We are in the process of opening a bank account and anticipate also being able to accept payment by bank transfer in the future. They have since helped other networks become established in Aubourn, Haddington and Thurlby. Well Done Jane! Log in with your favourite social network. Our volunteers have been busy preparing food parcels, food orders, shopping and prescription collections for older vulnerable and isolated people within the North East Lincs area. Contact: p.taylor@shoutforjoy.org / 01427 753 515. Residents who are struggling to access funds to feed their family or pay for basic utilities can apply to our hardship fund and for a three-day emergency food parcel or an emergency top up for prepayment gas and/or electricity meters.

Contact: community@lincolncityfoundation.co.uk. Contact: revd@btinternet.com / 01526 397 363. endstream endobj 434 0 obj <>stream I want to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers, it has become a lovely network of people and great friendships have been made.

Would you mind filling it out on the right hand side and then click the

Edit the basic details of your profile below. Our group was set up due to Covid-19 and we had just a good response, 500 people volunteered to help and we are regularly using 200 of them. Select the emails relating to 2GB that you're interested in receiving. A big thank you to all the volunteers and organisations who have supported and continue to support the community - a great achievement. Create a 6PR account today! Dozens of people have been helped by our team of volunteers, with everything from deliveries of shopping, prescriptions and free school meals, to providing benefits advice, helping community nurses and running the community larder for those in financial hardship. A local food bank has been set up and the team from The Open Door Community Cafe is offering a telephone support service.

We have a team of 75 volunteers from the Crowland community who have been helping support those in need since before lock down began. Thankyou for joining 2GB, we're glad you're with us. We have provided transport and our volunteers have ensured all the vehicles are thoroughly cleaned both inside and out and all social distancing processes are in place for the volunteer drivers.

A few weeks passed and he rang again, wanting to do some baking but had no tins or baking equipment, rallying around friends and family we managed to get him what he needed. Volunteers collect meals weekly or twice weekly and deliver them to individual homes. With the help of our friends at Lincolnshire Co-Op we surprised our winners with their award and lots of different goodies. Contact: bbhcommunityhelp@gmail.com / 07493 281 581.

Marayong and Surrounds Noticeboard is a place for the Marayong / Blacktown Community to interact with each other. We officially started taking calls on Monday 30th March and have a phone manned Monday - Saturday 9am - midday, with a voice message to advise residents if we are talking another call.

Delivery of cream tea for a special birthday. joanna.okrasa@lincolncityfoundation.co.uk / 07736 900 341. Contact: safeguarding@signs-gns.org.uk / 07986 895 384. Cllr Day is working with a group who will telephone isolated and lonely residents. We welcome your thoughts and contributions, and ask that everyone remain respectful towards the other members of the group when commenting. Take our survey and you could win a £50 voucher, with 5 up for grabs every month! I think this initiative has bought the community together, shows that actually looking out for other people is how you can feel better yourself. With generous donations from residents, Branston Ltd, Branston Surgery, Lincolnshire Co-op's Branston Food store and Morrisions, this vital resource has proven to be highly successful for those in difficulties. The shopping passes have been ideal for our volunteers to gain access to essential items. We've been working closely with Millview Medical Centre, which has also been invaluable in supporting the community.

6PR – Perth’s favourite news and talk station, Breakfast with Steve Mills and Basil Zempilas, Sportsday with Karl Langdon and Paul Hasleby, Brad makes early Grand Final prediction based on weather forecast, Matt Priddis remembers a legend who helped him reach the top: Matt Barber. See our privacy policy for more information. additional information. We have also taken action with unusual issues such as space in the bins for families and how to deal with other excess waste. We've worked with the pharmacy and GP surgery ensuring everyone knew where to access support. Beaconsfield residents sharing with community cupboard. We are in touch with other agencies working in this area. CEO of Small Business Women Australia, Amanda Rose, said mistakes in her personal life shouldn’t impact her business capability. Contact: alansville@aol.com / 07305 856 313. I set up the group just before lock down in March, posting on our local social media offering support with shopping. You will enjoy exclusive content, competition updates and other benefits as part of Our group is bringing together volunteers with those who need help in the community, collecting and delivering shopping and prescriptions. We also make ear protectors, scrub bags, hats and headbands for the workers. Your account has been created however we need a small amount of You will enjoy exclusive content, competition updates and other benefits as part of

The Folk Hall, High Street We are delivering meals to in excess of 150 households per week and food parcels to a high number with no access to food or money. H�ܒQK�0���+.y+B��"�)RaӂO容��� m�!��n[�d]{�1�|9�s���}Z2�t6���BIe��)�U$}C`u!

Our sewing team have made 70 sets of scrubs, 55 scrub bags and 200 masks, which have been donated to our medical centre and local hospital, and we are continuing to make more! Osbournby villagers were determined to brighten up the day for their neighbours by holding a social distant bacon butty morning, raising money for Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance. To fully enjoy this website please make sure javascript is enabled in your browser. Log in with your favourite social network. They've had 5 volunteers including a chef and some of their local fire service - the residents of Newark loved having their meals delivered by a fire engine! Contact: Jimmy.Brookes@e-lindsey.gov.uk / 01754 744 765.

