Visit ESPN to view the 2020-21 UEFA European Championship Table. UEFA Nations League - Nations League 2020/21 : calendrier et résultats - News, Mbappé, Lewandowski, Ronaldo... stars du Groupe A, Le nouveau format de l'UEFA Nations League 2020/21 expliqué. Position 1: A: Qualifies for finals; B-D: Promotion, Position 4: A-B: Relegation; C: Qualification to relegation playoffs, Southgate backs Maguire to come through 'difficult period'. The UEFA Nations League returns for its second edition in the 2020-21 season and the European governing body will hope that the tournament can continue to capture the imagination of fans. Copyright: © 2020 ESPN Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. 4 POL Poland. Dimanche 6 septembre. Copyright: © 2020 ESPN Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. Watch Nations League on ESPN+. Russia fail to build on their lead in the group after a 0-0 draw vs. Hungary. Gareth Southgate says Harry Maguire will emerge stronger after recent struggles for England and Man United. GROUP A4: 1 ESP Spain. La désignation UEFA, le logo de l'UEFA et toutes les marques liées aux compétitions de l'UEFA sont protégés en tant que marques et/ou droits d'auteur de l'UEFA. © 2020 ESPN Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. ... UEFA European Championship. 3 DEN Denmark. 2 ITA Italy. UEFA Nations League 2020/2021 is a Cup Tournament. Man City showed 'better balance' vs. Arsenal. UEFA Nations League 2020/2021 is a Cup Tournament. Les trois associations du Groupe A1 ont déclaré leur intérêt pour accueillir la phase finale : l'Italie, les Pays-Bas et la Pologne. Russia held to stalemate by stubborn Hungary. GROUP A1: 1 POL Poland. UEFA Nations League - 2020/21 Nations League: all the fixtures and results - News, Finland celebrate their home winner against the Republic of Ireland, Hghlights: Poland 3-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2020/21 Nations League: new format explained. GROUP A3: 1 CRO Croatia. 2 FRA France. 3 POL Poland. All rights reserved. UEFA Nations League 2020-21 Home Schedule Points Table Results Top Scorers Most Clean Sheets. GROUP A1: 1 ITA Italy. For Cups, our Top Scorer / Top Assists / Most Clean Sheet statistics include goals and assists that happened during Qualification rounds as well. Thursday 3 SeptemberA4 Germany 1-1 SpainA4 Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland B3 Russia 3-1 SerbiaB3 Turkey 0-1 HungaryB4 Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of IrelandB4 Finland 0-1 WalesC3 Moldova 1-1 Kosovo C3 Slovenia 0-0 Greece D1 Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta D1 Latvia 0-0 Andorra, Friday 4 September A1 Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina  A1 Netherlands 1-0 Poland  B1 Norway 1-2 Austria B1 Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland B2 Scotland 1-1 Israel  B2 Slovakia 1-3 Czech RepublicC4 Belarus 0-2 Albania C4 Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan, Saturday 5 September A2 Iceland 0-1 EnglandA2 Denmark 0-2 Belgium A3 Portugal 4-1 CroatiaA3 Sweden 0-1 FranceC1 Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg C1 Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro C2 North Macedonia 2-1 ArmeniaC2 Estonia 0-1 GeorgiaD2 Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino, Sunday 6 September A4 Spain 4-0 Ukraine A4 Switzerland 1-1 GermanyB3 Serbia 0-0 Turkey B3 Hungary 2-3 Russia B4 Wales 1-0 BulgariaB4 Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland  