It is just 53 cm wide. Besides the Bridge of Rialto and to the Bridge of the Sospiri that connects … Well, the term “live” may be an exaggeration Yet, the entire skeleton of a dinosaur is on exhibit at the “Museo Storia Naturale” in Venice. In 1888, the settler Frank Higel named this city Venice because it … If you ask for a piazza (square) in Venice, you’ll probably get dumb expressions from the locals.

Rialto bridge and Ponte dei Sospiri are the most worldwide famous bridges. Ca’ Dario, a magnificent palace standing on the docks of the Canal Grande, is a place where the spirits brought bad luck to its owners who suffered severe illness, economic failures and even tragic deaths. Those who broke the … In the Venetian country, in Favaro, there is the Eco Venice, with electricity to 100% from renewable sources, produced for the cleaning echo-friendly and solar panels for the production of the warm water. Venice is built on logs. How many gardens are there in Venice? salizada= a paved street (just a few streets were paved in the past). Coincidences or the spirits of "Ca' Dario" don't admit any intrusion? An “impiraressa” earned her life piling the glass pearls into long lines to create necklaces and other bijoux. A hidden Garden in Venice. You might be interested in reading these too, Avenue = Salizada (only a few roads were paved and they had the honor to been called "salizade"), Branch = Ramo (a small side passage in comparison to the main calla). Today few have remained of them. 2) There are 400+ pedestrian footbridges spanning the canals. Water enters and goes out of Venice twice a day through three Bocche di Porto: Lido, Malamocco, and Pellestrina.An incessant activity of high and low tide that makes to lift and lower the level of the water in the channels.It takes place 730 times each year. Venice is the island of love, lovers and of the wandering spirits as well. The name of the bridge comes not from the sighs of the romantic couples as some think but from the sighs of the prisoners led to the palace’s jails. It is now the “pet” of every kid visiting the museum. For example, be a gondolier in some other places that are not the channels of the Serene Republic would be difficult (Las Vegas excluded, but I would say that it is kind of different doing it there).But it doesn't end here, the list could continue for a long time, but for the moment, I' ll cite only some. But Venice is flooded only after heavy rain (see the image). Rialto crosses the Canal Grande.

And who doesn't know the unfortunate fate that seems to accompany the owners of "Ca' Dario?" "Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go." 8) Venice has over 450 palaces (palazzi) and important buildings built in a mixture of styles, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque etc. Some gardens are open to public at opening hours. How many bridges are there in Venice? Venice has but one square, Piazza San Marco. Here you'll find a pleasant, complete house of 50 square meters, reachable only with the public transport.They offer bio-products and natural detergents, reduction gears of flow of the water and a particular attention to the diversified harvest.

Just thought I'd share some fun and interesting facts about Venice with you! If you try to ask where it is located, for example, square St. Bartholomew in Venice, everything that you would get, would probably be lost looks in the void.Not because the Venetians are little polite or don't want to help you, but because in Venice there is only one square, St. Mark.In Venice exist Campi and Campielli and they don't walk along the alleys but the Calli and the Fondamenta.Lose in the Venetian toponomastic? Rumors says it belongs to an American company but we do not know anything about the company’s associates and their fortunes so far. 10 Fun Facts About Venice. The Carnival: 900 years of celebrations and craziness! There are less famous bridges whose names are funny and worth mentioning: Ponte delle tette (Tits’ bridge): the name comes from the proximity to the “red light” district area Ponte dei Pugni (Fists’ bridge): the name derives from the epic fists’ fights of two families, Castellotti and Nicolotti, which were said to take place there. It is an apartment eco-friendly in a historical building in the Sestiere of Cannaregio. Discover new sustainable accomodations, eco-friendly ideas, tips to live green and more! Casa Vacanze at Lido: admire Venice skyline from the Lido island and get ready for the Venice film festival! Then from 06:00 pm you must start the rite of the "cichetti" and of the "shades. Who owns now the palace? Fish cichetti (tuna balls called “polpette”, creamy white smocked mackerel on slices of bread etc) are the most popular ones but you’ll find delicious meatballs and vegetable balls as well. The owners support the battle to make Venice tourism more sustainable by taking cruise ships out of the lagoon. How far is Venice from the ancient Egypt? Let me suggest you three structures that unite the attention to the environmental impact but still offer you a dream sojourn in Venice, without nightmares! Here you will find a cozy apartment of 50 sqm, easy reachable only by public transport, which offers organic products and natural detergents, water flow reducers and special attention to separate waste collection.

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