We have said that this is us playing our part…. We even gave out cakes and treats to those who were shielding over Easter. Contact: waddingtonpc.clerk@outlook.com / 07379 757 715. This soon escalated and I asked for volunteers to assist, within 3 weeks I had a bank of 35 volunteers to support our vulnerable residents by collecting shopping and prescriptions. We operate a phone buddy service for those self-isolating as well as doing shopping and prescription runs. Create a 6PR account today!

Ben Fordham posed the question on this morning’s show, if the Premier was the chief executive of a privately run company would she resign over the ICAC revelations? Contact: lapheckington01@btconnect.com / 07341 341 259. A passionate plea to help save Perth’s ancient waterways. COVID 19 ‑ Groups supporting the community, Commercial and industry property available, Branston Parish Council Covid-19 Support Group. He also made a video to promote the project for church! Organising afternoon tea, music and appropriate outfits for the era. He was very grateful for all the help and kindness he received from the volunteers and appreciates how the community can come together in the time of crisis. Select the emails relating to 2GB that you're interested in receiving. Supporting our community with help from like-minded people, the group is run by Coningsby & Tattershall Lions with the Bain Valley Group of Churches. We're also offering harder to find items for those with dietary requirements. Why Australia’s COVID-19 strategy might not be sustainable long-term, PARKER v ZEMPILAS – Gareth’s first interview with the Lord Mayor Elect, WIN a Wine Selectors Prestige Wine Subscription.

We launched Nightlife Cafe in February, a befriending service within our church cafe. H��S]O�0}�_q��d_T�IL�����л�Xʲv���]��@O.KӦ�{�=�̃��p�>�� �X���1�Ԃ�R�)��MD*u 7p�\��y ��D���2�a��\&���bh�1��h�q{�.���u��Nj������`�)��9���T@*�pU&�T!��B�z�� ��$�2T�o�W���ԈI�G�����tߺ�f�����N���.�[�4y��7�Ĺ����n�1����M��D�P��0��j=��g�*ðE���ڬ��^�� Xˍ2S�Y�Js�OJ=�����I�!J]�D]�K�RihmO�S-����ʆf���܄�&nR����#��wa{�:f�$��f���ٸ�?

If you would like to volunteer or know someone who would benefit from using the service please contact the team on 01636 676 129. We have matched one volunteer to each household, to keep regular contact and assist with shopping, prescription collections etc. We use cookies in order to personalise your experience and improve our services. We are a church led group who have been helping and supporting those in the Graffoe Parish. We managed to match those in need with a volunteer who lived local to them. We offered support to our 400 passengers and then publicised on social media, noticeboards and distributed leaflets. Your account has been created however we need a small amount of To watch the live video stream, log in to 6PR or create a free account now. We have helped over 1000 people with either shopping or collecting prescriptions. Contact: helpmyneighbour@virginmedia.com / 03337 726 021.

Over all of August our volunteer chefs will be making sandwiches picnics, we're providing a craft for each child and a family food box.

We were able to contact the appropriate people and there has been more support put in place. additional information. Much of what we have received has come from the local community - both financially and as donated goods and we continue to be indebted to the local community for their support. We offer bespoke funeral and memorial flowers, designed with care and attention. So far we have connected 199 people in need of help with our volunteers to help in whatever way they can. Thankyou for joining 6PR, we're glad you're with us. We posted leaflets twice to ensure everyone knew how and where to get help.

In the beginning of May we received over 80 requests for support, this could be anything from essential shopping items and prescriptions, to dog walking and our friendship phone line. I found out that people had started becoming concerned about the virus, and had decided to stay indoors. 431 0 obj <> endobj Initially supporting a number of people from my church by delivering food and prescriptions, four weeks later and we have a team of volunteers delivering dozens of prescriptions and essential items.

Contact: linkupswinderby@hotmail.com / 01522 246 331.

We've also managed to link with the local Lions Club who have covered our volunteers with insurance. Setting up our Sincil Bank Covid-19 Response Group. Contact: jason.snape@withamsthughs-pc,gov.uk. Let us help you create flowers to suit any occasion. You can now log in once to listen live, watch live, join competitions, enjoy exclusive 2GB content and other benefits. We operate post offices throughout the region with the right services to meet your needs from postal, currency, insurance, banking and more.

Contact: andyjp81@gmail.com / 07533 718 213. Cllr Snape along with Mr David Young from Carlton le Moorland began to work together to support neighbouring villages too.

Contact: helpformortonhanthorpe@outlook.com / 07907 980 945. To support those on the front line we helped to donate over 6000 face shields and are involved in coordinating the making of scrubs and masks. Our team of 4 coordinators now have 45 local volunteers and are supporting over 30 vulnerable households. We've helped with shopping, prescriptions and have even helped with transportation.

We even arranged for milkman deliveries! Contact: contact@hunstantonroundtable.co.uk / 07592 636 534. After nearly two months, the gentleman contacted the Group coordinator to advise he is now safe and well, and he won’t need any further assistance. Your community noticeboard for the latest on local notices, traffic incidents and road defects. There are over 100 volunteers helping around 70 older people. Registered under the Co-operative & Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 no.141R.

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