C3 Slovenia 1-0 Moldova C3 Kosovo 1-2 GreeceD1 Andorra 0-1 Faroe IslandsD1 Malta 1-1 Latvia, Monday 7 September A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-2 PolandA1 Netherlands 0-1 Italy B1 Austria 2-3 RomaniaB1 Northern Ireland 1-5 NorwayB2 Czech Republic 1-2 ScotlandB2 Israel 1-1 SlovakiaC4 Kazakhstan 1-2 BelarusC4 Albania 0-1 Lithuania, Tuesday 8 SeptemberA2 Belgium 5-1 IcelandA2 Denmark 0-0 EnglandA3 France 4-2 Croatia A3 Sweden 0-2 Portugal C1 Cyprus 0-1 Azerbaijan C1 Luxembourg 0-1 Montenegro C2 Armenia 2-0 EstoniaC2 Georgia 1-1 North Macedonia  D2 San Marino 0-2 Liechtenstein, Saturday 10 OctoberA4 Spain 1-0 SwitzerlandA4 Ukraine 1-2 GermanyC1 Luxembourg 2-0 CyprusC1 Montenegro 2-0 AzerbaijanD1 Faroe Islands 1-1 LatviaD1 Andorra 0-0 MaltaD2 Liechtenstein 0-1 Gibraltar, Sunday 11 OctoberA1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 0-0 Netherlands A1 Poland 0-0 Italy A2 England 2-1 Belgium A2 Iceland 0-3 DenmarkA3 Croatia 2-1 SwedenA3 France 0-0 PortugalB1 Norway 4-0 Romania B1 Northern Ireland 0-1 AustriaB2 Israel 1-2 Czech Republic B2 Scotland 1-0 Slovakia B3 Russia 1-1 TurkeyB3 Serbia 0-1 HungaryB4 Republic of Ireland 0-0 WalesB4 Finland 2-0 BulgariaC2 Armenia 2-2 Georgia C2 Estonia 3-3 North MacedoniaC3 Greece 2-0 MoldovaC3 Kosovo 0-1 SloveniaC4 Lithuania 2-2 BelarusC4 Kazakhstan 0-0 Albania, Tuesday 13 OctoberA4 Germany 3-3 Switzerland A4 Ukraine 1-0 SpainC1 Montenegro 1-2 LuxembourgC1 Azerbaijan 0-0 CyprusD1 Latvia 0-1 MaltaD1 Faroe Islands 2-0 AndorraD2 Liechtenstein 0-0 San Marino, Wednesday 14 OctoberA1 Italy 1-1 NetherlandsA1 Poland 3-0 Bosnia and Herzegovina A2 England 0-1 DenmarkA2 Iceland 1-2 BelgiumA3 Croatia 1-2 France A3 Portugal 3-0 SwedenB1 Norway 1-0 Northern IrelandB1 Romania 0-1 AustriaB2 Scotland 1-0 Czech RepublicB2 Slovakia 2-3 IsraelB3 Russia 0-0 HungaryB3 Turkey 2-2 SerbiaB4 Finland 1-0 Republic of IrelandB4 Bulgaria 0-1 Wales C2 Estonia 1-1 ArmeniaC2 North Macedonia 1-1 GeorgiaC3 Greece 0-0 KosovoC3 Moldova 0-4 Slovenia C4 Belarus 2-0 KazakhstanC4 Lithuania 0-0 Albania, Saturday 14 NovemberD1 Malta vs Andorra (15:00) D2 San Marino vs Gibraltar (15:00)C1 Azerbaijan vs Montenegro (18:00) C1 Cyprus vs Luxembourg (18:00)D1 Latvia vs Faroe Islands (18:00) A3 Portugal vs France (20:45) A3 Sweden vs Croatia (20:45)A4 Germany vs Ukraine (20:45)A4 Switzerland vs Spain (20:45), Sunday 15 NovemberB2 Slovakia vs Scotland (15:00) C2 North Macedonia vs Estonia (15:00)A1 Netherlands vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (18:00)B3 Turkey vs Russia (18:00) B4 Bulgaria vs Finland (18:00)B4 Wales vs Republic of Ireland (18:00)C2 Georgia vs Armenia (18:00)C4 Albania vs Kazakhstan (18:00)C4 Belarus vs Lithuania (18:00)A1 Italy vs Poland (20:45)A2 Belgium vs England (20:45) A2 Denmark vs Iceland (20:45)B1 Austria vs Northern Ireland (20:45)B1 Romania vs Norway (20:45) B2 Czech Republic vs Israel (20:45) B3 Hungary vs Serbia (20:45)C3 Moldova vs Greece (20:45)C3 Slovenia vs Kosovo (20:45), Tuesday 17 NovemberA3 Croatia vs Portugal (20:45) A3 France vs Sweden (20:45)A4 Spain vs Germany (20:45) A4 Switzerland vs Ukraine (20:45)C1 Luxembourg vs Azerbaijan (20:45)C1 Montenegro vs Cyprus (20:45)D1 Andorra vs Latvia (20:45)D1 Malta vs Faroe Islands (20:45)D2 Gibraltar vs Liechtenstein (20:45), Wednesday 18 NovemberC4 Albania vs Belarus (16:00) C4 Kazakhstan vs Lithuania (16:00)C2 Armenia vs North Macedonia (18:00) C2 Georgia vs Estonia (18:00)A1 Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Italy (20:45) A1 Poland vs Netherlands (20:45)A2 Belgium vs Denmark (20:45) A2 England vs Iceland (20:45)B1 Austria vs Norway (20:45)B1 Northern Ireland vs Romania (20:45)B2 Czech Republic vs Slovakia (20:45)B2 Israel vs Scotland (20:45)B3 Hungary vs Turkey (20:45)B3 Serbia vs Russia (20:45)B4 Republic of Ireland vs Bulgaria (20:45)B4 Wales vs Finland (20:45) C3 Greece vs Slovenia (20:45)C3 Kosovo vs Moldova (20:45). Julien Laurens says the lack of punishment for Pickford is "as disgraceful" as his challenge on Van Dijk. 2 BEL Belgium. The dates for the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League final tournament were confirmed at a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in September 2020. Visit ESPN to view the 2020-21 English Premier League Table Les dates de la phase finale de l'UEFA Nations League 2020/21 ont été confirmées lors de la réunion du Comité Exécutif de l'UEFA en septembre 2020. 2 GER Germany. Search. Use of signifies your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The semi-finals will be played on 6 … Glossary. 2 NED Netherlands. 2 FRA France. Kosovo nab draw after stunning penalty save. Russia held to stalemate by stubborn Hungary. UEFA Nations League 2020-21. Watch Nations League on ESPN+. The competition is being held from September to November 2020 (league phase), October 2021 (Nations League Finals) and March 2022 (relegation play-outs). Complete table of UEFA Nations League standings for the 2020/2021 Season, plus access to tables from past seasons and other Football leagues. Supplemental Privacy Policy for Philippines. © 2020 ESPN Internet Ventures. 3 ENG England. 3 POR Portugal. GROUP A1: 1 NED Netherlands. 4 SWE Sweden. GROUP A2: 1 BEL Belgium. The 2020–21 UEFA Nations League D is the fourth and lowest division of the 2020–21 edition of the UEFA Nations League, the second season of the international football competition involving the men's national teams of the 55 member associations of UEFA. Toute utilisation de ces marques déposées à des fins commerciales est interdite. Watch Nations League on ESPN+. The second edition is unfolding fast: see the results so far and games to come. Jeudi 3 septembreA4 Allemagne 1-1 Espagne A4 Ukraine 2-1 Suisse B3 Russie 3-1 SerbieB3 Turquie 0-1 Hongrie B4 Bulgarie 1-1 République d'IrlandeB4 Finlande 0-1 GallesC3 Moldavie 1-1 Kosovo C3 Slovénie 0-0 GrèceD1 Îles Féroé 3-2- Malte D1 Lettonie 0-0 Andorre, Vendredi 4 septembreA1 Italie 1-1 Bosnie Herzégovine A1 Pays-Bas 1-0 Pologne B1 Norvège 1-2 Autriche B1 Roumanie 1-1 Irlande du Nord B2 Écosse 1-1 Israël B2 Slovaquie 1-3 République tchèque C4 Bélarus 0-2 Albanie C4 Lituanie 0-2 Kazakhstan, Samedi 5 septembreC2 Macédoine du Nord 2-1 Arménie D2 Gibraltar 1-0 Saint-Marin A2 Islande 0-1 Angleterre C1 Azerbaïdjan 1-2Luxembourg C1 Chypre 0-2 MonténégroC2 Estonie 0-1 Géorgie A2 Danemark 0-2 BelgiqueA3 Portugal 4-1 CroatieA3 Suède 0-1 France, Dimanche 6 septembreB4 Galles 1-0 Bulgarie D1 Andorre 0-1 Îles FéroéB3 Hongrie 2-3 RussieB4 République d'Irlande 0-1 FinlandeC3 Slovénie 1-0 Moldavie A4 Espagne 4-0 UkraineA4 Suisse 1-1 Allemagne B3 Serbie 0-0 Turquie C3 Kosovo 1-2 Grèce D1 Malte 1-1 Lettonie, Lundi 7 septembreC4 Kazakhstan 1-2 Bélarus A1 Bosnie Herzégovine 1-2 Pologne A1 Pays-Bas 0-1 Italie B1 Autriche 2-3 Roumanie B1 Irlande du Nord 1-5 Norvège B2 République tchèque 1-2 Écosse B2 Israël 1-1 Slovaquie C4 Albanie 0-1 Lituanie, Mardi 8 septembreC2 Arménie 1-2 EstonieC2 Géorgie 1-1 Macédoine du Nord A2 Belgique 5-1 