much the same thing they were doing on the The Shadow, or whatever my grandfather was listening to as a young man. Producers: Poppy Damon and Sam Brain CREDITS Producer: Sam Brain Artwork: George Leigh Music: Dan Wansell CONTACT Twitter: @BloodTies_Pod Instagram: bloodties_pod Email: Hosts Tayshia Adams, Hannah Ann Sluss and Joe Amabile, know what it's like to live in the spotlight. And he was born in 1910. Eleonore is living on the West Coast, and she’s ready to put the past behind her. CONTACT When FBI agents show up on their doorstep in New York, Eleonore and Michael return to the island. And that's not the only big Blood Ties news this week - have a listen, and please do come and check out our Patreon page at And, sure it’s not all great, but there is certainly enough quality television that it makes me wonder if this genre of podcast is necessary. And, sure, I know TV has been around for almost as long, but the medium has advances so much – even in the past ten years – that it might as well be something completely different. CREDITS Wondery presents Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, The Real Stories That Inspired Season Two | 7. Because there isn’t enough good TV out there. But, the biggest moments in Carla’s life have come when she decided to face adversity head on. This episode was suggested to us by one of our listeners. The issue for Blood Ties is, it’s 2020. CREDITS - Producer: Sam Brain Artwork: George Leigh Music: Dan Wansell CONTACT: Twitter: @BloodTies_Pod Instagram: bloodties_pod Email: Until Richland Health sends the company jet to fly them both back to New York to handle one last piece of family business. Or they knew. But while Blood Ties seems to start in a good and mysterious place, it peters out and ends up telling a rote story about a family filled with secrets. Subscribe today: Join us on Patreon! It’s not as though I don’t care about the #MeToo movement, but there are certainly enough awful real stories that hearing a radio play about one isn’t high on my list.

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