IslandeA2 Danemark 0-0 Angleterre A3 France 4-2 Croatie A3 Suède 0-2 Portugal C1 Chypre 0-1 AzerbaïdjanC1 Luxembourg 0-1 Monténégro D2 Saint-Marin 0-2 Liechtenstein, Samedi 10 octobreC1 Luxembourg 2-0 Chypre C1 Monténégro 2-0 Azerbaïdjan D1 Îles Féroé 1-1 Lettonie D2 Liechtenstein 0-1 Gibraltar A4 Espagne 1-0 SuisseA4 Ukraine 1-2 Allemagne D1 Andorre 0-0 Malte, Dimanche 11 octobreB4 République d'Irlande 0-0 Galles C4 Kazakhstan 0-0 AlbanieA1 Bosnie Herzégovine 0-0 Pays-BasA2 Angleterre 2-1 BelgiqueA3 Croatie 2-1 Suède B1 Norvège 4-0 RoumanieB4 Finlande 2-0 Bulgarie C2 Arménie 2-2 GéorgieC2 Estonie 3-3 Macédoine du Nord C4 Lituanie 2-2 BélarusA1 Pologne 0-0 Italie A2 Islande 0-3 DanemarkA3 France 0-0 PortugalB1 Irlande du Nord 0-1 Autriche B2 Israël 1-2 République tchèque B2 Écosse 1-0 Slovaquie B3 Russie 1-1 TurquieB3 Serbie 0-1 HongrieC3 Grèce 2-0 MoldavieC3 Kosovo 0-1 Slovénie, Mardi 13 octobreC1 Azerbaïdjan 0-0 Chypre A4 Allemagne 3-3 SuisseA4 Ukraine 1-0 Espagne C1 Monténégro 1-2 LuxembourgD1 Îles Féroé 2-0 AndorreD1 Lettonie 0-1 MalteD2 Liechtenstein 0-0 Saint-Marin, Mercredi 14 octobreB4 Finlande 1-0 République d'Irlande A1 Italie 1-1 Pays-BasA1 Pologne 3-0 Bosnie Herzégovine A2 Angleterre 0-1 DanemarkA2 Islande 1-2 Belgique A3 Croatie 1-2 France A3 Portugal 3-0 Suède B1 Norvège 1-0 Irlande du NordB1 Roumanie 0-1 Autriche B2 Écosse 1-0 République tchèque B2 Slovaquie 2-3 Israël B3 Russie 0-0 Hongrie B3 Turquie 2-2 Serbie B4 Bulgarie 0-1 GallesC2 Estonie 1-1 Arménie C2 Macédoine du Nord 1-1 Géorgie C3 Grèce 0-0 Kosovo C3 Moldavie 0-4 Slovénie C4 Bélarus 2-0 Kazakhstan C4 Lituanie 0-0 Albanie, Samedi 14 novembreD1 Malte - Andorre (15 heures) D2 Saint-Marin - Gibraltar (15 heures)C1 Azerbaïdjan - Monténégro (18 heures) C1 Chypre - Luxembourg (18 heures)D1 Lettonie - Îles Féroé (18 heures) A3 Portugal - France (20h45)A3 Suède - Croatie (20h45)A4 Allemagne - Ukraine (20h45)A4 Suisse - Espagne (20h45), Dimanche 15 novembreB2 Slovaquie - Écosse (15 heures) C2 Macédoine du Nord - Estonie (15 heures)A1 Pays-Bas - Bosnie Herzégovine (18 heures)B3 Turquie - Russie (18 heures) B4 Bulgarie - Finlande (18 heures)B4 Galles - République d'Irlande (18 heures)C2 Géorgie - Arménie (18 heures)C4 Albanie - Kazakhstan (18 heures)C4 Bélarus - Lituanie (18 heures)A1 Italie - Pologne (20h45)A2 Belgique - Angleterre (20h45) A2 Danemark - Islande (20h45)B1 Autriche - Irlande du Nord (20h45)B1 Roumanie - Norvège (20h45) B2 République tchèque - Israël (20h45) B3 Hongrie - Serbie (20h45)C3 Moldavie - Grèce (20h45)C3 Slovénie - Kosovo (20h45), Mardi 17 novembreA3 Croatie - Portugal (20h45) A3 France - Suède (20h45)A4 Espagne - Allemagne (20h45)A4 Suisse - Ukraine (20h45)C1 Luxembourg - Azerbaïdjan (20h45)C1 Monténégro - Chypre (20h45)D1 Andorre - Lettonie (20h45)D1 Malte - Îles Féroé (20h45)D2 Gibraltar - Liechtenstein (20h45), Mercredi 18 novembreC4 Albanie - Bélarus (16 heures) C4 Kazakhstan - Lituanie (16 heures)C2 Arménie - Macédoine du Nord (18 heures) C2 Géorgie - Estonie (18 heures)A1 Bosnie Herzégovine - Italie (20h45) A1 Pologne - Pays-Bas (20h45)A2 Belgique - Danemark (20h45) A2 Angleterre - Islande (20h45)B1 Autriche - Norvège (20h45)B1 Irlande du Nord - Roumanie (20h45)B2 République tchèque - Slovaquie (20h45)B2 Israël - Écosse (20h45)B3 Hongrie - Turquie (20h45)B3 Serbie - Russie (20h45)B4 République d'Irlande - Bulgarie (20h45)B4 Galles - Finlande (20h45) C3 Grèce - Slovénie (20h45)C3 Kosovo - Moldavie (20h45).

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